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08-07-2009, 11:55 AM
Hi everybody,

The previous thread name "MI:SE, File Format" is full of information ! It talks about translation hacks, graphics mods, sound export...

Here, I want to talk about graphics format only.

Serge explained that in MI:SE pack contains the original MI files (scripts etc...) but new graphics (+ shaders, + new sounds, + voice) just come above the old version which runs below. Isn't it ?

Jott and Serge built wonderful tools to export ressources from the MI:SE pack file. The new graphics format is DDS/DXT (Direct X Textures). You can see (in the original thread) they exported png costume board (ghost pig, guybrush...).

Does somebody had deeper information ?

I have a question. In MI:SE, what is the link betwen COST file (in Monkey.001) and the texture DDS/DXT ? How does it know one sprite match with one texture zone ? Where are there information ? :confused:

Thks !

08-07-2009, 07:22 PM
As far as I understand, the mapping from the original SCUMM files to the new textures is done via a serialized binary representation of xml files.

The central part is the monkey1_retail.scumm.xml which refers to (almost) all used costumes and backgrounds. So here the original rooms and costumes are most likely mapped to the new ones.

The rooms and costumes again are in some binary format (which by it's extension can be assumed to be some sort serialization of an xml file).

For costumes I started to reverse engineer the fields and definitions. It is pretty complete:

For the rooms and the main "xml" file the structure looks very similar but it seems nobody has done any work on it yet (at least there is nothing published).

So, if you like, look into the other "xml" files and try to define some structures. This way a further step in understanding the whole system could be done (in the end it would be great to have ScummVM support MISE).

Other than that, there seem to be some hardcoded references in the new SCUMM engine that is used. So some parts may only be revealed by code analysis (or LucasArts opening up.. *g*).