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Our perception of reality is what we can taste, touch, see, smell, and can be defined as logical. But what if the unlogical became reality. For one person living in today's world they are about to experience just that when they are torn from this world into a different reality. A reality where magic, gods/goddess, and mythical creatures roam freely among the land. Making what they believe to be true shatter to pieces as reality takes on a new form.

The planet known as Pheyzosia. A planet where not only humans exist but, elves and other creatures as well. Life is good for the people of this planet, but dark forces are brewing in the shadows undetected. Several creatures, even the gods have had some of they're power stripped away by this unknown force. Though every living thing contains a certain amount of magic, in most is so small they wouldn't even notice it was missing. For some however, magic is they're basic life essence, and with out it they would surly fade into a distant memory.

Can this person of our world help these creatures regain they're former powers? Or will the dark side of it all be to tempting? Will this person ever find a way back home?

1) No God-Modding. Meaning you are not all powerful.
2) You may insult the character but not the player themselves.
3) Enjoy yourself and have fun.
4) If there are any questions please ask.

Please note:

Main Character is the Human from our world, which is already claimed by SkywalkerRules.

Also the planet is dated mid-evil war. So armor, and swords, crossbows, long bows, magical items thus forth. Guns are acceptable, just be imaginative with it, like if it was created purely through magic and what not.


Character Sheet:

Race: (Human, gods, goddess, to... everything ever created in a story that is fantasy related just not spacey or tech)
Main Magic Power:

My Character:

Name: Tyathe
Age: 9036
Race: Demon Fox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitsune)
Main Magic Power: Can shoot lightning from his nine tails
Appearance: Demon Form- http://fav.me/d1nkhxk Human form- http://fav.me/dx1yob
Weapons: Magic, Sharp claws in demon form, and a Katana with a black hilt.
Bio: Tyathe has lived for over nine thousand years, and has witnessed many wars. In some area's of the world he is reveared as a god, while others believe he is nothing more then a demon. None of those really matter to him, seeing many sun and moons come and go he believed he would live to see many more ever after life of this world faded away.

But Tyathe wasn't prepared for one thing. Something he couldn't hear or see. The deminish of his powers, now not being able to see or hear everything that was happening he had to rely on what was laid before him. However there was a smell in the air that lingered, a magical smell that seemed to have drained not only him but others like him as well.

09-19-2009, 03:52 PM
Name: Carsew Derac
Age: Unknown, very old, but he appears young.
Race: Demon
Main Magic Power: Controlling darkness (Can use it for almost anything)
Appearance: Human form (http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/archives/1164919692_DemonAnime.jpg) Demon Form (http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/negai6/DW4__Shed_Demon_Prince_by_srulik24.jpg)
Weapon: An old curved black sword, it is in the pic.
Bio: He is the scourge of Pheyzozia, his dream is taking over the world. Nothing else is known about him.

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i like, i like ^-^

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Name: Emily Gordon
Age: 18
Race: Human
Main Magic Power: None. But may develop some through the journey.
Appearance: http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb37/SilentLilAngel/Anime%20School%20Girls/SchoolGirl.jpg
Weapon: Will be given a legendary sword known as the Blue Lightning.
Bio: Emily moved with her mom from America to Japan when she was 14-yrs.-old. She has been a honor student and only child. She's also a good-hearted, funny, and caring person who loves to help everyone out.
But one night, as Emily was walking home from tutoring, she saw a glowing hole in the street. And when she got close to it, the hole sucked her right in it. Now, she is in a World full of mystical creatures and powers. People in this world, called Pheyzosia, believes that she is the Chosen One to save Pheyzosia and bring back their powers and defeat the Darkness. Emily, however, just wants to go home. But later on, the teen will find out that if she saves Pheyzosia, this may be her only way home...

09-19-2009, 05:05 PM
Hee hee hee, this looks fun:D

Name: Kyuzo {Also known as the Blind One}

Age: Unknown, but rumors suspect that he had always been here.

Race: God-like, but in human form.

Appearance: http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq67/Fieldmarshalq/3085301_tml_gif.jpg

Yes, Toshiro Mifune. Just a blind version:D

Weapon: He carries a magic-infused Samurai daisho{ a large wakizashi with a smaller Kanto blade}, but his main wakizashi blade looks exactly like a cane: http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq67/Fieldmarshalq/sh2298.jpg

BIO: The Samurai once lived in Sengoku period Japan, before falling into a strange portal in the middle of battle. It was then that he found himself in Pheyzosia, in its infancy. He was a big contributor to what Pheyzosia become. As to what he contributed, though, is not known or recorded.

Mystery surrounds his apparent immortality and ethereal-like wisdom, as little is known about his involvement in the early years of Pheyzosia, other then his status of being extremely powerful, and revered as a Human God.

Kyuzo has been known to be Gaurdian to the many newcomers who stumble up Pheyzosia, and was given the nickname of "The Blind Gatekeeper," or simply, "The Blind One." He is also a master swordsmen, despite his being completely blind, this is also the reason his senses are so attuned to the world, more so then any person with vision.

He is currently on his way to greet the newest of the newcomers, though he is unaware that she is possibly "The Chose One."

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Love the sheets guys, suppose if no one else joins by tomarrow afternoon, i'll start it up.

Cyborg Ninja
09-19-2009, 10:53 PM
Name: Chaos
Age: Extremely Old
Race: God
Main Magic Power: Power's of Destruction
Appearance: http://ffxauron.deviantart.com/art/Golbez-91881256
Weapon: The Blade of Mayhem http://zathairaa.deviantart.com/art/Zathairaa-s-Sword-62835525
Bio: Chaos is the God of Destruction. He's seen bloodshed and caused bloodshed more times than anyone could ever imagine. This has made Chaos think himself higher than any other god or godess and feels he should be supreme ruler. He won't let anything or anyone stand in his way, not even "The Chosen One"

The Betrayer
09-19-2009, 11:50 PM
Name: Grugh (pronounced Grag)
Age: Unknown
Race: Mountain Troll
Main Magic Power: Who needs powers when you're a troll this big?
Appearance: http://imgkk.com/i/Kjzqcc.jpg
Weapon: Giant Mace
Bio: Unlike a lot of people who lived in other worlds before, Grugh was born and raised Pheyzosia. He has come to protect his world from all manner of creatures, whether dark or evil. For even if he has a small brain, Grugh knows that the war these creatures bring will do no good to his home.

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Welcome both, I'm still going to start this tomarrow however.

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