View Full Version : BoSSR & Warpband compatability issue

Darth Cryptic
11-14-2009, 11:50 AM
I want both the Brotherhood of Shadows and DarthDac's Warpband (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/DarthDacs_Warpband;99458) installed in my game, but there seems to be a compatibility issue somewhere. First time I installed them, I put Shadows in first; net result was the warper worked like the Summon Shadow band/Power. Uninstalled the whole thing and installed the Warper then Shadows, I could equip the band, but it didn't show up down in the bar thingy like it was supposed to. I opened Spells and saw that the warpband line wasn't there. Used KTool to add it, and tweaked the UTI to use the new line. When I went to test it, my game was fracked up, i didn't have any equipment any more so i need to try a fresh game.

If my tinkering doesn't work, are there any other ways i can try getting it to work?