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The year is 1943, and the Third Reich is at the heighth of its power, and most of Europe is entering a Dark Age as the Nazi tyranny tightens its grip.
At this time, there are many dark secrets in the heart of Germany, dark secrets that could change the very face of the Earth.

But one secret has been discovered. A small town in Southern Germany is in fact the site of a massive secret weapons project, operating on an unknown source.

A small resistance force was able to infiltrate the facility and obtain a small sample of a deadly unknown substance. They also discovered information and weaponry that was highly advanced, perhaps 60-70 years ahead of any equipment the allies had. The group paid greatly for this information, managing to get the sample to an SOE agent before being completely annihilated by the SS.

This sample was brought back to England, and was analyzed by the best scientists that could be found in the Allied powers. The final analyzation was kept secret, but a standing order was given that this substance must be identified, its reason discovered, and its source destroyed.

The SOE has created a joint task force of agents from all of the Allied Powers, all of them unified for the single purpose of finding and destroying this substance...

...before it's too late.


-No Godmodding
-That insults are directed between characters, not people....let's get along :D
-Be sure to check with others and the threadmaster {ahem} before introducing a major plot change or event. PM would be preferrable.
-Have fun {Or I will have no choice but to punish you :D jk}

Character Sheet:

Description: (pictures are cool, but well written word descriptions are allowed as well :D)
Weapons: (This is an alternate reality RP, so period weapons are okay, but be aware that German scientists are coming up with better ones with better kicks)
Faction: (Allied Task Force, Local Resistance, civilian, or Axis forces)

There you have it! I hope you guys have fun :D

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Hmmm.... Looks interesting, I think I'll have to whip up a character tonight for this. :D

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Awesome! It'll be great to have you on the RP, ForeverNight! :D

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Let's see here:

Name: Ming Wang
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Description: Shock of black hair, 6'0", medium build, wears a Zhongzhan suit (Mao suit), brown eyes (CQ, if you need me to be more descriptive, feel free to tell me to do so).
Weapons: PPSh-41, combat knife, Colt M1911, grenades.
Specialty: Demolitons
Faction: Allied Task Force
Personality: Usually is blunt and sometimes even cold to others, but otherwise friendly and easily approachable.
BIO: Born in Shanghai, Wang's parents had both participated in the 1911 revolution which overthrew the Qing dynasty. Wang joined the Nationalist Army when he was old enough, and ended up fighting against the Japanese when they invaded China in 1937. Wang would later participate in several battles, among them the Battle of Shanghai, where he saw his hometown become a battlefield. Wang then joined the Chinese resistance, where he and his comrades would often sabotage Japanese convoys and supplies. He has now been sent to join the Allied task force.

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Cool character, Ping! The description you provided is ok, all we need is just enough to where we can create an image of the character in our minds, so this is good :D Looking forward to rping.

Which reminds me, I have to post my characters as well :D

Name: Colonel Alfred Ferris

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Description: Ferris stands at 5'5, with deep red hair and handle-bar mustache with blue eyes. He is very muscular, being the top in his class of the Royal Commandoes. He wears an olive drab/brown British commando's uniform.

Weapons: Sykes commando knife, Sten submachine gun, Colt 1911

Specialty: SOE contact and field intelligence officer

Faction: Allied Task Force

Personality: Ferris can sometimes be very blunt, and thus insensitive, but he still is very compassionate, caring for the welfare of those under his command. he has always believed in doing more then just the job, 'going the extra kilometer,' and his intelligence reports are unmatched. He also maintains an excellent sense of humour, even in the darkest of times.

BIO: Ferris was born to a military family, and was placed in a military boarding school at a young age. He had always been enthusiastic for King and Country, and right after graduation, chose the Royal Commandoes as his line of work. He was involved with the British Expeditionary Force sent to fight the Germans after the Invasion of Belgium, and would fight on even at the Defeat of Dunkirk, though he and his unit were forced across the channel...much like the rest of the Expeditionary Force.

He would then be handpicked to join the SOE, providing inside intelligence of the German Occupied territories. He would continue doing this until confronted by a group of Resistance fighters gave him a vial of strange liquid, and a packet of delicate information. Ferris would barely escape the wrath of the SS, thanks to the bravery of the Resistance, who would give him their lives for the cause.

He has since vowed to honor their deaths by further discovering this new Nazi testing ground...

And now the Bad Guy...

Name: Sturmbannfuhrer Friedrich Wolff

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Description: Tall at 6'4', with blonde hair, blue-eyes, and sharp features, these features make him seem Imperialistic. Wolff also has a small scar underneath his left eye {from a combat incident}. He wears a black SS uniform with the red Nazi armband on his right arm. He often wears either a black German helmet, or his dress officer's cap.

Weapons: STG-44 {with a little 'advancement'} Luger PO-8, combat knife

Specialty: He is the Commandant of the 'Neue Deutschland' Facility, supervising all matters within and without of the facility {also the tyrant of the nearby village}.

Faction: Axis Forces {Waffen SS}

Personality: A born gentlemen, but underneath his kind visage lays a monster. He can be unspeakably cruel and coldly effecient. His personality was the ideal of all SS soldiers, ready to do whatever is necessary to do the Furher's bidding.

BIO: Wolff flocked to the Nazi cause early in the 1930s, seeing potential for vengeance on the Allied Powers after the cruelty of the Versailles treaty. He also believed that the 'Master Race theory' was utter truth, he himself being completely Aryan. He would eventually become a member of the Waffen SS, gaurding the Fuhrer himself. After years of dedicated service, he was transferred to the SS' secret weapons branch.

He has since helped the facility reach new heights of technological advances, sending Germany's armed forces into an age of utter technological superiorty.

Cyborg Ninja
11-01-2009, 02:53 AM
Name: Lance Corporal Edward Jackson
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Edward Jackson is 5'10' with light brown hair and green eyes to match. He has an average build and wears a standard American uniform.
Weapons: Springfield M1903 with added scope, Colt M1911, Combat Knife
Specialty: Marksman
Faction: Allied Task Force
Personality: He believes in what he's fighting for and won't rest until he's killed as many Nazis as possible. He's very cocky since he knows he's good with a sniper however this also leads to him being quite arrogant and headstrong. He doesn't listen to orders if he knows its suicide or if it doesn't let him kill.
BIO: Edward Jackson grew up to an average life. His family wasn't poor but the weren't exactly middle class either. Ed always knew he would end up in the military so he should start preparing. He started off shooting cans at different distances and then worked his way to small animals. He was quick to sign up when World War II began.

11-01-2009, 03:27 PM
Name: Jack Richardson
Age: 23
Description: Jack is tall, around 190 centimeters, and has a handsome, thin face. His hair is dark-blonde and his eyes are icy-blue. He has a muscular build. He wears a royal Commando uniform
Weapons: Sten Submachine gun, dual Welrods, Knife
Speciality: Covert Ops
Faction: Allied Task Force
Personality: Jack was raised as a gentleman and he is very polite to new people, but he is also very cocky, almost as if he believes himself better than them. When someone gets to know him, he is more relaxed in their company, frequent to joke.
Bio: He was born into a family of noblemen, raised to become a gentleman from birth. But when he was on a trip with his friends, his family was brutally murdered by Nazis. This caused Jack to enlist, age 18. He was quickly entered into the Royal Commandos.

11-01-2009, 07:53 PM
Name: John "Blackjack" Reynolds
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Description: Slightly tall (6'0" - 182 cm), Reynolds has shortly cropped brown hair, green eyes, and a face that shows more years than he has.
Weapons: M1 Garand; M1A1 Carbine; Colt model 1911
Specialty: Scout
Faction: Allied Task Force
Personality: A hard man, Reynolds is a product of his times. Raised during the great depression, he is able to do things that a normally well adjusted man wouldn't do. He's the go to guy when it's not exactly a tasteful operation.
BIO: Born in 1918 after his father returned home from the Great War, Reynolds was raised on his Father's War Stories and learned as much about the nuts and bolts of the Army as he could. His father was part of the 1st Infantry division and as such Reynolds knew exactly what he wanted to do, he wanted to be a paratrooper.

After finishing high school Reynolds worked at an automotive repair shop for a few years before enlisting in the army in November of 1939. He went through boot easily enough and after serving in Shanghai, he requested a transfer to parachute school.

Passing the course he joined the 101st and, somehow, wound up in the middle of this mess.

((I'll do a little bit more fleshing out later))

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Alright, excellent characters everyone! Glad to have you aboard :D We'll just wait for one or two more and then we'll start :D

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Name: Lauren Delacroix
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Description: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, slender figure. She's 5'4, has beautiful features, and wears the standard french army uniform adopted by the french resistance.
Weapons: 9mm Pistols, combat knife and french rapier, training in hand to hand combat and assault rifles.
Specialty: inflitration
Faction: Allied Task Force, specifically French Resistance.
Personality: She used to be lively but being a jew and having her entire family slaughtered by the Nazis made her introverted. She mostly doesn't let people get near to her because she doesn't want to be hurt by their loss if they die. But she tries to be lively whenever she can and is determined to help the effort of bringing down the third reich.
BIO: Lauren was born to Jean Pierre and Sophie Delacroix in a small province near Lyon. Her family was wealthy because of Jean Pierre's charge as a senator. After the invasion of France, the entire Delacroix family consisting of 5, were taken to a concentration camp. During their imprisonment, the French resistance invaded the concentration camp and released many prisoners but also left Lauren without her parents and younger sister. She was taken to be trained by the resistance and due to her appearence, they taught her german and introduced her to the world of espionage. She's a trained killer and infiltration specialist. Her record includes the killing of two SS captains and a mobile unit.

11-02-2009, 04:17 PM
I think I'll join. Just one question though.

Would it be alright if I made a German informant (non-SS, but a soldier none-the-less)?

It would give you a good/one reason to have, '...his intelligence reports are unmatched.' Anyway/After all. :)

11-02-2009, 06:00 PM
That sounds like a good idea, Archon. An informant would definately give good reason for the reports :D Alright, all clear for that :D

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Dude, a WWII Rp? My area of expertise! I'm In.
Name: Samuel Schwarzkopf
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, blond hair, blue eyes, very muscular, but on the pale side.
Weapons: Luger 9MM pistol, Russian PPSH-41 7.62x25mm Submachine Gun, And a Gewehr 41 Semi-automatic 7.92x57mm Mauser Rifle.
Specialty: Close Quarters Combat.
Faction: Local Resistence
Personality: Very talkative, but will sometimes be very introverted. But mostly he is very outgoing and friendly.
Bio: Sam grew up in a semi-fascist Germany. His first memories are of his father going off to fight in the Great War. When they lost that war, Germany plunged into economic shambles. Sam had to work for a living ever since he was 12. His father was unelligible for any work, he lost a leg and was a drunkard. The only thing that kept his father from getting overly abusive was that Sam only had only other sibling, a sister, and we all know that they couldn't get a job back then. If he had gotten too abusive, Sam promised he'd jsut leave, and Sam was always a man of his word. When Hitler began his rise to fame, Sam was with him at first. Then, rumors began to spread, and Sam slowly lost trust in Herr Fuhrer. Finally, when his crippled father was called back into active duty for the Fuhrer's war, Sam decided that the Fuhrer needed to be brought down. He knew some people, and next thing you know, he's part of the resistance.

11-02-2009, 07:13 PM
Excellent character, Jedi_Man! Well, we're almost ready, just have to wait for Master_Archon to post his character and we'll get the RP started! :D

11-03-2009, 10:27 AM
No, don't wait for me, I take forever making characters (I like being accurate/thorough).

I'll have my character up sometime soon, though. :whtsmile:

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Eh, it seems like it would be a good idea to have your character made up, just so we know who to have as a reference... at the very least a name and nationality would be nice before starting... :giveup:

11-03-2009, 05:50 PM
True, if your character wants to be an informer, then we'd need at least a name before we start, if that would be alright :D

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Oh sure, a name is simple enough.

Name: Lothur Gottschalk

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Description: Lothur stands at an impressive 6'4", and is built like an adept runner, although he isn't usually running when it comes down to it. Although very powerful (thus the runners' build) he doesn't look it, having a deceptively svelte frame that give most a false sense of security around him. His hair is a primarily light brown with rusty hues, but most like to say he's Auburn, and he's accepted it being called that, getting tired of correcting others, and discussing technicalities. He has beautiful, almost Whitish-Grey eyes, and a heavy German brow that overshadows them; as well as his eyes giving off a strong sense of war-weariness, and internal wisdom. Due to how active he is in the field, he always seems to have dark greyish stubble that almost never goes away, or grows longer, most figure it's from the rate at which it grows, and the frequency (which isn't as often as most) at which he shaves it. General look of his garbs (http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs38/f/2008/352/e/f/Future_Nazi_Soldier_Design_by_Darcad.jpg). <=These are not pictures of what he looks like, just what his clothes, and what he basically looks like in them.

Weapons: An FmW 41 (Flamethrower); FG 42 {with bipod attachment}; Four Model 43 'Stick Grenades' {with booby trapping wire}; Walther P38

Specialty: Internal Informant/Leak; Non-SS Stormtrooper

Faction: Axis Forces {Special German AP/AM Squad (A Paratrooper)} (By Appearance); Allied Forces/Task Force {Was never really approached, but knows about it none-the-less} (In Actuality)

Personality: Has an overcautious, if not nervous appearance, although most that know him (fellow German Troops) have gotten used to this, and easily overlook it, allowing him to remain just that, cautious. Other than that, he's generally a kind man, one might call 'A Gentle Giant', who has tendencies towards being helpful to everyone, and calm and friendly, even in the heat of battle, if not a bit quiet. A highly convicted man in his beliefs - though most of his fellow Germans, especially the SS he encounters, don't know this. (I'm getting tired, so that's it for his personality for now, even if it's not much, and that there's more to it.)

BIO: Growing up in a small village in Germany, north, and east of Frankfurt, Lothur grew up in a family of seven (he being the second youngest, with no parents (that he himself can recall), but with his Oma and Opa as his surrogate parents. As the War erupted, he remained with his two older sisters, and his younger brother to care for his Oma and Opa. Years passed, and his older siblings would all drop out of contact, one-by-one, his sisters leaving in search of them (though mostly their older sister, since she wasn't officially in the war, while his two older brothers were, so their disappearance couldn't be looked into like his third older sister's could be).

Soon he found German enlisting officers banging at his door, they were there drafting young men into the German war effort, he refused however, while his brother went a bit more peaceably (but not of his own volition). His refusal caused some stir amonst the officers, and they 'forcibly' drafted him, and then shot his Oma and Opa for his refusal (and according to the officers, they were too old to enlist or to work, so why let them remain the wastes of life that they were). This caused him to become a shell of a man, the officers' words being forever bored into his memory. And for quite some time as the war went on, he ended up fighting on three fronts throughout his entire military career; the first being France, next being North Africa, and the latest being the Eastern Front, his squad supplementing forces attacking the Russians. During said events, roughly during the time he was in France just before he was shipped out, he had an encounter that would change how he viewed a lot of things, forcing him into finally acknowledging his lack of self, and how he'd ended up helping those who killed his loved ones without care.

Roughly into the middle of his time in North Africa he'd changed significantly, becoming quite like his old self, although a lot quieter. But this wasn't his only change - Not only was his personality different, but his allegiances, contacting Ally sympathizers he found himself working against the very thing that was shipping him around the world and forcing him to kill other young men. Near the end of his time in North Africa he was quite well known among others as the German Informant (to those that weren't Germans themselves), but not only that, his distinguished skills in combat in previous campaigns had not gone unnoticed by his higher-ups, and he'd been moved from his current Platoon into a new, 'Special German Anti-Material/Anti-Personnel Paratrooper Squad'. He was then shipped back to Germany to train very briefly in how to be a paratrooper, and how to drop out of a plane, which was no school, but the little help he got from the training, and the assistance from surprisingly friendly fellow Germans in his new squad allowed him to learn fast, and not die on his first drop into Eastern Europe/Western Russia.

Not long ago he was moved back into Germany for 'supposed' debriefings, and retraining in Southern Germany, near a small town (if that's where you want me to be CommanderQ?), but even his squadmates are questioning the real reason they're there, especially considering the large number of SS Troops they've seen around the general area, and the fact that they haven't done a single para-drop yet.

Side Note: I know this is of little importance, but I meant to put this in the BIO, but forgot and I don't want to go back in and edit anything. His siblings are now all alive and accounted for, all of them receiving information from him and his little brother about how their Oma and Opa were killed, and they are all now working in different areas around Germany and Europe as Allied supporters, even his oldest sister and oldest brother who you wouldn't have expected to help considering; one being a field medic (now she is, earlier when she disappeared she wasn't), and the other apart of a tank crew for a very long time; and although his younger brother is a soldier fighting against the Allies (quite unwillingly), and holds a lot of resentment, even he does his part working against the Germans.

Not that any of that matters other than to give a wider range of information gathering capabilities for my character and yours, CommanderQ. *shrugs*

Sorry for the length, I told you, thorough.

11-03-2009, 07:19 PM
Ok, sorry if it seems we were pressuring you, just take your time and have fun :D We'll probably get the thread up soon, but not for a bit, as I have to get something done in the real world first...so no need to rush :D

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Just thought I'd let you know, I edited in my Character Sheet above, CommanderQ, hope it's all alright.

Chevron 7 locke
11-03-2009, 10:00 PM
Name: Dave Tennan

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Description: Tall, around 6'3. Has green eyes and brownish hair. Has a small scar going down the left side of his face

Weapons: Thompson machine gun, MG42 that is strapped on his back. He has no trouble lifting it and setting it up on his own. Various grenades and explosives. Quite a few knives.

Specialty: Weapons exper/Demolitions expert

Faction: Allied Forces (Ex-Royal Commando)

Personality: Very social, enjoys being humorous towars others. He enjoys saying "Old Chap" and "I say" and other things just to annoy people.

BIO: Not much is known about Dave other that he grew up in the country and soon after he started speaking he picked up a british accent. He had an average childhood and was soon recruited after the war started.

11-03-2009, 11:34 PM
Cool character, Chev!

Well, I just posted the thread...

...so good luck and have fun everyone! :D

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This still going, or not?