View Full Version : Compatibility Question

10-08-2009, 08:12 PM
I've recently started getting back into TSL and checking out various mods, but I'm afraid I may have gotten carried away. Some of these mods are older and appear to be unsupported, so, I'm forced to rely on the experience of the community.

I've installed:

M4-78 w/add-on and patch/compatibility patch
High Level Force Powers 2.1
90sk's Super Content Mod
Dantooine Restoration Mod
Jedi Temple w/Expansion

Anybody see any issues here? When I installed Dantooine I did get two conflicts, handmaiden.dlg and visasmarr.dlg

I also recall two previous conflicts with one of the other mods but have yet to experience any issues. I'd really like to keep the Jedi Temple mod and probably the Dantooine mod, the others I'm flexible on. Any comments?