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Godric Volturi
09-02-2009, 11:44 PM
Team Rakata's
Jedi Order MOD (a prelude to the original SW: KotOR)

Okay, so here's the plan....

You are asleep (as a child) on the Courscant Jedi Temple, when your master (young Atris, aka Handmaiden for now) comes running into your room. She says that there is a security breach and she was just making sure that you are okay... (set off alarms now). A voice comes over the intercom and announces that the padawans must vacate the Temple immeadiately, for their own good. Atris however, refuses to allow you to leave and says that her and her padawan have been given an assignment to get rid of the threat. (mind you, you are lightsaberless right now). Atris joins your team...

You must find your way around the Jedi Temple until you reach the Council Chambers, where you find the threat lurking in the shadows, a Sith Lord. Atris tells you use your force powers to help her in the battle, but you must not get close to the Sith. (you will get xp after finding the Sith and you can level up) You and Atris do battle together and then you fall unconcious. (( typical thing for the PC... lol ))

You wake up, 9 years later, on your 17th birthday... (birthday age may be changed, but you must be relatively young. -.- ) Master Atris comes in (as Atris' appearance this time. :) ) wishes you a happy birthday and gives you your first set of Jedi Robes. (your lightsaber will be in a footlocker or a regular locker by the bed/door) Atris says that the Council wishes to see you... *cutscene with the council, then you end up at the exit of the council chambers, where Atris is waiting for you* You explain that your Jedi Trials will be different than most students... that the council has give you and Atris a special mission... Atris understands and joins your party once more... (permanantly. :) )

-You must find your way outside the Jedi Temple to the Courscant Landing pad (all of outer Courscant shall be the Nar Shadaa area reskinned to fit it's majesty) where you find a ship awaiting your command, the Misty Fox (no, the Ebon Hawk doesn't make a come back, lol but the ship is the Ebon Hawk reskinned)-

PLANETS (other than Courscant):
Dantooine: Dantooine, but the Jedi Enclave is "rebuilt" (because it hasn't been destroyed yet)

Korriban: Korriban... a civil war amongst the Sith has yet again taken place, so it isn't any different (all will be explained in due time) except you can go to the Dreshdae Cantina/Landing Area (probably will be the Onderon area reskinned for a DS look)

Telos: A combination of Telos and Dantooine estate (but there will be more than one estate lol )

Alderaan: Telos and Dantooine (jumbled together and
reskinned... NO Jedi Temple, but there will be a Lightsaber Cave on Alderaan)

Dxun/Onderon: Dxun/Onderon (no change)

Revan's Flagship: The Ravager

Dantooine: Meet Atton Rand, another Jedi Padawan (because TSL will never happen in this mod lol )
Meet Disciple
Both join the PC/Atris

Revan and Malak are in the Lightsaber Cave (malak is Revan's "remote") and they offer to let the PC/all jedi on team to join them as Sith... all refuse and you must fight them. Revan's min HP is 1 so a dialogue scene is hit and he escapes. Go to Vrook/Vandar and tell them what happened. They gather the rest of the Council...

(next few planets can be done in random order)
The Council has sent you to make sure that the Korriban academy hasn't yet been reassembled. You arrive to a bloody graveyard, fresh corpse littering the ground. You observe Korriban and find that the master of the academy has been murdered in her sleep by her betraying apprentice, who was soon after killed during his bath. The dark jedi turned on each other and began complete slaughter. But one lone Dark Jedi managed to survive the carnage and had been driven mad... he attacks on sight, without even speaking. But he yields to the PC's superior power. (he is the miraluka of the game) He begs for mercy and the PC shows it to him, only if he will turn his back on the Sith and join the Jedi... he can redeem himself by joining the team. He agrees and you recruit Magus.

You are to find the ex-Jedi Knight Marco Jenning and have him come back into the Order. Once you find the elusive Jedi Knight, the planet is being bombarded and you must quickly escape. (Malak is destroying the planet. :xp: )

Two droid members join your team. You have been enlisted to aid in a power struggle on the planet. (your choice to aid the Republic side or the Sith side)

You meet what is left of the scattered clan, Ordo. (other than Canderous who is on Taris) There are many Mandalorians who want to join you in their greatest time of need. You can recruit 2 of five mandalorians and send the rest packing. (all five are female mandalorians, though three out of five are LSed while the other two are DS or Neutral) The two you recruit, aid you on finding a smaller shuttle to Onderon, because the Misty Fox won't fit in the Onderonian landing areas.

You meet with Bastila Shan and Gaia Lebon. They are on Onderon aiding a Republic war effort, trying to gain Onderon's support, before Revan attacks the Republic. They will be found in the palace, you must find a way to get inside the palace...

(I would reccomend those two planets first)

Revan's Flagship:
You are on the Jedi strike team, sent to capture the Dark Lord, Revan. As Bastila uses her battle meditation, you must fight off Dark Jedi fighters to get close to Revan's flagship. As you board, wave after wave of Dark Jedi and Sith soldiers bombard you and the other strike team members. (Atris stays behind) (Bastila must be party member, but you can choose the other one) You must fight your way to Revan and defeat the Dark Lord once and for all... but Malak fired upon Revan's flagship and nearly killed his master, however Bastila uses a mental link to keep Revan alive and the four of you must escape the ship before it explodes.


(Or maybe not, we may add a bit more after Revan's flagship...)