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08-09-2009, 05:51 PM
" you are WEAK!!!!!!" yelled xorn caralda attacking master zhar with his blue lightsaber. through the jedi knight's hatred he sliced off zhar's head. then he dumped the body off couroscant's tall skyscraper's the body shredded in the city's industrial level. xorn's child he was unallowed to keep was the cause of the battle. 1 month ago he discovered his wife synthia, a jedi knight as well is to give birth to a child- galen. "if this order will not let me have my child, then i shall change the order. i am going to talk with darth cairo we are going to korribann." announced exodus. he flew with galen while sythia was on a mission. he left a note: we are going to lunasin-a sith controlled world: the order forbid my custody.

" i agree." said exodus to cairo. " i need a shuttle to lunasin."

in the korribann starport.....

" stop the madness!" yelled sythia.
" it is for you and galen!!!" shouted exodus.
"NO!!!!!" said synthia igniting her sun-yellow saber.
as exodus electrocuted her with force lightning she kept yelling stop but it was too late. he pushed her down on the ground as he sensed master vrook.
"force slam!!!!!!" he screamed as vrook fell off the large cliff. unconsousis synthia passed. but there was one more force of light he sensed-a second child: baby revan. as exodus leaves the planet he weeps about what he had done- killed his love.

09-01-2009, 10:42 AM