View Full Version : Could I borrow someone for a beta tester? :)

Godric Volturi
08-16-2009, 11:55 PM
Hehehe... well... I have Vista... and I'm still trying to figure out how to run TSL on it. -.- But I have a mod that I would really like to be tested, so if anyone would volunteer, I would be more than happy!

Anyway, so this is what it is:

Recruit one of Revan's Sith Apprentices, named Ashnan Corri. The Exile, Malak, Revan and Ashnan were all the main four Jedi Generals. :P Anyway, he replaces G0-T0

and for right now, he replaces G0-T0 on the Ebon Hawk, until I have more time to do the scripts to spawn him else were. Heheh... but what I am curious about is if the game will crash with robes attatched to him, seeing as his template is Vaklu (or however the hell you spell it. lol) Also, this is a majorly uncompleted mod...

so for right now this is all you get.

New Dialogue
Red Saber Crystal

in the future I hope to have the following:

Custom Saber for Ashnan
Custom Robe for Ashnan
Custom Force Power for Ashnan
Voice Overs
(there is one other thing but I am forgetting it. -.- )