View Full Version : i need help

09-01-2009, 08:14 PM
im trying to modd swbattlefront 2 for xbox but i dont know where to start or what tools. help please?

09-02-2009, 12:07 AM
You can't mod SWBFII for XBox.

09-02-2009, 10:10 AM
well, techneclly there is, but its illegal

02-16-2010, 12:49 PM
hey i need some help plz.

i creating my own swbattlefront 2 space map in zero editor but the problem is that i dont know how to create the spawn places for the tow teams.

can someone help me plz.

02-16-2010, 01:00 PM
Have you, by any chance, read the documentation?

02-16-2010, 01:51 PM
yes but i dont understand it. i undertand that i have to write shomething but i dont know where i have to write it.

PLZ help mee

02-16-2010, 06:14 PM
GameToast (http://www.gametoast.com/). They'll definitely be able to help you.

02-17-2010, 11:23 AM
then help me plz :)

02-17-2010, 02:55 PM
Did you not understand? I meant that you should click on the link. It will take you to GameToast. They will be able to help you. I'm just as much of a modding novice as you are.