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08-26-2009, 07:12 PM
It has been over a year since the war between the United States and the Palatine Empire ended. With the two powers finally creating a stable peace, even the Romans were finally content.

But no peace is bound to last forever.

Throughout the past year, the two powers have grown so complacent that planetary defenses that are costly to maintain are being shut down, and all talk of war and the Hive has stopped almost completely. No one wants to remember those times.

Which is why when a warship as black as night appeared outside a space station near Earth, no one was paying attention. The space station was not in the direction of the Deep End, rather in that of the Pegasus nebula, the region of space also commonly known as Asia. The station was all alone. Before them, the ship unleashed some strange sort of energy device upon the station, and then merely sat there. All of this was sent by resonant signal back to a lowly office in the Pentagon.

Which is why no one noticed the station's screams.

This entire RP takes place in the world of the Tour of the Merrimack, a four-book series written by R. M. Meluch. If you've never read the books, the technologies really aren't that difficult. Any book, really, will explain the background though. This is a total alternate reality, as I haven't even finished the fourth and final book yet.

This is also my attempt at a structured RP, meaning the general RP plot is decided in advance. Meaning I don't want anyone having control of the new alien race introduced in this RP. Have fun!

Character sheet:

Name: This is a given
Race: Human, Vwakikikikik (squid), alien
Affiliation: United States, League of Earth Nations (LEN), Palatine Empire (Neo-Rome), alien
Occupation: Ship pilot, ship captain, president, etc.
Short background: Grew up in such and such and went to such and such
Personality: Brash, exciting, romantic, evil, good, etc.

My character sheet:

Name: John Farragut
Race: Human
Affiliation: United States
Occupation: Commodore, and Captain of the U.S.S. Merrimack
Short background: Defeated the first Hive, and helped end the war with Rome. Commands one of two of the most prestiegous ships in the entire U.S. fleet.
Personality: Amiable, patriotic, daring, respectable, admirable

Name: Gaius Eleusius Americanus
Race: Human
Affiliation: Palatine Empire
Occupation: Caesar (Emperor)
Short background: Cheated out of his rightful place as the head of the Empire, he was crowned after the capture of Romulus at the end of the war.
Personality: Wise, respectable, friendly, patriotic

The Betrayer
08-27-2009, 07:10 AM
Name: Leomar Rectoris
Race: Human
Affiliation: Palatine Empire
Occupation: Legatus (general)
Short background: One of the major generals of the Palatine Empire, and commander of the ship Caligula. He is known for both his ruthless efficiency towards the enemy and amicable relationships with his soldiers.
Personality: Intelligent, Fanatic for the Empire, Kind to Allies, Merciless to Opponents

08-27-2009, 04:30 PM
Welcome! I don't suppose you've read the books?