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10-04-2009, 01:45 AM
I am wondering, if anyone knows, if anyone has a list of Modules/Areas/Whatever you want to call them from TSL with a separate column or something that indicates which StreamMusic files correspond to them? Failing that, is there a way to find out with any tool, or other such method? I am making a Music Replacement Mod, and this would most assuredly speed things up quite a bit.

Also, which file(s) governs when and where such music is played in a given module? If such exists, can it be edited (i.e., I would like to alter the manner in which the music loops to be more frequent)?

Thanks very much.

Edit: Also, on a side-note, does Holowan Laboratories have an active IRC Channel? If so, what is it called, and which server?

10-04-2009, 02:19 AM
Open the *.RIM file for the module with KOTOR Tool. Under "Dynamic Area Info", double click on the *.GIT file to open it in GFFEditor. Under "AreaProperties", look at the value for "MusicDay" and "MusicNight". Then in KOTOR Tool open ambientmusic.2da inside 2da.bif. That number yoy just found in the GIT is the row number. Find the "resource" cell for that row and it will give you the name of the music file.

For example in K1, danm13.rim (the Jedi Enclave module). The GIT is m13aa.git. The MusicDay and MusicNight number is 16. Looking at ambientmusic.2da, row 16 is mus_area_acad.

You'll notice that the GIT also gives you "AmbientSndDay" and "AmbientSndNight", the value for which you can look up in ambientsound.2da, and "MusicBattle", which you can look up in ambientmusic.2da.

Here's a list of modules for K1:

danm13 Dantooine Jedi Enclave
danm14aa Dantooine Courtyard
danm14ab Dantooine Matale Grounds
danm14ac Dantooine Grove
danm14ad Dantooine Sandral Grounds
danm14ae Dantooine Crystal Caves
danm15 Dantooine Ruins
danm16 Dantooine Sandral Estate
ebo_m12aa Ebon Hawk
ebo_m46ab Mystery Box
end_m01aa Endar Spire Command Module
end_m01ab Endar Spire Starboard Section
kas_m22aa Kashyyyk Czerka Landing Port
kas_m22ab Kashyyyk The Great Walkway
kas_m23aa Kashyyyk Village of Rwookrrorro
kas_m23ab Kashyyyk Worrwill's Home
kas_m23ac Kashyyyk Worrroznor's Home
kas_m23ad Kashyyyk Chieftain's Hall
kas_m24aa Kashyyyk Upper Shadowlands
kas_m25aa Kashyyyk Lower Shadowlands
korr_m33aa Korriban Dreshdae
korr_m33ab Korriban Sith Academy Entrance
korr_m34aa Korriban Shyrack Caves
korr_m35aa Korriban Sith Academy Entrance
korr_m36aa Korriban Valley of Dark Lords
korr_m37aa Korriban Tomb of Ajunta Pall
korr_m38aa Korriban Tomb of Marka Ragnos
korr_m38ab Korriban Tomb of Tulak Hord
korr_m39aa Korriban Tomb of Naga Sadow
lev_m40aa Leviathan Prison Block
lev_m40ab Leviathan Command Deck
lev_m40ac Leviathan Hangar
lev_m40ad Leviathan Bridge
liv_m99aa Yavin Station
manm26aa Manaan Ahto West
manm26ab Manaan Ahto East
manm26ac Manaan West Central
manm26ad Manaan Docking Bay
manm26ae Manaan East Central
manm27aa Manaan Sith Base
manm28aa Manaan Hrakert Station
manm28ab Manaan Sea Floot
manm28ac Manaan Kolto Control
manm28ad Manaan Hrakert Rift
sta_m45aa Star Forge Deck 1
sta_m45ab Star Forge Deck 2
sta_m45ac Star Forge Deck 3
sta_m45ad Star Forge Deck 4
tar_m02aa Taris South Apartments
tar_m02ab Taris Upper City North
tar_m02ac Taris Upper City South
tar_m02ad Taris North Apartments
tar_m02ae Taris Upper City Cantina
tar_m02af Taris Hideout
tar_m03aa Taris Lower City
tar_m03ab Taris Lower City Apartments
tar_m03ad Taris Lower City Apartments
tar_m03ae Taris Javyar's Cantina
tar_m03af Taris Swoop Platform
tar_m04aa Taris Undercity
tar_m05aa Taris Lower Sewers
tar_m05ab Taris Upper Sewers
tar_m08aa Taris Davik's Estate
tar_m09aa Taris Sith Base
tar_m09ab Taris Sith Base
tar_m10aa Taris Black Vulkar Base
tar_m10ab Taris Black Vulkar Base (unused game area)
tar_m10ac Taris Black Vulkar Base
tar_m11aa Taris Hidden Bek Base
tar_m11ab Taris Hidden Bek Base
tat_m17aa Tatooine Anchorhead
tat_m17ab Tatooine Docking Bay
tat_m17ac Tatooine Droid Shop
tat_m17ad Tatooine Hunting Lodge
tat_m17ae Tatooine Swoop Registration
tat_m17af Tatooine Cantina
tat_m17ag Tatooine Czerka Office
tat_m18aa Tatooine Dune Sea
tat_m18ab Tatooine Sand People Territory
tat_m18ac Tatooine Eastern Dune Sea
tat_m20aa Tatooine Sand People Enclave
unk_m41aa Unknown World Central Beach
unk_m41ab Unknown World South Beach
unk_m41ac Unknown World North Beach
unk_m41ad Unknown World Temple Exterior
unk_m42aa Unknown World Elder Settlement
unk_m43aa Unknown World Rakatan Settlement
unk_m44aa Unknown World Temple Main Floor
unk_m44ab Unknown World Temple Catacombs

And a list of modules for TSL:

001EBO Ebon Hawk Interior Prologue
002EBO Ebon Hawk Exterior Prologue
003EBO Ebon Hawk (normal)
004EBO Ebon Hawk (Red Eclipse)
005EBO Ebon Hawk (leaving Peragus)
006EBO Ebon Hawk
007EBO Ebon Hawk
101PER Peragus Administration Level
102PER Peragus Mining Tunnels
103PER Peragus Fuel Depot
104PER Peragus Asteroid Exterior
105PER Peragus Dormitories
106PER Peragus Hangar Bay
107PER Peragus (leaving)
151HAR Harbinger Command Deck
152HAR Harbinger Crew Quarters
153HAR Harbinger Engine Deck
154HAR Harbinger Command Deck Cutscene
201TEL Citadel Station Dock Module
202TEL Citadel Station Entertainment
203TEL Citadel Station Residential 082 East
204TEL Citadel Station Residential 082 West
205TEL Citadel Station Cutscene with Carth
207TEL Citadel Station Cantina
208TEL Citadel Station Bumani Exchange Corp.
209TEL Citadel Station Czerka Offices
211TEL Citadel Station Swoop Track
220TEL Citadel Station Suburban
221TEL Citadel Station Suburban
222TEL Citadel Station Entertainment Module 081
231TEL Telos Restoration Zone
232TEL Telos Underground Base
233TEL Telos Czerka Site
261TEL Telos Polar Plateau
262TEL Telos Secret Academy
301NAR Refugee Landing Pad
302NAR Refugee Quad
303NAR Docks
304NAR Jekk'Jekk Tarr
305NAR Jekk'Jekk Tunnels
306NAR Entertainment Promenade
351NAR Goto's Yacht
352NAR Goto's Yacht (cutscene)
371NAR Nar Shaddaa Swoop Track
401DXN Dxun Jungle Landing
402DXN Dxun Jungle
403DXN Dxun Mandalorian Ruins
404DXN Dxun Mandalorian Cache
410DXN Dxun Jungle Tomb
411DXN Dxun Sith Tomb
421DXN Dxun Turret Minigame (space battle)
501OND Onderon Spaceport
502OND Onderon Merchant Quarter
503OND Onderon Cantina
504OND Onderon Sky Ramp
505OND Onderon Turret
506OND Onderon Royal Palace
510OND Onderon Swoop Race Track
511OND Onderon Merchant Quarter
512OND Onderon Western Square
601DAN Dantooine Khoonda
602DAN Dantooine Khoonda Plains
603DAN Dantooine Movie Terminal on Khoonda Plains (cutscenes)
604DAN Dantooine Crystal Cave
605DAN Dantooine Enclave Courtyard
610DAN Dantooine Enclave Sublevel
650DAN Dantooine Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
701KOR Korriban Valley of Dark Lords
702KOR Korriban Sith Academy
710KOR Korriban Shyrack Cave
711KOR Korriban Secret Tomb
851NIH Ravager Command Deck
852NIH Ravager Bridge
853NIH Ravager (cutscene)
901MAL Malachor V Surface
902MAL Malachor V Depths
903MAL Malachor V Trayus Academy
904MAL Malachor V Trayus Core
905MAL Malachor V Trayus Crescent
906MAL Malachor V Trayus Proving Grounds
907MAL Malachor V Trayus Core
950COR Coruscant (trial cutscene)

10-04-2009, 05:11 AM
Thanks very much, mate. ^^