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11-16-2009, 03:35 PM
Hello everybody, my name is Johnathon, I am here to announce that i am doing a mod which will improve the gameplay of KOTOR. Here are the features which will be in this mod. I will start work on it once i have the utilities i need. If you want to know how or why i started this, look at my threads in Holowan Laboratories

Items: (note, i put restrictions on these items so they are used for their purpose, only the party member items have restrictions on them)
Yes, i am doing personal items for most or all of the characters. Each will have a personal weapon and/or personal clothing. I am not, however, listing all of the properties, cause i want you to find out when you find them

Revan's Items

Revan's Robe:
(Note: I will use a version with both mask and robe in one, not seperate. Less bugs)
Where found:
Korriban, Naga Sadow's tomb where his sword is along with Revan's lightsaber. If it is not there, then i have not put it in, you can acquire it via cheats or KSE

Revan's Saber:
Where Found:
Same location as the robes
Crystal: Blue (can *not* be changed)
Requirement: Weapon Proficiency Lightsaber

Jolee's Items

Jolee's Clothes:
Model: Standard Clothes
Defense Bonus: 5
Where Found?: Jolee starts out with it (intended, may have to go with in a rag pile near his house on Kashyyk)

Bindo's Blade:
Damage Energy: 12-26
Color: Green
Not Upgradeable

Bastila's Items

Bastila's Personal Robes:
Where Found:
On Bastila when she joins your party
Defense Bonus: 5

Bastila's Lightsaber(replaces the double blade):
Extra info: I also will replace Bastila's sith double blade with the single hilt
Found with her robes
Damage Energy: 17-31
Color: Yellow

Carth's Items

Carth's Personal Blaster (same model as b4, but some heavy modifications as he is a veteran):
Damage Bonus Energy: 4-15

Mission's Items:

Mission's Survival Jacket(Comes with Mission once she joins the party):
Defense Bonus: 2
Dexterity Bonus: 8

Mission's Twin Blades(this applies to both, some properties only apply to one though)
Damage Physical: 4-10

Attack Modifier: 2

Canderous's Items:
Where Found:
A container in the Ebon Hawk's Storage room

Ordo's Crusader Armor (Gold color):
Defense Bonus: 14

Max Dexterity Bonus: 3

Ordo's Repeating Blaster (Same model as original, but with improvements)
Damage Energy: 6-19

AI Improvement: Yes, i am going to make certain AI harder, to make the game more challenging to cheaters and noncheaters alike. Some who find Malak to be easy if you take out the jedi will be suprised, he will be a challenge:

Darth Malak:
Strength: 26
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 23
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 10

New Powers:
Force Wave
Force Immunity

New Feats:
Improved Power Attack

more to come soon

And this is not all, I am going to voice act Revan for this. At first these two will be seperated, but after i finish the items, i will start Voice acting Revan. For those who want one or both, that is why i am releasing them both together and seperate. However, i will only be able to voice act a male PC
Here is an Example conversation between Revan and a PC

Carth: Yes, what's on your mind?
PC clicks on (Do you know anything about this world?)

When the PC is choosing an option, he/she has what a pc' normal conversation animation would be, then when he/she chooses, the camera stays focused on the pc, while he/she talks. The PC will have then the conversation animation that everybody else has, whether male or female.

PC w/ voice: Do you know anything about this world?
Camera turns to Carth
Carth: I don't know much about this place, sorry.
PC chooses again. Same setup, options, and rules as explained above
PC: Never mind
Carth: You got it.

Sometimes the PC has statements/sentences that are said commonly, like what the pc said about. Things like: Never mind, ill be going now, or both together, or Do you know anything about this world will have the same voice clip. Or like when Revan asks Bastila to show him/her a vision.

I may add some more stuff to this mod in the future, but all or most discussion of it goes here.

I am getting a site up, or my community home, to host this mod. It will be a forum, but it will suffice until i can get a good site w/ a home page and everything. Ill post the link once my site is up


11-16-2009, 05:08 PM
kay, i thought this was where we announce mods unfinished, as what the description said. Oh well. Can somebody move this to Holowan?