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We the Brotherhood of Secrets are primarily a Roleplay Guild. We are dedicated gamers interested in conducting a fun organized guild to help eachother reach our ingame goals, whatever they may be. Whether it's PVP, RP, PVE, "Raiding", Crafting, etc. we will be involved in it. We are active players hard at work recruiting and preparing for the much anticipated TOR. Gamers interested in joining us in this early stage of the game should visit the following link to our forum http://bhos.mgarf.com/forums/index.php. After you create your login enter the Dark Alley way forum section to review the Application Guidlines thread.

When you're done go ahead and post your application and feel free to send a Private Message to Lordnekt (GuildLeader), Sokarr (Myself), or Boendwigth for Ventrilo Server info. Also see Lordnekt about joining BOS on your Xfire account.

Note: We will be changing forums to a new host server etc. in the not too distant future. When that time comes I will change the link accordingly.

Those interested should also take a moment to read our GUILD CHARTER which follows:

The 5 pillars of the brotherhood
i- Maturity and dedication
In the brotherhood, we have come up with a new and clearly thought type of guild system that is broken down into 5 main pillars. These 5 pillars we feel are the main backbone behind our guild as well as its very existence. We believe to know why a guild exists is not just going to be answered by giving your ‘goals’ and ‘hopes’. We think that to truly ask why the guild is what and why it is, is perhaps one of the hardest questions for others to answer when they realize that the only thing behind their reasoning to start the guild is ‘because we can’. As we go into the 5 pillars, I ask that every potential member ask themselves ahead of time “Is this guild really for me?” because we feel that the most ‘dedicated’ and ‘mature’ people are the ones who will take interest to this the most. I put quotes around ‘dedicated’ and ‘mature’ because apparently some people have different ideas about what ‘maturity’ and dedication’ is, so here is simple examples are what ‘maturity’ and ‘dedication’ is.
Maturity – If someone in the guild makes some sort of racist or religious remark without anyone in a position to do something about it in the at the place to hear it, then your maturity kicks in when instead of going to argue with the person, then just ask him to stop and if he doesn’t then just leave and be ready to explain the deal to people in position to do something.
Dedication- Being the most active and most dedicated is commonly tied together. You don’t have to be the person who’s always on to be a dedicated member. That just simply means being on whenever you can, regardless of your time frame, and taking the time to help fellow members to create a better guild community; synonymous with the word helpful.
Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move onto the actual 5 pillars.

1.Strong leadership

Leadership is the word that can be used to describe a person that helps motivate and rally people to their own vision and cause. However, with bhos its carriers a much deeper meaning than that. To begin with, there won’t be any need to ‘rally’ and ‘motivate’ people to our own vision and cause because if your reading this, than you clearly have a strong idea about what you want in a guild and we all share the same ideas and goals. To be a ‘leader’ to us means that there must be a much bigger role than just motivating. It means to have a leader who volunteers to do work of his own, instead of watching his guild do it. In the brotherhood leadership isn’t offered to whoever joins first or who’s the best pvper or rper in the guild. Leadership also involves being a councilor and mediator to the guild, able to solve internal issues just as well as external issues. Yet an even better part of being a strong leader is to recruit great members, number 2 on our list.

2.Great members

Yes you the potential member, make up a strong pillar within the guild. We at bhos recognize that a guild should be appreciative and thankful for every member they have, because of the fact that each member had invested their time and loyalty to the guild. To become a member, you must fill out an application on the forums; if your application gets accepted then you must have an interview with a leader of the guild on xfire on ventrillo. Make no mistake, you will need either program to join the guild, but it is optimal if you are able to get both. A great member doesn’t mean a member who is on all the time, but a member who can show maturity and clearly dedicated to the guild. This means that a member in itself must show a personal leadership within themselves. If you consider yourself a ‘grunt’ and just want to take orders then this is not the guild for you. This is a guild for free thinking people who realize they have the reason and authority to talk to their leaders and give them advice about anything. While be able to talk to your leaders, perhaps more importantly, you should have the ability to talk amongst your fellow brethren. As you talk with your fellow members and begin to form ideas, then this greatly enhances the guild and turns it from a loose connection of guild members into our 3rd pillar on the list a community.

3. Helpful community

Now, I’m sure the first question may be ‘what’s the difference between a bunch of members and a community?” and that can be easily answered. A community has a greater perception of all of its members it can be truly simplified into the word brotherhood; all members connected to each other on a level that they all can respect. Great members comes together to make a helpful community through their own time. If you are a member who expects to portray a ‘lone wolf ‘ in your role play in the guild, that’s totally fine but, if you are planning to be the lone wolf in the guild out of character then don’t even bother continue reading. A community is an effort forged by a guild together that will help each member continue to talk, play other games, and keep in the loop of news thanks to their members. In a community, a guild won’t have time to slow down and relax because each member adds something to the community for the rest of its members to find out what it’s about. But what is it that each member adds to the community? That answer in our forth pillar, wise and fantastic insight.

4. Fantastic insight

There product of a successful community is great insight. This insight can either be from members coming together and throwing out simple or complex guild changing ideas, or it could be how the guild comes together and talks. To be put in its most simple form, guild insight is when members can not only be willing to be a great community a help their fellow guild person, yet also they can give their ideas on things how can be better. If you’ve gotten this far in the pillars and you’re the kind of person that thinks that giving your ideas mean that it will ultimately be put in place, then you wasted your time. There is a difference between always listening to ideas and always accepting them. This guild follows the first former principal. It is a leader’s duty to listen to their guild members ideas but if it doesn’t work out into the goal of the guild then it must be changed. You’ve certainly wasted your time if you are a member who thinks that because you give out an idea that it must be accepted and if it isn’t accepted then you are leaving the guild. Now if you think you have a really good idea, then it may be better to pass it around in the community and see how they think before submitting it to a member; after all, your greatest critic is someone who is exactly in your position. But what are the ideas going towards? This is the last but not least pillar, attainable goals.

5. Attainable goals

We feel that goals are necessary for all guilds. It gives the guild a mission at all times with no straight way to answer that mission. Through guild goals relationships form between members as they realize they all came into the guild for a purpose. Our goal is to be the strongest sith pvp guild with some role play on whichever server we choose. Role playing in the guild is not required/ mandatory but it is encouraged. Pvp on the other hand is encouraged; again, you will want an interest in pvping in order to join. This broad goal doesn’t mean we want to be the largest guild, but we wish to be the strongest nonetheless. To be a strong guild involves all of the said pillars above and more. To be the strongest includes more than just pvping and role playing, it also includes minor raids and pve in order to level our members and get the equipment necessary. Yet even as large of a goal as this is, to be a member in bhos will mean that you will find new and unexpected personal and community goals to bring us all together.

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