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01-21-2001, 09:57 PM
how can i get the parrots to tell me where the hat is? i've talked to everyone. i think. how do i win the diving contest? the one judge is alwayes giving me 0.

01-21-2001, 10:17 PM
1. Make it so you know a difference between the parrots.
2. Ask the judge.

http://www.silverpoint.com/leo/lia/comic/calvin/Calvin.gif http://www.silverpoint.com/leo/lia/comic/calvin/Hobbes_2.gif and Grannen

01-22-2001, 10:17 PM
you have to talk to the tourist .. and then that pirate on the beach .. you have to steal a whistle also from the school incase you didnt allready do that ...
show the grouchy judge that pamplet you got from STANS ... k ... there will be some incriminating pictures inside the pamhlet of him ... he he he and then .. you have to wear the dunce hat when you dive ... for the wise judge http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gif k ? have fun !!!

01-23-2001, 01:29 AM
DOODLE......... less walkthrough, more hint