View Full Version : DotT 3 sided Box

08-29-2009, 06:34 AM
I've got a 3 sided box for Day of the Tentacle. Found it when my mum was doing one of those house clear outs (the sort where you loose all your comics etc). As soon as I saw it in a dusty old box at the back of the cellar I recognised immediately what it was. Memories came flooding back; of the shop where I'd bought it (it had a Sega/Fujitsu PC for sale in the window), of clutching the box the whole way home in the back of my dad's caramel coloured Rover, of openning the box and finding it mostly empty and wondering why they made it triangular, of installing the game then playing it every single night for weeks (It's a lot harder if you're british as many of the puzzels require a base understanding of American Historical ledgend.)

I've looked around the internet, occasionally checking ebay and craigslist but I've never come across another for sale. All the "rare" DotT boxes on e-bay refer to original CD-ROMS, which this is, but not the 3-sided boxes.

I don't think I could ever bring myself to part with it. Not now I've found it again, but I get the feeling it should at least appear on my insurance list. Anyone got any idea how much these things sell for now?


btw, why don't you have a Day of the Tentacle section to the forums?