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10-24-2009, 06:30 AM
Greetings ALL, I have been away a very long time... last logged in 05-20-2008


Been busy playing 360 games I suppose... I did play Kotor and KotorII back to back 6 times each however so perhaps I did need a break...

I recently picked up other starwars cames for the modded xbox like Jedi knight (that I just finished tonight and Jedi knight II that I just installed a moment ago then logged in here (another unrelated question is... was the expansion pack sith mysteries ever released for the xbox?)

Anyway, I'm glad everyone is still here!?

I've noticed a few of these restoration projects have matured or been tweaked etc... So my question is of course...

as for kotor and kotorII respectively for the modded xbox original console only... what can I install in each case to give me the most bug fixed and restored game experience possible?

I'm not concerned with mods to make me a jedi earlier or anything, I'd rather play the game as intended, well, if you understand what I mean... kinda? LOL

I did like having the mod to set all my stats to 18 at the start of the game but even this isn't important...

thanks for any consideration and any help... I'll call back later to see if anyone can help... seems I've been lured back to the xbox SW games... I haven't played unleashed for the xbox360 yet... I didn't really like the demo and the price tag didn't jnustify it for me... I'm waiting for Mass Effect 2...

10-24-2009, 09:35 AM
There are two threads in the respective areas of the dedicated forums for KoTOR I and KoTOR II for Restoration information that I have created over the past years.

Knights of the Old Republic I

Knights of the Old Repulic The Sith Lords

Both games are now quite restored compared to what they were out of the box. And TSL has had a great new project come out that includes most of the possible restorations in one pack, TSL Restored Content Mod. We have had some luck getting inforomation on KoTOR I from the orginal development team as well, and that is included in the threads that will detail the possible restorations for that game and what is available. Now is the challenging news for you, these are mods for PC, and you will have to dig for info on X Box, I have never played a console and probably never will, sorry to say. But i understand they have their charms and are fun. But I remain a loyal PC player and research and support only PC. Good to have you back, and enjoy. There are also restoration projects for the following games:

Jedi Knight
JKE Jedi Knight Enhanced
Star Wars X Wing (almost done) actually two projects for this one
Spanish Edition of X Wing Updated: http://es.geocities.com/xwingredux/
(this site also has a great library of missions, ships and other info)
Projects to update in English:
Go to Lucas Arts Games Section of Fourm and find X Wing Redux in English Thread
Star Wars TIE Fighter (Also almost done, TFTC was done but only did the first half of the missions, this is being completed)
find Craft Packs in the left hand navigation list and then scroll down to Tie Fighter Total Conversion links.
Newest Version of Waylon's TFTC Expansion: Missions 8-13
Missile boat Patch:
The last TIE Fighter score which is missing in Imperial XWA and TFTC:

Star Wars X Wing Alliance This project is done and done very well with much improved ships and in game objects, XWU Project and forum

10-24-2009, 04:45 PM
Can't ask for a better reply than that CrisG Thank You and yes, I was afraid (while browsing some of the related threads) alot of the releases were tailormade for the PC; I didn't see many references to the override directory...

I was day dreaming thinking someone with alot of know how would actually release a complete reinvention of the game by now, in theory it would be possible but of course copyright would be a major issue... I basically mean there wouldn't be any need for an override directory (unless you wanted to add other features outside of restoration) since the restoration would be integrated into the original files...

I'll try and suss it out, don't like my chances LOL thanks CrisG again! and it is good to be back :-D

10-25-2009, 02:38 AM
Great to have you back Slayer, i think i remember your posts :)

There is an override directory in both games.... but i just dont know much about how it wil work for console...others wiser in these matters can hopefully advise you.

Jae Onasi
10-25-2009, 09:51 PM
The Unknown Regions is for questions regarding a possible K3/TOR and not mods. Please ask questions about mods for K1/TSL in Holowan. Thread moved to this section. Thanks.