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10-28-2009, 05:22 PM
Hello everyone.
I have a new idea for a great mod. It will be no total conversion mod, but a mod that will expand the game, but it wont expand during the game, but after you have fought darth Traya on Malachor V.
Okay here comes the mod idea:
When you have fought Darth Traya and killed her the Academy and malachor will remain if you are dark Sided. But if you are light sided the academy and Malachor will be destroyed, but not directly when you killed Traya.
First Visas, Atton, Brianna ( or Mical if female exile) and HK-47 will come to the Trayus core informing the exile that the rest of the party is waiting for her outside the Trayus Academy and that Bao-Dur is ready to launch the Mass Shadow Generator (if light side, if dark side they will come to ask the exile what will happen next). But just before the party members come, the exile will get a force vision. She will see Revan, wandering on the surface of Malachor. She then will understand that she must find Revan, so she will inform the party members that they must find Revan. You will then have to go alone and find Revan.
You will find a hidden temple, it seems it was a tomb made special for darth traya, you will give Traya a last honor and burry her there. Then you will find Revan, after you fought (again) some visions of your past, somewhere in the tomb. You will have to fight him/her ( i doesnt matter if you are light or dark) because he doenst reconcize you. They he/she sees it is you, the exile, you say we must leave Malachor because of the Mass Shadow ( if light side). Then you will get on the Ebon Hawk and leave to a save place in space. There you will talk with Revan and yuo and he will decide that you both and 3 other party members will join you in the quest of fighting back the Sith'ari in the unknown regions. If you are dark sided you will have this conversation in the tomb and then you will decide who of the party members will go with you and Revan, you can decide to kill the rest of the party members then.
And then, the quest will begin, and you will go with one of the ships that orbit Malachor, to the first planet where you will meet for the first time, the true nature of the dark side..........

I hope you folks like this idea, i have already a little team and a modding group, it is called Team Ilum. Join us if you want to help with this mod!