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Mon Calamari
11-19-2009, 10:11 PM

I'm new here.

I am playing X-Wing CD and it is the hardest videogame I ever played or nearly. I am even having difficulty in the early Historical Combat missions where everything move so fast and it takes a long time to reach from one point to another.

I had similar difficulty attempting to play Wing Commander. Somehow I was able to manage through Wing Commander II.

At this point I would still like to complete X-Wing but it is unlikely unless I
seriously cheat.

I am playing with a mouse, this might be part of the problem, and have attempted to use PPJoy with the mouse what gave very erratic results (the spaceship tilts when I shoot). At the moment I would still prefer to just cheat and later maybe retry when I buy a proper joystick.

So, my question is: are there any X-Wing Editor out there that can change the time limits in Historical Combat? Because for the moment, this is my principle problem. Time Limits is always off when I still have many things to do. I would like to just kill that time limit and try that way.

Next step, if this won't work, would be to categorically play as unvulnerable (with an editor), the point really being that I just want to go through the settings of this videogame, even if I don't have the skills to play it (which is obvious to me now, I really really suck at it).


Mon Calamari

11-20-2009, 11:48 AM
Troy Dangerfield's (http://www.troyed.com/x-wing) X-Ed might be able to change the time limits, but all of the X-Wing Historical Combat Simulations can be completed in a more-than-reasonable amount of time. If you need hints, head to the "Tactical" section of the CRS Morning Star site (the site in my signature).

Mon Calamari
11-20-2009, 08:31 PM
The Editor doesn't seem to work, probably because I use the CD version.

My problem is not strategy or tactic. I loose time from not being able to hit some ships,
especially the Interceptors which move fast and I always seem to have to shoot at random places around those ships to hit them (it's not random, it's distance and speed, but it feels random because everything move so fast).

Some levels I tried multiple times and there is always about 4 or 5 ships I miss, and I don't seem to improve in skill at all. So because it is very annoying to have to restart 10 times with similar results, I thought "gee, if only I could extend this 3 minutes". I wish they had a mode "for dummies", really.

Also, I'm playing with a mouse (without PPJoy because it's too erractic), so I'm not
sure if that makes things that much harder, but really I could do with this mouse if only
I had a little more time. I just need time to "hit" the darn nterceptors. I'm always on their trail but can't seem to hit them. I can't even imagine how hard the Tour must be, but at least they don't have time limit.


11-21-2009, 11:55 AM
I suggest getting a proper stick then, which will give you the control you need. ;)

11-21-2009, 01:02 PM
Agreed. The fine control and "ergonomics" for space combat (or even air combat game) needs the input from a joystick.

Real men use sticks

Mon Calamari
12-01-2009, 06:13 AM

just wanted to give an update,

I'm not exactly as bad as I thought I was, because I only have 8 historical missions left to complete (finished x-wing and y-wing), and all this with a standard mouse (no PPJoy or other virtual joystick, though I did increase the mouse sensitivity to the max, which doesn't actually do much difference).

But I had to cheat once. Mission A-Wing No. 2. After trying 20 times with nearly the same results, I gave up, and found out that with a mission editor I could grant the badge and made "as-if" I had completed it.

Here's the thing: I find some of the missions that were supposed to be hard (judging from reading tactical guides on the net) to turn rather easy, while A-Wing No. 2, described somewhere as an easy 10 minutes, was very hard for me. The X-Wings and Y-Wings were relatively easy to get out (by switching the speed and following). But The A-Wings just moved like flies, and I couldn't manage to follow them. Each try I was left with about 2 A-Wings to go, and it's this situation where I think "gee, if only I had 4 more minutes". I'm hardly ever hit, my shields are green-doubled, laser fulls, etc... I'm just rolling around for minutes, it's crazy. I guess it would be way more easy with the joystick so I allowed myself this cheat.

I used Pilot Desk to get this badge, in case anyone meets similar frustrations.
It's part of X-Manager that you can get on this site:


If you are playing the Cd-Rom, there isn't much you can edit, but the Pilot
log and merits file. If you put in all the badges and awards it's like you won
without playing. Not very fun unless you just want to get to specific missions,
what you can already do with TopAce5.


Mon Calamari

12-01-2009, 11:25 AM
For the A-wings in the "Aggressor Squadron" mission, I'd make sure your shields are full in case you have to absorb a concussion missile hit, but after that threat no longer exists, go after the A-wing with shields on maximum redirect to engines, leaving lasers on full recharge; this will give you the speed you need to stay with the "enemy" A-wing. Be sure to move laser energy to your shields periodically, as well.

It should be said that this was my favorite of all of the historical missions, BTW. :D

Mon Calamari
12-02-2009, 12:01 AM
I tried your method, and I do seem to get closer behind the A-Wings, but these little ****ers turn fast! I think it's the hardest mission (yet, at least). I'll come back to it later, when I'll get more experience.

The hard part when playing with a mouse is when a fast ship (like the A-Wing) does large circular turns, because you need to shuffle the mouse chuck-chuck-chuck-chuck to keep on track. It must be fun to play this on a port for PSP or whatever. Hmmm.... Maybe it would be impossible to see the enemies from far when they are tiny moving dots.

My fave Historical is Ackbar's Rescue (yet), because I love to fly through the Shuttles while trying to identify them.