View Full Version : Anyway to undo going to Tatooine?

10-27-2009, 02:03 PM
So I figured it would be as easy as undoing all of the TAT_ and tat_ (including the k_vis_tat... ones) variables in KSE.

I was dead wrong.

I've even cleared out all the gizka related ones, and yet there are still Gizka on the ship!

I've managed to get it to where, if I leave from Yavin, I will have the vision and talk to Bastila when I arrive at Tatooine. However, the czerka docking guy doesn't give me any issues and when I talk to him, he says "Welcome back".

How does he know? I turned all those variables off!

Are there more aspects to the storyline that aren't available in KSE?