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The Betrayer
08-06-2009, 05:43 AM
3,029 BBY.

CONQUEST! In the long forgotten Lorvin system, several Republic scientists have discovered a mass abundance of Arkosteel, a metal ten times stronger than durasteel, in sacred burial zones on the planet of Yorgis.

The Yorgis government composed of Twi'leks under their great dictator Grak'shil III, stand fast to protect their sacred sites, truncating any attempt in mining the precious steel. Equipped only with the most primitive of blasters and broad swords, the Yorgisians must rely on strength in numbers to protect their ancestors' burial zones.

The Republic, under the helm of Supreme Chancellor Edward Trak, hearing of this discovery, moves in large masses of forces to claim Arkosteel for themselves.

The Sith Empire, recently defeated, seeks to revitalize itself by capturing the whole system. Thousands of Sith warriors go back to the Sith cause after a mysterious galaxy-wide transmission from a 'Darth Lovex'.

And finally, remnants of the Mandalorian Clans unite once more to take Yorgis. A descendant of the great Canderous Ordo must use cunning and advanced Mandalorian technology to lead the Mandalorians to war.

It is all out war in Yorgis. And only one side can win...

This RP is set in the old republic era, so expect the same old weapons and ships with a few improvements. I'm going to play Edward Trax, Grak'shil III and this character below. Feel free to post a char sheet for Darth Lovex and Mandalore. No godmodding, enjoy this RP! :)

NAME: Hulak "Indomitable" Eban
AGE: 56
RANK (if any): Admiral
RACE: Human
OCCUPATION: Sith Officer
FACTION (Sith Empire/Republic/Mandalorians/Other/Dictatorship of Yorgis): Sith Empire
APPEARANCE: http://imgkk.com/i/Nzq3Ud.jpg
SKILLS: Advanced Strategy, Hand-to-Hand combat.
BIO: Hulak Eban, a once-retired fanatic of the Sith cause, was one of the high earning bounties in the Republic mercenary scene. His ship, the Artifex (a stolen Hammerhead class cruiser with illegal modifications), is estimated to have caused 10,000 Republic soldier deaths and another 3,000 civilian deaths.

When the Sith Empire was liquidated, Hulak assumed a new identity and retired his ship with an old friend.

When news of Darth Lovex's transmission arrived, Hulak was more than happy to assume a post in the New Sith Empire.

08-06-2009, 03:49 PM
Name: Mandalor' Beskar, or Mandalore the Steel.
Age: 45
Rank: Leader of the Mandalorians.
Gender: Male
Race: Human.
Occupation: Warrior
Faction: Mandalorians.
Appearance: 6'5", blond under his mask. He wears the Mandalore mask most of the time though. Very muscular.
Skills: Advanced strategy and planning, Exceeding Blaster use.
Bio: Mandalore, also known as Sam'jiy to his closest friends, was born into the Clan Ordo, and as such had a reputation to uphold. He was not the first born, however. He had a brother, who died at the hands, errr... claws of a Zakkeg, making Sam'jiy the one who'd be Mandalore. He trained proficiently with Blasters, preferring them to bladed weapons, until he could almost get the fabled two shots on carbon score.

The Betrayer
08-06-2009, 08:32 PM
Thanks for joining. Your char's accepted.