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09-19-2009, 05:32 PM
It is a time of rebuilding for the Alpha Quadrant after the Dominion War. The Klingon Empire, though weakend by the massive conflict has turned it's sights toward the exploration of the galaxy once again.

But dark forces are gathering to once again challenge the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant.

Colonies on the edge of space are being attacked leaving no survivors in he wake of the brutal attacks, Ships are going missing without a trace of wreckage and the Empire is gearing for another war with the unknown power which has been attacking without provocation

You are a member of the crew of the Negh'var class battle-cruiser So'ka ((Name subject to change.)) which has been ordered to to help investigate this threat and destroy it in the name of the Empire.


- No insulting each other outside of character. Feel free to insult a Bridge officer if you want to end up in the brig :D

- No god-modding.

- Maximum of three characters each. I may allow more if I see the need to.

- You can be any race you wish except Borg, Jem'Hadar or...any other enemy race.

- Have fun. :)

Character sheet.






List of Medals/Honors your character may have recieved during the War:


((I'll use my character from Glory of the Empire.))

Name: K'vor, Son of K'rang

Apperance: 6'8 in height. K'vor wears standard klingon armor, he has long blackish har. He has a long scar going down the side of his face that touches the tip of his eye, a parting gift from a Jem'Hadar first he killed in hand-to-hand combat. he has brown eyes and two more scars on his face, one across the top of his head, and one running down the same side of his face that intersects with the one he got from the Jem'hadar first.

Age: Thirty

Rank: Captain, IKV So'ka ((Negh'var class.))

Weapons: Bat'leth, Standard Issue Klingon hand disrupter, Klingon Disrupter rifle, Cardassian phaser rifle that he took from the bridge of a Cardassian Warship from the Dominion war, Jem'Hadar rifle that he took as a victory prize from the bridge of a Jem'Hadar warship that he captured in the war.

Special achievements: Captured Two Jem'Hadar attack ships during the war.

Led an assault team that managed to capture the bridge of a Jem"hadar warship long enough to gather large amounts of information regarding Dominion ship movements in Klingon space.

Managed to disable a Cardassian Galor-class warship earlier in the war and was indirectly responsable for it's capture.

K'vor and his original crew are also credited with over thirty confirmed kills during the Dominion war with seven more unconfirmed kills.

K'vor is also a member of the Order Of the Bat'leth and is being considered for induction into the Order of Kahless.

Bio: It is unknown when K'vor was born, only that when he was a young child, he enjoyed fighting with various opponets. He nearly always came out on top in fights.

He eventually joined the defense force and quickly rose up through the ranks of his first ship, and he gained his first unoffical command when the bridge of his original ship was blown off during a romulan attack. K'vor and a few surviving crew members managed to reroute power to the secondary bridge and destroy the Romulan ship.

A few years after that incident, K'vor was given offical command of the IKV So'ka which was the ship that he used in the Dominion War. During the final battle of the war, The So'ka was damaged with most of the crew dead, K'vor set the ship's self-destruct sequence and attempted to ram the ship into a Jem'hadar dreadnaught. Before he could die in battle, he and his remaining crew were beamed off the So'ka and K'vor watched as the So'ka took out the dreadnaught with it.

Now K'vor is being given command of the IKV Qom'Cha which he has renamed the IKV So'ka in honor of his first ship. Due to the fact that most of his original command crew died with the original So'ka, he has to choose an entirely new command crew.

09-19-2009, 05:49 PM
Name: K’Vang, Son of Orak, House of K'Tong.


Age: 136

Rank: Commander, Chief Medical Officer, IKS So'ka

Weapons: Disruptor Pistol, Dk’tahg, Medical Kit.

Special achievements: Order of the Bat’leth (Klach D’Kel Bracht), numerous commendations for service to the Empire. Offered but refused the Star of Kahless for his actions at Avenal VII.

History: K’Vang spent four years at the Imperial University studying medicine before signing up to the Imperial Fleet as a Lieutenant at the age of 21, being assigned to the IKS Klothos, under the command of the revered Commander Kor.

He served on board the Klothos for several years, taking part in the war against the Federation, with his first notable action being the raid on Caleb IV. He was part of the occupation force of Organia in 2267, which would see the end of the war and the enforcing of the Organian Peace Treaty.

He would later take part in the Battle of Klach D’Kel Bracht against the Romulans in 2271, treating the wounded and serving in the front lines for the final assault, for which he was inducted into the Order of the Bat’leth.

He later moved to the IKS Ch’Vok, serving as Chief Surgeon for ten years, before the ship was decommissioned, when he was transferred to Qo’noS, working at the Imperial headquarters.

His next few decades were unremarkable, but he did spend several years on Earth, as part of the Officer exchange program. There he learned about Federation methods of battlefield triage and medicine, and would recommend reform in the KDF’s own medical practices, which many outside the Empire considered barbaric at best.

He was one of the first Klingon soldiers to arrive after the Khitomer Massacre in 2346, working closely with Federation aid workers who had arrived before any Klingon could.

He retired from the Defence Force in 2350, at the age of 111, after nearly 90 years of service. Retiring to the Korvat colony with his wife and grandchildren, he established a private practice, which he would run for the next 23 years. Although he did not serve in the Klingon Civil War, he worked at several hospitals on Korvat, helping the wounded from both sides.

When the Klingon Empire declared war on the Dominion, he re-enlisted, being assigned as Chief Medical Officer of the IKS Vor’nak, under General Tanas, where he was responsible for coordinating the medical resources of Tanas’ squadron.

He served through many battles, including Toros III, and Avenal VII, where he took command of the Vor’nak after most of command crew were wounded, and conducted a successful withdrawal, for which he was offered the Star of Kahless, which he would decline, preferring it to go to a warrior who had done more in battle than an aging Doctor.

Since the end of the war, K'Vang has stayed on with the KDF, accepting a position as Chief Medical Officer of the So'ka. Despite his advancing years, he plans to take on his assignment with all the zeal expected of a Klingon warrior, for there is no greater battle for a Klingon Doctor than to snatch life from the jaws of death itself.