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10-21-2009, 01:53 AM
The New Jedi Order

"The Light Will Always Outshine the Darkness"

.:Come Join Us Today:.


The Jedi are the Guardians of Peace and Justice within the Republic. We use our power to protect every life form and serve others rather than serving themselves. Jedi are truthful and honest and the most important attribute of all..... we are not afraid to die for a worthy cause. That is a true Jedi.

The Guild's Leadership

The Guild's leadership mainly consists of 12 Highly experienced Jedi Master's of the Order, including the Grand and Supreme Master. The High Council discuss issues as a whole, and rely on one another for support and wisdom if needed. The main leader of the guild is the Grandmaster, which has a second in command called the Supreme Master. The Supreme Master leads the guild in the absences of the Grandmaster. Though, The main leading "Body" is the High Council.

Guild Structure

Our guild is made up of a Governing Body, and then four parts that make up the whole Guild Structure. The High Council leads the guild. The War Council deals with planning on the upcoming war etc. The Diplomacy Council handles relations with other guilds. The Council of Foreign trade deals with trade with other Republic Guilds. The Investigative Council deals with problems that are going on within the Community. Pretty much all of the Council's are intertwined with each other, but looking towards the High Council to be the main leading body of the Order.

How To Apply To The Order

If you would like to Apply to The New Jedi Order, please post a message saying that you would like to join, or you can send a private message to my profile. Remember, we accept all ages who are willing to act mature.

Member's Expectations:

- To obey the rules of the Order.
- To obey and respect the leadership of the Order.
- To act in a polite and respectful manner to all guild members.
- To behave in a mature and respectful way towards other players.
- To be active in the Order.
- Just have fun. : )

Reason's To Join:

-Republic Only Guild.
-We have many allies.
-We Accept All Time Zones
-Any Race is allowed to join.
-We have our own personal forums.
-We are a World Wide guild System.
-We are based off of the Jedi Order.
-We focus on every type of game play.
-We are currently ONLY recruiting Jedi.
-We fight for the free People of the Republic.
-You will make life long friends in this guild.
-We have many positions that you can apply for.
-Our Ranks are based off of the Jedi Order's Ranks.
-Doesn't matter about the age, just have to act mature.
-Our Leaders are very compassionate and caring with other members.
-We have a Diplomacy, War, Foreign Trade, and Investigative Council's.
-People who are qualified will eventually get a chance to have a seat on the High Council.
-We have a very strong guild structure and strong leaders to lead the guild through this War.
-We have many interesting discussions on our Forums, or in other words you will never be bored.
-The Leaders listen to everyone's opinions and input on how we can make our guild the best it can be.

If you are interested put in an application at theoldjediorder.proboards.com/index.cgi

Website: theoldjediorder.webs.com

Forums: theoldjediorder.proboards.com

03-02-2011, 06:37 PM
this sounds like a good clan.
I'm probably looking at being a Consular, but a little more oriented towards helping out the war effort than working in politics. Is that ok?

I'm a 15 year old male who can most certainly be mature. please consider me.