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Godric Volturi
08-18-2009, 08:56 PM
Okay guys, so here's the deal... I'm doing a complete remodel of the Kotor I game... sort of. :P So anyway, here's the deal...

PC wakes up aboard the Endar Spire (now a Sith ship) and his Dark Jedi Master, Darth Kratos (Trask), comes in and wakes him up because they are being targetted by the Republic Fleet, due to the fact that Bastila (who is a Dark Jedi in this re-work) is aboard the Endar Spire... however she escapes the battle to Taris (of course :P).

Taris has been reinforced with Jedi Knights and Republic soldiers, to keep it safe from the Sith Fleet, but you and several other Dark Jedi that were aboard the ship have escaped to the planet's surface. Mission is a Dark Jedi Apprentice (Lashowe appearance and Lashowe has been changed to look like Mission, which I plan to make Mission's appearce look like a Dark Jedi :P), who was an apprentice to Bastila Shan. Zaalbar is changed to a Dark Jedi as well. Carth too is changed into a Dark Jedi with Dustil's face and clothes.

Blah blah blah (everything is like it is until the end of Taris)

Davik Kang's Place- Kill Davik and wound Calo gravely, they are boarding the ship to go on a Spice Run and they don't want you coming along, so they attack, of course, Calo isn't killed, just knocked out. Board the all new vessel, the Mountain Fox. (Same appearance as the Ebon Hawk only reskinned for the Darkside)


The small band of Sith go to Korriban, where the PC gains his (or her) official Dark Jedi training. Everything aspires here as normal, except that Uthar (or Yuthura, who ever you decide to spare) tells you that you must embark on a journey to find the Star Forge, only he/she doesn't tell you why.

Kashykk, Manaan and Tatooine is basically the same, only that the party berates the PC for being nice rather than corrupted.

Dantooine: The big difference here is that the Bastila can /not/ leave the Mountain Fox. She would be recognized by the Jedi Knights and she wishes to avoid that, being that she is a Darksider now >.< But other than that, everything transpires the same (except for when PC finds the Star Map)

The Leviathan: The party is captured by Republic soldiers and everything is the same here, except it is Jedi Knights and Republic troopers rather than Dark Jedi and Sith Troopers. And also, Saul Karath will be changed to Carth Onasi. Malak on here is transformed into a new Jedi Master (A Council Member that was there when the big event happened, Master Leon) who laughs at the fact that the PC still doesn't know his secret, so Leon tells him. PC is enraged and kills Master Leon (and Bastila isn't captured).

The Unknown World transpires as it should... except the Sith Apprentice is Darth Bandon and when you defeat Bandon you are given the choice to recruit him (Darth Bandon would take HK-47's place in the party if you chose to recruit him (neutral) ) or to kill him (ds points).

The Star Forge... transpires as it should, only there are several Dark Jedi who has recognized the PC and they went rouge and decided to help him reclaim what is rightfully his.


Revan has been restored to his rightful place as the Dark Lord of the Sith... He also has a set of identical robes to when he was the Dark Lord the first time. Revan returns to Korriban and slays Uthar (or Yuthura) and places Darth Bandon (if you recruited him and if you didn't, you get to pick which Dark Jedi in your party) as the new Sith Master of the academy.

Revan returns to the Jedi Enclave, furious at the fact that they had decided to wipe his memory after his apprentice's betrayal. Vandar, Vrook and Dorak have left the planet, for Courscant and three new Jedi Masters replace them. Revan walks up to Zhar and force chokes him... (battle ensues of the Jedi Masters vs Revan and Party members of your choice... and also Bastila can join Dantooine after the official game has ended.) Revan emerges victorious and recruits the Knights and Padawan's to the Darkside and they go to Korriban.

(you can do whatever after that, if you just wanna extend game play, there will be new modules and NPC's and Jedi to fight. When you are done searching everything, speak with Bastila and then the game ends completely. Restart a new game and replay if you'd like)

Revan and Bastila profess their love for each other and they rule the Sith with an iron fist...


UTC editor/Dialogue editor/ Voice Actor: Ashnan Corri

What else I need...

More Voice Actors
More UTC editors
More Dialogue editors
(and if I'm missing anything, you can join too :P)

08-18-2009, 09:30 PM
Hm, not too keen on modding Kotor 1, but I could probably provide some VOs. I would offer to help with more but I've got quite a bit of mods of my own to finish.

I could maybe help you script

Godric Volturi
08-18-2009, 09:36 PM
Hehe... thanks! I'll probably do a K2 mod with the Team, if we're not tired of modding by then. LOL

08-18-2009, 10:24 PM
Hehe... thanks! I'll probably do a K2 mod with the Team, if we're not tired of modding by then. LOL

You will be.

Godric Volturi
08-18-2009, 10:53 PM
You will be.

Haha, I figured.

Oh and I've gotten most of Taris and the Leviathan done... I've already changed the characters. I have yet to do the dialogue and editing the soundsets on the modified characters.