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08-24-2009, 07:53 PM
Now, how many of you go to 'Stickpage' often. For those of you that don't, it's a website about stick animations and games, involving stick-figure people. There is one really great series of movies there made by Oscar Johansson, it's called Castle.
Here's the link to that page of movies. http://www.stickpage.com/castleseries.shtml
If you have the time, watch the entire series and go to DeletionQuality.net for the first movie and a bonus movie.
For those of you that don't have the time or are just too lazy, here's the basic plot.
A man named Etrius, an ex-SpecOps soldier, who gets called in by a man known just as 'General'. They found another universe, a parrallel universe that was devoid of life. They found a Castle in the wastes, to which they sent a team of scientists. They never came back.
Etrius was sent in, he survived two Castles, which had books in them, one each, that would hold information on a powersource far greater than anything our dying planet has. They found information in the two books that gave information as to the whereabouts of the third castle, which held this great powersource. Now, the third movie was broken into four parts A-D.
Simplified, the army sent in a team of soldiers and a scientist to find teh powersource and leave. All through the maze of a castle, they get assaulted by beasts and creatures that your nightmares couldn't handle. Etrius get's killed by the General, he was 'in subordinating' or something like that. They mostly escape.
This leads to a fourth set of movies, called Repurcussions, which also has four parts, A-D2, since D was so long it got split into two movies. The team's that didn't make it out have to fight their way through a bunch of the beasts and eventually find their way to a downed Helo, which get's fixed and flies away back to the base.
At the end of D2 it does a shot of the spot where Etrius was shot, all bloody, but there was no body. Lloyd, someone from Etrius' team who got left behind, has an undetermined fate. And the powersource, somehow, escaped from teh orb that held it. Now on to the Rp.
You are a Recruit in the Army, and you are getting sent in to another castle they found. This is likely where the source might be, it is essential you find it. You expect the worst of it, if some of the worlds best soldiers went KIA and MIA in the last one, you surely can't do any better. It's been determined that these creatures have a driving force, some form of a leader that gives them reason. (This opens up the option for one of you to be the evil leader).
Appearence: (pics will do, but even though this is on stick page, your characters will be human, not sticks, okay?)
Here's my character,
Name: Sam Larson
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 23
Weapons: MK8 (I've decided to give the assault rifle in the movies a designation), Desert Eagle (I'm assuming that's what the pistol in the movies is because it looks alot like it) and a combat knife.
Appearance: Tall, blond hair and blue eyes, a scar down his eye, caucasion.
Bio: Sam was born into poverty, which forced his hand into two directions : Join the army which would include going to college and having a nice career, or work as a garbage collecor like his dad. He chose the army. He studied mechanics in College and was among the first to figure out a rough time at which the worlds resources would run out. He volunteered for the mission, he was among the top score on the range for his brigade.