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Shadowrun: Bug City!

Seatle, United Canadian American States

Mark Evans ran a hand through his graying hair, anxiously looking at his watch before covering his hair with a fedora. He looked up at the neon sign that lit up the rest of the diaplated street in the ungodly hour that his contact had specified.

Here goes nothing...

He strode foward and opened the double doors into the bar, and was immediately assaulted by the noise and smell of hte place. He didn't spen much time in the Dead Dog Bar, but now he knew why it was called that, the place reeked like nowhere but a shabby bar could, not even drug labs smelled this bad! He retrieved a scotch from the barkeep and surveyed the room.

It was the usual mix that one would find in this area of Seatle, mostly human with a few Orcs, Trolls and Elves thrown in for flavor... and one very uncomfortable looking suit that Evans knew was his contact after a glance. During a lull in the music -live, not cheap simsofts- Evans crept in for a closer look at the suit, while trying to look as unobtrusive as possible.

Inspection of the suit didn't reveal much. The man was unarmed -a very stupid move in this part of Seatle-, wearing a suit that was obviously expensive, sipping at hsi drink and anxious for something... probably for Evans to get there.

Smiling to himself Evans walked over and sat in front of the man. "Soz, I got a friend that said something about you...." He looked at the man expectantly from his seat.

The suit took a long sip of his drink before looking down at him from over his thin glasses. "Yes, I think we might have a mutal friend." Another sip. "What do you know about Chicago?"

Evans almost stood up and left right there, nobody wanted to be involved in anything remotely connected to Chicago. "There is no way in Hell that you'll get me near to Chicago... not without a whole lotta nuyen!"

"Don't worry," the suit assured him. "You'll get your nuyen, or Dollars, your choice." He observed Evans coldly. "Now, are you interested in the job or not?"

Despite himself, Evans couldn't turn down the job, not with the state of his team's finances... or, rather, lack thereof. "What do you want us to do?" He asked by way of answering.

"Ares Corporation has a large facility in Chicago, that you already know I'm assuming." The suit said. "However, we have a few... shall we say delicate items in storage at another facility that nobody has been able to get at... we need to get them into a secure storage facility and you're just the team to get that done."

"You're serious?" Evans had always discounted the rumors that Ares was working on some majorly secret black project, but to have in confirmed like this! "How many dollars are we talking?" He asked while his mind raced with the possibilities of getting his hands on some of the goodies that he knew Ares sold only to security companies.

"Say somewhere in the neighborhood of one-hundred a week?" The Suit started low, and that was alright with Evans he'd just start high.

"How about a mil every three days?" He asked, quickly shooting over the suit's offer of a hundred thousand a week.

"Go half and you have a deal."

Evans almost choked on his scotch. "Thow in access to the special stock you have at cost and you have a deal."

"Done." The suit extended a hand and Evans shook it readily.

"You know where to find my team?" He asked, and the suit nodded in response before getting up to leave the bar.

Evans got up from the booth and walked over to the bar. After settling the tab with the bartender Evans left the bar several dollars lighter and definitely more intoxicated than when he entered.

After finding the Yamaha Rapier he stashed away several blocks from the bar, Evans got on and started the race back to the warehouse 'his' team used as a base of sorts... he only hoped that they thought it was worth the money.

## Background ##

This adventure takes place in the Shadowrun Universe, namely in the 2e universe. The Year is 2055 and Chicago is infested by 'bugs'. On August 22nd 2055 the City of Chicago suffered a breakout of Insect Spirits, Wasps, Centipedes, Ants, every concievable bug were 'infecting' human hosts becoming a literal invasion of the body snatchers and hordes of larger than life bugs were born.

The United Canadian American States moved and sealed off the city, total quarentine. Except, of course, to the large Mega-corps such as Ares Corporation -a large weapons/pharacuticals/et cetera company. Ares had a building in there as well as commitments to protect the local goblin population, among other things.

The Mega-Corps were the first to flee, leaving behind security teams in their facilities for reclamation later. The population was trapped within, the bugs in there with them and the UCAS Military outside ready to kill them. Thus, the rise of local crimelords/warlords within the Containment Zone.

On October 1st 2055 a sub-tactical nuclear weapon was set off in a spirit hive in an attempt to combat the spread of the bugs in Chicago. It didn't stop any of the corporations' infighting in the CZ, nor did it dissuade any body from fighting each other as well as the bugs, but it did slow down the rate of creation for the bugs, which is a good thing.

Our group will be a shadowrunning team, a group that does jobs for people that will never be on the books, it's the blackops of the business world with one loyalty, money.

## Backstory ##

Taken directly from Wikipedia's Article on the Shadowrun Timeline.

1999: The Seretech Decision

A 3-month truckers' strike causes food riots in New York.
A Seretech truck hauling infectious medical wastes on Staten Island, is attacked by a mob in the mistaken belief that it carries food. Seretech security forces use lethal force to protect it. 20 Seretech employees and 200 rioters are killed.
The Supreme Court upholds Seretech's actions as responsible for saving thousands of lives, rather than costing hundreds.


Scientists are surprised to discover a distinct new species of ferret in North America. Dubbed the Century Ferret due to the time of discovery, it is later concluded to be a "Spike Baby", a premature awakening.

2001: The Shiawase Decision

A radical eco-group called TerraFirst! attacks a Shiawase nuclear power plant. Though the attack is repelled, the corporation uses the incident to convince the Supreme Court that major multinational corporations need the ability to protect themselves. To this end, the Supreme Court grants major companies extraterritoriality. TerraFirst! later manages to acquire evidence that the attack was in fact a setup with the intent to force the courts into granting sovereignty. Before the group can act on this information, their headquarters is destroyed and key members are killed in what is considered to be one of the first shadowruns.
Aug-Oct: NASA probes photograph pyramids and a skeleton on the surface of Mars. The information is given the highest classification (Top Secret: Veil).


Libya attacks Israel with chemical weapons.
Nuclear meltdown at Dungeness in Kent (England) creates a localized irradiated zone.

2005: New York quake

Israel retaliates against Libya with nuclear weapons.
A major earthquake hits the east coast of North America on 12 August. The quake inflicts moderate damage ot Boston, killing thousands and creating the Roxbury Barrens. New York City suffers 200,000 casualties and 200 billion dollars worth of damage. It will take 40 years to rebuild.
United Nations moves to Geneva.
East Coast Stock Exchange moves to Boston during the city reconstruction. The city begins to rebuild itself as the Boston Metroplex. Large portions of its century old subway tunnels are closed off.
Conservative government in the United Kingdom establishes regional parliaments in Scotland and Wales.

2005-6: Korean War

Japanese megacorps push the Republic of Korea into a war with the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea
Early 2006: DPRK launches a nuclear attack at Japan, but the missiles do not reach their targets.
Late 2006: DPRK is overrun. Japan proclaims a Japanese Imperial State.

2009: Lone Eagle incident

The resource rush
May 5: United Oil receives rights to 25% of national parklands and 10% of Indian lands.
The Sovereign American Indian Movement (SAIM) seizes the Shiloh launch facility in Montana. Delta Team retakes the site, but not before the terrorists launch a Lone Eagle ICBM at Russia. The missile never arrives at its destination. The reasons for this are unknown by the public.
The Re-Education and Relocation Act (Nepean Act in Canada) forces Native Americans into "reeducation centers". Consequently, they are spared the worst of VITAS.
King Charles III is crowned in Westminster Abbey.

2010: VITAS 1

Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS) kills off a quarter of the world's population.
The Yakuza of Seattle is given official recognition as the Dungeness Crabs of the 87th Prefecture by the oyabun of the Watada-rengo in Chiba, Japan. This approval of and support for their activities allows the Seattle Yakuza to grow rapidly and expand its operations.

2011: the Year of Chaos

Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE) -- Babies bearing a close resemblance to Elves and Dwarves are born across the world. Widely believed to be a foreshadowing of the The Awakening ahead.
Pope John Paul IV denounces metahumans as abominations in the eyes of God.
England's Sizewell B nuclear power station suffers critical meltdown, resulting in a total death count of 17,000.
A nuclear power plant in Dounreay, Scotland suffers a meltdown, creating the Scottish Irradiated Zone.
July: Operation Discovery, an 8-man Mars Mission, makes planetfall and begins its survey.
Dec 24: The Awakening
The great eastern dragon, Ryumyo, is sighted flying over Mt. Fuji, the first dragon seen by mankind in thousands of years.
Under the cover of a fierce storm, Daniel Howling Coyote leads a walk-out of the Abilene detainment camp. Although guards fire upon him, none of the shots fired hit Daniel, and he leads his people into the storm, leaving no trace.
The operations module of Operation Discovery crashes on Mars, killing 5 of the 8 astronauts.
Dec 26: Ley lines and standing stones re-emerge all over Britain. First sighting of the great Welsh dragon, Celedyr, in Caerleon.

2012: the Big D

Jan 27: The great western dragon Dunkelzahn's first appearance at Cherry Creek Lake in Denver.
Grants exclusive 12-hour interview with Holly Brighton during which he explains the Awakening. (Restoration of Magic to the world.)
The great western dragon, Lofwyr, appears in Germany and becomes a corporate player.
England's King Charles III abdicates in favor of his only surviving son, George.
Formation of Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal (HKB) megacorporation in England, an increasingly major power in world financial affairs.


First televised of Combat Biker sport match in Baton Rouge, LA.

2014: Native American Nations|NAN

Daniel Howling Coyote announces formation of the Native American Nations (NAN).
Following magically enhanced terrorist activity, the governments of the UK and Éire sign the Treaty of Galway establishing the United Free Republic of Ireland.

2015: Aztlan

May 5: Francisco Pavón of the Azatlán party becomes first directly elected president of Mexico.
Mexico becomes Aztlan, backed by ORO corporation (Aztechnology).
Hong Kong breaks free from mainland China and proclaims independence. The British government uses its influence to protect Hong Kong, but is duped by megacorporations and loses face over the incident.
Schism splits the Irish Republican Army (IRA) into two factions: the Provisional IRA (led by Liam O'Connor, a "spike baby" elf) and the Official IRA.
The Provisional IRA is incorporated into the state security apparatus, where it counters Protestant paramilitaries. It would grow into the core of the Tir Republican Corps (TRC).

2016: the Indian War

Daniel Howling Coyote declares war on the United States in order to reclaim Native American land for the formation of the Native American Nations.
Redondo peak erupts and buries Los Alamos, New Mexico.
President Garrety is assassinated by William Springer (never captured).
The following world leaders are also assassinated: Russian President Nikolai Chelenko, Prime Minister Lena Rodale of the United Kingdom and Minister Chaim Schon of Israel.
Vice President William Jarman passes Executive Order 17-321, the extermination of the Native American tribes.
The defence and aerospace megacorp Ares buys NASA.
A major oil spill in the North Sea creates the Scottish Fringe Toxic Zone.

2017: The Great Ghost Dance

Aug 17, 10:32 a.m.: Mts. Hood, Ranier, St. Helens, and Adams erupt.

2018: Treaty of Denver

Aztlan invited to join the new Sovereign Tribal Council (STC) of the Native American Nations (NAN). As a member nation, it participates in the Treaty of Denver.
The Treaty Of Denver resolves the dispute between the United States of America and the Native American Nations.
Denver is divided between the US and four members of the NAN: Aztlan, Pueblo Corporate Council, Sioux Nation, and Ute Nation.
Denver and the surrounding territory becomes the Front Range Free Zone, a technically sovereign state governed by the Council of Denver.
1st-generation ASIST developed by Dr Hosato Hikita, ESP systems, Chicago.
Civil war in China results in yet another fractured nation: Manchuria, Xinjiang, Guangxi, the Canton Confederation.
The spaceplane America disintegrates in orbit, crashing in Longreach, Australia and killing 200.


The violinist Leonora Bartoli becomes the first to have a cyberlimb successfully implanted.


Aden destroys Tehran in response to the Ayatollah's declaration of jihad against the metahuman races.
Ares launches Apollo space program.

2021: Goblinization

Shiela Blatavska establishes the Atlantean Foundation.
Apr 30: Goblinization strikes 10% of the world population.
Martial law and concentration camps in the US.
Yomi Island (Philippines) is 'incorporated' the Japanese Empire.
England's King George VII is declared dead, rumors persist that he was killed when he began changing into a troll.

2022: VITAS 2

Race riots occur around the world.
Electronic news mag Data coins the term "Awakened".
VITAS 2 claims another 10% of world population.
Cuba, Jamaica, Grenada, Bermuda and the Virgin Islands join together to form the Caribbean League.
Los Angeles is rocked by gang warfare, eventually suppressed by National Guardsmen. The city's worst slums are walled off, soon renamed "El Infierno" by local residents.

2023: Metahuman rights

Humanis policlub founded. (Racist Human Club)
US Supreme Court grants equal rights to metahumans.
Riots over hoarded VITAS 2 serum level the LA neighborhood of Watts.


First commercial simsense. (Full sensory neural interfaced entertainment)
After a prolonged succession dispute, George Edward Richard Windsor-Hanover becomes King George VIII in England.

2025: Lone Star Seattle

UCLA establishes first undergraduate program in occult studies.
Followed by Texas AMM (Agriculture, Medicine, and Magic) and MITT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy).
Cyberware enters professional sports (NFL).
Lone Star takes over law enforcement in Seattle.
Pope John XXV issues In Imago Dei encyclical:

Metahumans have souls and are capable of salvation.
Magical abilities are not inherently evil.
Spirits are manifestations of nature (gray area).
The United Kingdom Constitution Act is passed in the United Kingdom, creating the office of Lord Protector.

2026: NERPS!

The Mafia Commissione appoints Brian O'Malley from Milwaukee as the head of the Finnigan family and Don of Seattle, and assigns him to deal with the problem of the Yakuza in the metroplex.
Oxford and Edinburgh Universities establish Bachelor of Science degrees in occult studies.
World Combat Cyclists League (WCCL) founded. Combat Biker becomes a major sport.

2027: Fusion power

Desperate to alleviate water shortages, the Los Angeles Power and Water Company pioneers the first use of cold fusion technology, which produces fresh water from salt water as a by-product.
The Lord Protector's office (England) drafts the Magical Practitioners Registration Bill, which Parliament passes into law.


A major earthquake hits L.A., destroying LAX.
Cambridge institutes a magical studies program.
Britain withdraws from the European Economic Community (EEC).

2029: The big Computer Crash

Sony Cybersystems, Fuchi Industrial Electronics, and RCA-Unisys develop prototype cyberterminals.
CIA, FBI, and NSA begin Echo Mirage project.
The Salish-Sidhe Council (SSC) opens its borders to all metahumans (not just Native Americans). The Sinsearach elf tribe is founded in the southern region.
Feb 8: The Crash of '29
Aug: Presidential emergency order drafts hotshot corp and university hackers into Echo Mirage. 32 graduate training. First-generation cyberterminals are room-sized and require a sensory deprivation tank.
Eighteen minutes after engaging the virus, four members of Echo Mirage were dead. When the data logs were analyzed, two things became apparent: First, the virus program could induce lethal biofeedback in humans accessing the Matrix. Second, no existing computer security could even slow down someone using a cyberterminal.

2030: UCAS

Ghoul nation of Asamando founded in Africa.
{*}Oct 15: Act of Union signed in Washington D.C., Canada and the US merge into the UCAS.
{*}Awakened forces in Russia seize Siberia.
{*}Brian O'Malley is shot and killed in his home by Yakuza assassins. A retaliatory hit the next day kills the Yakuza oyabun responsible, along with his lieutenants. Losses on both sides of the Mafia/Yakuza conflict result in a truce. Patrick Finnigan becomes capo of his family and the Don of Seattle.

2031: Euro-War

Beginning of the Euro-Wars.
Late: Echo Mirage finishes off the virus (7 survivors).
Second-generation cyberterminals are desk-sized.
James O'Malley, capo of Milwaukee and Brian's older brother, becomes obsessed with revenge against the Yakuza. He neglects his city's operations so dramatically that the Commissione strips him of his position and forces him to retire.

2033: Nightwraith strikes, Nanosecond Buyout

Jan 23: Nightwraith airstrike. Fighter-bombers attack key C&C centers on all sides of the Euro-Wars, bringing the fighting to a screeching halt. Whodunit? Swedish air surveillance implies that the aircraft were of UK origin, but this is denied by the government.
Nanosecond Buyout: Damien Knight takes control of Ares.
To rebuild gumis nearly crippled in the conflicts with the Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza send a new upper echelon of Koreans to Seattle. These Korean leaders begin aggressively reclaiming lost territory.

2034: Amazonia, CAS, Tir Na nOg, Fuchi rising

Amazonia founded.
CAS (Confederated American States) secede from the UCAS.
Aztlan withdraws from the STC and the NAN.
South Florida joins the Caribbean League.
Richard Villiers becomes one-third of Fuchi Industrial Elec.
May: Matrix Systems, Boston, releases first gray-market cyberterminal.
Jun: Matrix Systems suffers a computer crash and its two primary shareholders die in "unrelated accidents".
Jul: Richard Villiers, the remaining majority shareholder, buys into Fuchi with the Matrix Systems technology.
Dec 25: Formation of Tir Na nOg (Ireland) announced.

2035: Tir Tairngire

Mar: Liam O'Connor becomes State President of Tir Na nOg.
The Ceneste branch of the Sinsearach elves establish the elven nation of Tir Tairngire (TT).
Tir Tairngire secedes from the NAN.
Lugh Surehand appointed High Prince of TT.
Tsimshian secedes from the NAN.
Aztlan invades Texas, capturing the cities of Austin and San Antonio. The CAS refuses to support Texan resistance, causing Texas to secede (briefly, they were re-admitted 4 months later).

2036: California Free State

UCAS Pres. McAlister withdraws all federal support from CA after they threaten secession.
Tir Tairngire invades south to Redding.
Aztlan invades north to San Diego.
Japan takes control of San Francisco.
Alamos 20K claims responsibility for the firebombing of a town in rural Ohio, their first public atrocity. 20 people (mostly metahuman) die.
14th Amendment to the UCAS Constitution: Special Identification Numbers.
Fuchi markets 3rd-generation cyberdeck, desktop CDT-1000.
Akiko Kano and Arthur White-Eagle earn the Nobel Prize for the "Kano-White Eagle Theory of Metaphysical Phenomena".
Regeneration and transformation of regional forests begins in Scotland.

2037: Denver Data Haven

Emotive simsense.
Denver Data Haven shows up in the shadows. (Physical location: the old USAF Academy in Colorado Springs).
DocWagon founded.
Lofwyr announces 63% ownership of Saeder-Krupp, votes himself chairman of the board, president, and CEO.
Guerilla warfare in northern California pushes Tir Tairngire back north as far as Yreka. The territory between Redding and Yreka becomes neutral ground, claimed by both sides.
Wolves and bears are restored to the Scottish Wild Lands.
First North American Urban Brawl championship, "Super Brawl".

2039: Night of Rage

Feb 7: Thousands of metahumans, as well as their friends and family, die in global riots.
New York City: 836 dead.
Seattle: "Hands of Five" terrorist group firebombs the metahuman detention center on the Tacoma docks.
Feb 10: Alamos 20K destroys the Sears Tower in Chicago.
St. Patricks Day: Boston, Knights of the Red Branch bomb an elven restaurant on the parade route, killing 24 and inciting a race riot that claimed hundreds more.
Nadja Daviar becomes the Dunkelzahn's third interpreter.
Charleston, South Carolina: Serial killer caught and convicted on evidence obtained from a ghost.
Fuchi sponsors the Universal Matrix Specifications (UMS) conference, Tokyo.
A massive chemical spill kills 70,000 people in Teesside, England.

2040: Azania

Southern Africa unites into Azanian Alliance, composed of the Cape Republic, Oranje-Vrystaat, Trans-Swazi Federation, and Zulu Nation.
Renraku Arcology in Seattle begins construction.
The Universal Brotherhood opens shop (CFS in '42, Seattle in '45).


EuroAir Flight 329 from London to Atlanta destroyed by Sirrurg.
Yamatetsu elbows its way into the Big Seven, becoming the Eighth major megacorp.
Policlubs appear in Europe.


Dunkelzahn begins semi-annual "Wyrm Talk".
Akira Watada, oyabun of the Watada-rengo, issues an ultimatum to the Korean oyabuns of Seattle. They must pledge their loyalty to the Watada rengo or suffer the consequences.
Ares project: Cydonia discovers Operation Discovery crash, Veil agents engineer a hoax to cover it. The cheesy UFO photo made public 15 years later by Dunkelzahn's Will.
Liam O'Connor (President of Tir Na nOg) disappears from public life.
First biannual international Urban Brawl World Cup.

2043: Seoulpa Rings

Jan: Watada-rengo assassins invade Seattle and kill the vast majority of the Seattle Yakuza's Korean leadership. The survivors are forced to pledge loyalty to the Japanese rengo or be executed. New Japanese managers are put in place, and within a few weeks the Japanese once again control the Seattle Yakuza.
Former Korean Yakuza oyabun Park Jai Kyu begins organizing the Seoulpa Rings in Seattle with the help of his remaining contacts and followers. The concept catches fire and begins to spread through the metroplex and the rest of North America.
Rhiannon Glendower becomes Countess of Snowdon.
Gwynedd elves make major advances in Welsh regional parliament.

2044: The Oyabun

Hanzo Shotozumi is appointed the oyabun of the 87th Prefecture in Seattle. He re-institutes and enforces traditional Yakuza ways and values, and begins an aggressive campaign to expand Yakuza operations in the Pacific Northwest.

2045: German Alliance founded

Don Patrick Finnigan is failing to hold the line against Yakuza encroachment in the Seattle metroplex, and so the Commissione calls Don James O'Malley out of enforced retirement to resume control of Seattle operations. O'Malley is appointed Don of Seattle specifically to slow Yakuza growth in the metroplex. He, his wife, and his 15-year-old daughter Rowena move to Seattle.
The Seoulpa Rings start making a name for themselves in the Seattle underworld as their operations expand; they begin to encroach on the markets of the other syndicates.


Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua are accepted into the Aztlaner republic.
A team of rogue deckers erases the results of California's gubernatorial election, allegedly aided by a Los Angeles street gang. The so-called Lost Election prompts the government to declare war on the "criminal element" in Los Angeles, sending army and corporate mercenary troops to raze El Infierno. After fighting a losing battle, California's central government declares Los Angeles a Free City.
Para-VITAS outbreak in Tynesprawl (England) kills 120,000. Believed to be the work of unidentified eco-terrorists.

2048: Operation Reciprocity

Panama admitted into Aztlan.
Aztlan (Aztechnology) nationalizes all foreign businesses. Corp Court authorizes a joint corporate military strike, "Operation Reciprocity", against Aztechnology - the first known Omega Order. The end result is a classic "half a baby" decision - Aztlan allows foreign companies to maintain subsidiaries, but requires that the nominal holders must be Aztlan citizens.
Veracruz Settlement: Aztechnology pays reparations.
Panama canal becomes a Pan-Corporate Zone under the Corp Court.
Colbert Group CEO Alan Adams is elected president of the UCAS.


Renraku develops first Semi-Autonomous Knowbot (SK).
Aztlan and Amazonia squabble over Colombia and Venezuela.


Seventh generation cyberdeck is keyboard size.

2052: Technology curve

2XS, Better Than Life (BTL; illegal stimsense chips) with a kick.
Bioware hits the public market.
Seattle-Tir Tairngire trade agreement, by which Seattle becomes the Tir's major port.
UCAS Pres Adams died after re-election, VP Thomas Steele takes the Big Chair.

2053: A new Great Dragon

Hestaby takes possession of Shasta Dam and surrounding territory in Northern California, repelling a Tir attack.
Publication of Anchoring theorems.
Proteus corp completes two arkoblocks (offshore Arcologies) in Japan.

2054: Atlantis

Tentative discovery of Atlantis (Thera) 150 miles off Crete.
Tir Tairngire locks down Crater Lake.
2055: The Universal Brotherhood (UB)
The UCAS FBI discovers that insect spirits control the UB and shut it down, but without making the reasons public. Cover story of financial corruption.
Other nations take similar steps, and the UB is completely shut down by '56.
Widespread incidents of "unmotivated terrorist violence" against UB.
Aug 22: A Knight Errant Firewatch team detonates a subtactical nuclear warhead in what may have been the largest insect hive in North America in Chicago. It does not have the anticipated effect. A swarm of bug spirits spills out of the hive to infest the city.
Aug 23: The UCAS government sets up the Chicago Containment Zone, isolating most of the population of Chicago behind UCAS Army barricades. Those trapped include the Chicago mafia, as well as the Chicago branches of the other major syndicates. The Mafia loses contact with the don of Chicago and the Commissione believes him dead. It transfers control of Chicago operations to Don Leo McCaskill of Milwaukee, a former lieutenant of James O'Malley.

## More about Shadowrun?##

If you want to know more about Shadowrun then I would suggest looking at Wikipedia articles surrounding the subject along with buying the books. But, you really don't have to know that much about it in order to play this RP. HOwever, I have one request, if somebody wants to play as a Rigger, could (s)he please be somebody who has read more about Shadowrun and how riggers work, or just somebody who's dedicated to learn about it?

## Character Sheet ##

Name:Your character's name, can be a street name or a real name
Species: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, or Troll
Speciality: Decker -computer wiz-, Rigger -fly/drive vehicals via mind-, Street Samurai -Warrior-, Wizard
Age: How old your character is
Appearance: A short description or pic of your character in order to help visualize him/her
Equipment: What your character has. Basic restrictions: no laser weaponry, and nothing from today, make it like something from the 2040's/2050's
Cybertechnology: Any implants?
Magic: If your character is a wizard describe any spells they can do.
Short Bio: What's your character's story?
Notes: Anything you want to share about your character that doesn't quite fit anywhere else


Name:Mark Evans
Species: Human
Speciality: Street Samurai
Age: 54
Appearance: Stands roughly 5'11" tall (180.34cm),weighs about 153lbs (~69.4kg), not a burly figure, but not an absolute twig, graying hair, and light blue eyes
Equipment: Ares Predator II Pistol (w/ smartlink) x2, Colt m22a2 assault rifle (w/ gas vent & ultrasound scope)
Cybertechnology: Communications link, Hearing Amplifier (w/ damper enhacement), Wired Reflexes& Smartlink
Short Bio: Born in 2000, Evans grew up in the most turbulent times of the 21st century. He survived VITAS-1 as the rest of his family was killed off in 2010 and lived on the streets of Chicago for the next six years. As a teen he watched as several of his 'street friends' succumbed to the awakening to eventually become Elves and Dwarves, and as such doesn't have any hatred towards either sub-specie in itself, only distinct members. At 16 he did his first Shadowrun, a simple in and out job with a team that secured Damian Knight's takeover of Ares Corporation, as such he has a soft-spot for Ares.

After his first run, Evans buitl a reputation in the shadows of being level headed in a fight and as a person who could more than hold their own with a gun. He ran several missions for the US government in 2018 with another team that helped acquire the knowledge that the government required to come away from the negotiating table with as many concessions as it could get. In 2021 he was on a run in New York when he first encountered goblins. While they weren't the mindless flesh eaters that modern fiction described them as, they were close enough for Evans to not have any qualms aobut killing them or others like them.

For the the next few years of his life Evans maintained his position in the shadows, his star was always rising and rising until the Echo Mirage project took a friend of his away from him. While he understood that it was necessary at the time -the virius was 'chewing' up the internet- he still hasn't forgiven the Government of the USA/UCAS for her death at the hands of the Virius's Black IC.

In the 2030's Evans's life saw a steady decline into hard drinking and some stim-sense abuse. He did a few runs, but he didn't have the old spark that he used to have or the touch, he was no where as good as he used to be. After a long talk with another friend of his and a romantic affair that went nowhere, Evans started piecing his life back together in time for the Tir Tairngire invasion of the California Freestate.

Doing a few runs during the invasion, mainly disrupting supply lines and the like, Evans got his name back on the streets and started to rebuild his reputation. After the 'war' was over he started to build a Shadowrunning team and by 2038 had a team that was on the map so to speak.

In 2039 during the Night of Rage, Evans led his shadowrunning team on a pro bono mission to protect several key meta-human buildings in Seattle. While they didn't protect everything, there was enough gratitude on behalf of the meta-human population in seattle to guarentee him and his team a free hiding hole should they need it.

In the 2040's Evans changed his group from a mainly weapons based group into the more estoric branches of the world, namely the addition of a Wizard and a Decker. With the new setup the team managed several datasteals that put Ares corporation in good standing with regards to the stock board. They also ran a mission in Tir Tairngire that resulted in a major datasteal for the UCAS government that allowed it to avoid a rather nasty problem later on with the Universal Brotherhood.

In 2054 he reformed the team yet again as the Decker and Wizard had died during a run that nobody who lived through it could talk about both because of security and sheer horror.

Notes: The de facto leader of the shadowrunning team, Evans is a man who realizes that he's getting older and does whatever he can to retain his youth. He is alternatively cautious and reckless, but, always, ruthless. In the shadows there is not black and white, but grey and dark grey. Though he had morals, Evans can just as easily ignore them if it will serve his team and him better than if he used them.