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10-20-2009, 03:59 PM
We all know there are only 6 SW movies (not counting the pathetic Ewok movies, or the Clone Wars CG movie). Also most of us grew up hearing about the mythical episodes 7-9. I was having this discussion not too long ago with my coworkers. I swear to God that I recall WAY back in the 1990s, the Star Wars website had 9 roman numerals listed there. Then sometime between TPM & AOTC they took down VII, VIII, and IX, leaving only 1-6 up there.

Does anyone else remember that being the case? Man I wish I had a screenshot from back then. Of course still to this day our Lord and Savior, George Lucas, claims there shall never be any more live action SW movies.

10-23-2009, 09:30 PM
I believe 7-9 were the trilogy after Luke Skywalker Destroyed the Emperor and saved his father , but those were scrapped a long time ago . . .

I think I briefly remember what your talking about , it feels like a 100 yrs ago now. It would'nt surprise me , that's Star Wars for ya. I'm sure those scriptment's or general stories exisist at Lucasfilm , but will we ever get too see them is the question. Somewhere along the Line when He decided to do the Prequels he reduced it too six. I'd really love if on the Ultimate Star Wars set they mabie had a featurette talking about all the many early scripts and stories for Star Wars , since we can now focus on the movie chapters as one big complete story now. Cause frankley it confuses the crap outa me sometimes too . . .