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Seth Clearwater
11-10-2009, 10:17 PM
Now, now now... before you start saying this has been done a bajillion times, like everyone knows it has... it has not been done to the extent at which I am doing such... it's adding a plot to him becoming a Jedi and it's also giving him a unique lightsaber in the game :)

*requirement* Done with Zaalbar's sidequest on Kashyykk

*LS version will only spawn if you haven't done the Leviathan*

Zaalbar has always had a strong affinity to the Force, though he has never actually realized it. He believes that everything that happens to him is pure luck, that is until he gets fed up with his family and throws a total fit. (Kashyykk quest ^^) Though even then he doesn't realize that the power is coursing through his veins, but Revan notices something off about the wookie then, something... mystical. He talks it over with him when they get back on the Ebon Hawk.

PC: Hey, uh Zaalbar?
Z: Yes?
PC: I've noticed something odd about you...
Z: What?
PC: Well I'm not absolutely sure, maybe we should get the opinion of an expert.
Z: What are you talking about?
PC: You'll see

LS (sided with Freyyr):
Go to Dantooine and you'll find a wookie servant in the Enclave he talks to you about his Jedi friend that is his 'master' (life debt) and he noticed something about Zaalbar when he was on Dantooine earlier and that the master wants to talk with Big Z. *screen fades*

*screen fades in*
and Big Z has been reset to level 1 as a Jedi of your choosing. :)

DS (Chuundar):
Go to Korriban and there is a wookie servant in the Czerka Corperation and similar dialogue happens as it does on Dantooine, except that Big Z changes into a Sith. :)

Depending on which side you are on... Sith or Jedi, Big Z will get a unique saber.

LS: Bacca's Lightsaber (I will add a story to it... the blade color will be yellow)
DS: Darth Kranus' Lightsaber (I will add a story to it... the blade will be red)

11-10-2009, 10:25 PM
Cool! These types of mods always need extras, and if you need any, I'll be happy to do some VO's. Good Job! I'll be following this mod! :)


Seth Clearwater
11-10-2009, 10:28 PM
Hehe... thanks... I'm not exactly sure if I'll need VO's it just depends if I add a new Sith/Jedi (depending on your side) to fight against you and Zaalbar. :xp: So for now I am indecisive about it haha...

Queen of Night
11-11-2009, 10:20 AM
Sounds good and Zaalbar Jedi Mod there, I think not, I am curious as implemented.

In the VO's is easily among the Wookie, yes there are some who in their language.

Seth Clearwater
11-11-2009, 12:45 PM
Yes, I do realize that Queen, but what I meant was VOs for the Jedi/Sith that is going to attack Zaalbar and the PC. :) I am just going to use the Wookie VOs for the wookie slaves. ;)