View Full Version : Astrology and its evolution

09-28-2009, 04:43 AM
Since thousands of years people have looked up at the sky and wondered its secrecy. Many thoughts came in their mind and that gave birth to astrology. Astrology Matching (http://www.astrology-india.com/) is the first step in any religious ceremony in India. One of the oldest beliefs is on astrology - the faith that the stars and planets are control and influence our lives.

Astrology, as even most astrologers confess, does not arise until the beginning of evolution and the simultaneous religious/ supernatural view of the world. Thus, astrology was outcome of combining the ancient practice of observing the night sky with a miraculous view of the world. Few believe that prophecy or magic object has certain physical properties that are connected to the peripheral world by analogy. For example, for astrologers the reddish color of the planet Mars means that it is magically related with blood, war and metal iron. . . .

In the middle Ages, astrology was banned by the church, and it wasnít revived until the Renaissance. The rise of science obscured astrology once again, and it didnít come back as a widely held belief until the chaotic years of the early twentieth century.