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11-07-2009, 11:46 AM
This is the rp I started when I first joined SWK a couple years ago. It didn't last long due to an unforeseen absence on my part. I actually remembered the site when I pulled out my copy of KOTOR and replayed it. So heres my attempt to give this a try one more time. I like to think my writing has since then improved.

Old Republic Setting: In my opinion it the events outside the planet may or may not have an effect on the plot. But I guess it depends on characters.

Its known that whoever controls Coruscant, usually controls everything. But I'm speaking of course politically. But what about the streets of coruscant or the people who know or care nothing of the higher class and its political agendas?

We are those people. Forced to live in the underbelly of the city where survival is not fighting a battle for new recourses from another planet or controlling the space highways. No... here it is about keeping your head down and trying to live unnoticed by the overlords of the street. Not many are that fortunate.

Gaias, a man known for many crimes, dark dealings, and heinous acts, controls the streets of coruscant. Not much is known of him except that his word is law, no matter what the coruscant police think they can do to prevent his reign.


You live here, know this world, and are apart of the battle that rages and reeks havoc in the underground. Whether your just an average joe tying to survive, a spice dealer, or even the police officer trying to right wrongs. You have been sucked into this hole along with everyone else.

The current battle:
Lately Gaias has been collecting a lot of debts owed to him. But its not credits he's after. People have been disappearing from the homes, cantinas, and right off the streets. Nobody is safe from his wrath. Now the questions that is arising are... Who will be next? Where are the missing people? How can it be stopped?

Ok so heres a few rules.
Follow the rules of the forum.
Keep occ in this thread.
No god-moding or controlling of other characters unless permitted by the player.
Have fun yo! Its why we're doing this right?

Character profiles:
Physical description:
Mental description:

Heres my characters:
Name: Gaias
Species: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown:
Physical description: Unknown
Mental Description: Known for cruelty, callousness, and evil.
Gear: Unknown
Bio: Not much is known except that he rarely seen or heard of coming out publicly. Rumors say he was once a senator of the galactic republic. Some say he's an alien race that has yet to be named. All we really know is that he rules in the underground and keeps his subjects as he knows them, in check.

Name: Alhana Numia (Ana)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Physical Description: Medium height, dark hair, green eyes, lean build. Sports a green tank with tan pants, a black jacket with white and gray fur on the hood, black boots, black gloves.
Mental Description: Cheerful, Loving, well-tempered, and a little naïve. She always tries to see the best in others.
Gear: Datapad, credit chip, a small hold out blaster that Roman forces her to carry.
Bio: Alhana was born rich and lived an elegant life in the upper city. Her father was a scientist and engineer who was famously credited with building weapons for the republic. When her father disappeared when she was 17, her mother was murdered soon after. She was placed in the care of her aunt who ultimately stole Ana's fortune and cast her out of her house and from the only life she knew. Ana scrounged for shelter and housing for little under a week in the underground, until a Man named Roman (a known agent of Gaias) took pity and befriended her, giving her living quarters, and a steady job. The work wasn't fun, a bartender's life is never more than adequate but she was grateful all the same.

Name: Roman
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Physical Description: Tall, muscular, Sandy short hair and blue eyes. Sports a black blazer, a navy shirt, black pants, black shoes .
Mental Description: Melancholic, easily angered, strong willed, and ambitious.
Gear: Heavy Blaster, Credit chip,
Bio: Not much is known about his past, but his present is well known. He’s an agent for gaias, a debt collector, and a paid muscle.
He befriended Ana while she stood outside a bakery, her face dirty and hungry. She stood there in her nice clothes, stained with dirt from the streets. Her eyes captured him and he felt he must save her. He’s tried to protect her from knowledge of this dealings, but realizes she must know of his work from any countless citizens of the underground. He hides the fact that he cares for her deeply. Roman knows that people after him would harm her if they knew how he felt.
Currently: he’s dealing with trying to get a certain someone to pay his dews to his boss. This certain someone knows who they are.