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10-31-2009, 09:10 PM
So I started to make my own lightsaber, and downloaded the tutorial to do so. However, I have a few questions..

Templates – Assign properties to the item(s). Use the file reference to determine what files you need. For instance g_w_sbrcrstl14 is the code for Blue Lightsaber Crystal. Knowing this information will help ensure that you extract the correct files.

• g_w_sbrcrstlxx.uti <BIFs/templates.bif/g_w_sbrcrstxx.uti>
• g_w_lghtsbrxx.uti <BIFs/templates.bif/g_w_lghtsbrxx.uti>

Models – Used to render the image of your item in-game

• w_lght_xxx.mdl <Bifs/items.bif/w_lght_xxx.mdl>
• w_lght_xxx.mdx <Bifs/items.bif/w_lght_xxx.mdx>

I assume that the xxx doesn't have to be the same value as xx, but that each bullet point set/pair has to be the same value?

iw_sbrcrstl_xxx.tga <ERFs/texturepacks/swpc_tex_gui.erf/iw_sbrcrstl_xxx.tpc>
iw_lghtsbr_xxx.tga <ERFs/texturepacks/swpc_tex_gui.erf/iw_lghtsbr_xxx.tpc>
w_lsabre<color>01.tga <ERFs/swpc_tex_tpa.erf/w_lsabreturq01.tpc>

I also assume these values can be different?

*Required* w_lsabre<color>01.txt – You should create this file in your save folder and copy the special instructions from w_lsabre<color>01.tpc into the body of the file. You will change this file later.

This I have no clue on. What do I put in here?

Open your Hex editor and use File<Open to open w_lghtsbr_0XX.mdl.


• Use the Text Find function to locate the references to your w_lsabre<color>01 file. I usually look for “01” or the color (“blue, red, turq, etc) to ensure that I find it right away.
• Very carefully change the 01 to 02

• There are 4 of these references. Find the other three and change them as well.

##Note: Double Bladed lightsabers will have 8 of these references.
###Note: changing only some of these references will result in a multi colored saber blade

• Save your file

I find 8 in all files except for one (9). Am I doing something wrong? I change the lightsaber00x to my model number, which isn't what he's telling me what to do, but I can't find that file reference anywhere. I'm using Notepad++ for my text editor.

Sorry guys, I'm trying to learn!

11-01-2009, 12:05 PM
Hmm... think I figured it out. Gonna test it later.

EDIT: tested it, and the item shows up, but I can't equip the lightsaber without the game crashing. Interesting.