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11-05-2009, 04:06 PM
The Story:

The year is 2015; the balance of power has shifted more in to the pockets of those with the money to spend. The world struggles to re-identify itself after the pandemonium that ensued over December 21, 2012. The world didn’t end as though people have thought, through the chaos the economy of the entire planet crumbled to a simple grain of sand and blown away by the wind of the cries of the people. Now the rich hold the power over the supplies and well being of the people around. To some it seems the light of the sun no longer shines upon this lonely forgotten world as thick clouds seemed to have engulfed the entire place. What people don’t know is while the world slept that day a scientist created those thick black clouds, and now secretly wants to take control over the planet.

There are few who know of the scientist and those who do either want to create a partnership with this person or seek to destroy him and return the light. However the power of corruption is strong and the empty pockets speak novels of things people will do to fill them. And those with overflowing wealth are willing to share but for a price. Assassins are hired to kill those who the wealthy deem unworthy. Mercenaries are hired as simple body guards, or enforcers. The poor live on the streets, tattered clothes, and some even lay dying covered in filth and decay. While the wealthy hide in their mansions observing the world around them through they’re stained glass windows.

But the question remains who will have the courage to stand up against the Scientist and those become the allies? And who will help further the destruction of the world they once knew?


Basically there is a Scientist (Open for grabs) who plots to do several different experiments that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the human race. The scientist and those who are the allies will be injected with a antidote to ensure they’re immunity to the experiments. The first experiment was already set forth, the think black clouds. The scientist thinks like a god, and is very biblical. The scientist and the allies have to be stopped, not saying that they will mind you.

This takes place after all the chaos 2012 will most likely bring, which will could do some considerable damage to the economy to the world. So towns to cities are almost basically destroyed. Just think of a setting very dark, and dingy with no light. One of those the poor get poorer while the rich get richer.

Assassins are basically hired to do what they do best, kill for profit. The wealthy hire them to either A) Kill an annoying peasant or B) Kill off someone who is also wealthy and trying to sneak into they’re territory.
Mercenaries are hired by the wealthy to guard their territory and enforce the rules they’ve set forth upon the area they control. They are also used as personal body guards.

The area in which all this takes place in New York City, it will be separated into three sections, Lower, Mid, and Upper level. Not talking about below ground. Lower Level is located near the Statue of Liberty, Mid Level holds the Empire State Building, and the Upper Level has Central park. Mid Level is the smallest section as the Lower and Upper level are trying to dominate it.

Classes Available and Attributes:

3 Wealthy (one for each Level. They are allowed children with ambitious minds)- Speech Craft, and Intelligence

3 Mercenaries – Weapon mastery, Strength, Armor

2 Assassins- Stealth, Poisons, Agility, Luck

6 Peasants- Stealth, Luck

1 Scientist -Major Intelligence. Technology

(I’ll add more if I can think of any, and the number of Availability may change.)

1)No god-modding. No one is all powerful.

2)You may insult the character but not the person behind the character

3)Use ((Out of Character)) when talking OOC

4)Try to keep it PG-13

5)Any questions please ask

6)And remember this is solely for fun, so don’t get to worked up about it

Character Sheet:
Level currently residing: (Upper, Mid, or Lower)
Back Story:

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Here is my Character. And you can have more then one Character forgot to mention that.

Name: Owen Drake (Aka, Crypt)
Age: 42
Appearance: http://honom.deviantart.com/art/Assassin-139912294
Class: Assassin
Level currently residing: Mid Level
Weapon(s): Two knives with a curved blade strapped to the inside of his boots, several small throwing knives belted across his chest, and a Nighthawk Talon .45 with adjustable night sight.
Back Story:
Before the world crumbled to nothing Owen was in a high security prison, not as a guard but as an Inmate. He keeps his crimes quiet for he believes he was wrongly convicted. Owens state of mind is, what is the life of few criminals if in the end it saves countless innocents. However the law didn’t see it that way. He was locked away for what the law believed to be “murders” and there he stayed causing no trouble, only reading the newspapers of criminals who got away because the “law” as he saw it was flawed.

Then one day, he wasn’t sure of the date he walked over to the bars of his cell and pulled on them a little. And to his own amusement the door slide open and there laying before him was freedom. Using his tactical training when he was in the military, his ability to remain unseen wasn’t like any others; it almost felt as if he literally became one with the shadows. But when he was on the outside Owens eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Smoke was pouring from the city, an orange glow of distant fires was proof that something terrible had happened. The thought of his family still in the city raced through his mind and so he ran until he reached the remains of his home, that once held his wife and his daughter.

The pain of the loss was great and it destroyed what was Owen Drake. As time went on his attire began to change, until you couldn’t see anything that was the man from before. And anyone he passed he only spoke cryptically, so he adopted the name Crypt. Now he works in the Middle Level as a hired assassin, killing just for the sake of killing, not caring who his target is.

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Hey, Kyvios. I've read your RP, and... nothing seems wrong with it.

To all fellow RPers! This RP sounds great! And therefore... I decide to join this! How 'bout the rest of ya? :)

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i was really excited about this too, lol

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i was really excited about this too, lol

Aww, I know, Kyvios! C'mon, guys! Help Kyvios out! Pleeeeaaase!