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08-03-2009, 07:37 AM
Hello everybody,

I am new at editing KotOR and got some question:

my project:
Implementing the republic soldier armor + the great Helmet (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Republic_Helmet;91510) (from Sithspecter) into KotOR 1.
(if anything of this will ever be released i will of course contact Sithspecter and give him full credit for the helmet and the idea!)

Ok Sithspecter already did this with his helmet mod but it always bugged me that standard clothing wasn't available anymore:
So I startet reading tutorials on modding KotOR and got up with the idea to clone the character when he/she is using the 'republic armor'.
That worked quite good but also new problems showed up:

1. The armor is only usable by one character(the one which is getting cloned by the item) because you don't want 3 identical 'Carths' in your party --> maybe this is 'repairable' by adding a custom feat to eyery party member including ALL versions of Revan(female_a,b,c/male_a,b,c).
but especially for the last one I don't have a clue how that could be done without using a .utc-file which I don't found for the PC ...
Does anybody know a way to do this?

2. I wanted to improve the republik armor further by resticted it to all planets exept for taris and korriban because there you are undercover ;-)

3. Only one armor for the PC (and not all 90) should be in your inventory when you start a new game so I am in need of a good script which searches for the current player model ('P_FEM_A_SML_01' as example) and adds it to your inventory.

1. need help finding a way to restrict one armor to one player character (maybe script?)

2. need help finding a way to restrict all this armor items to all planets exept for taris and korriban. (definitely need a script here ;) )
maybe something like this??:
while(nPlanetConstant == PLANET_TARIS || PLANET_KORRIBAN){ //script fires all the time cause player could just reequip the repupblicsoldier armor again...
ActionUnequipItem(g_a_repsold_fa01); //fa01 stands for 'female a 01'

3. a script to check which character model is active when the game first starts...

Would be great if someone can help! :thmbup1: