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01-07-2010, 09:27 PM
Year: 2032
Area: California
Purpose of meeting: War Plans for Resistance
*Commence Log*
(John Connor, leader of the resistance, stands up.)
JC: Men, I am here today to give you a status report on our war and our war plan. We are slowly gaining the upper hand, but for every major SkyNet installation we take, we lose too many people.
(The crowd murmurs.)
JC: We need to take out SkyNet, and fast. At the rate we're losing soldiers, we won't have enough men to last us the next ten years.
(The crowd starts murmuring louder, mostly in agreement)
JC: We also know that SkyNet has big plans as well. In a few days, they will launch a massive EMP. We will be cut off from all the rest of the Resistance for at least a week, long enough for us or them to be wiped out. We need to stop this from happening. For this, I will defer to my right hand woman, My wife. Kate.
(Kate Connor steps up to the podium.)
KC: Well, here's the plan. Quick insertion. Two-five men teams, large fire power, and plant a nuke at a key power generator. The generator is believed to be key in supplying the power for an EMP burst. We have the teams selected. Blair Williams will lead the first and-...
(The scream cuts to snow...)
"Sir, what's happening?" the young coloporal asked.
"Tech, whats our status, over? Tech? Coloporal, find tech and ask them whats wrong goddamit!" The sergeant ordered.
"Sir, Tech says the EMP hit early. We've lost all contact with Command and the other posts."
The sarge looks up grimly. "Well, son, looks like we've got our self into something real deep now. Pack your gear, we're heading to HQ, even if we gotta hoof it."
SkyNet has just enacted it's plan to assassinate John Connor. He will die, unless some higher being should look favoribley on him. Either way, we're on the way to High Command to stop it from happening, or get revenge of the machines if we fail at that.
This is a somewhat alternate reality of the Main Terminator series. Feel free to have be a little more care-free with the RP, not strict Terminator stuff. That means, you don't have to buy a terminator encyclopedia and go by everything that happens in their story, we're making our own.
Your Character list is:
Position in Resistance: (ie: coloporal, demoilitons man; or Lieutenant, sniper.)
I call claim to Connor, if he should survive. I also have this guy.
Name: Sam Larson
Age: 28
Appearence: Tall, buzz cut hair, blond, blue eyes, scars across his chest and arms, light muscles.
Equipment: Standard Army stuff, bullet Proof vest, Kevlar Helmet, tactical clothing, even the resistance trench coat, for the cold rainy days. He uses an ACR rifle and a Desert Eagle in .50 AE, with a nice machete for close quarters work.
Position in Resistance: Coloporal, Infantry, squad marksman and all around handy man.
Skills: Proficient with guns, accurate to boot, but really shines in close quarters and hand-to-hand... er, metal fist, fighting. Can plant some C4 if the situation calls for it, but leaves that to the tech man, and loves working on his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, maxing out all the things he can to make it better.
Bio: Sam grew up in the post-apocalyptic world. He knew from the beggining what it meant to survive, which gave him the upper hand. His father was nice enough to train him to the finest he could, and give him then to others to train him the best they could. He's the last of his family. His mother died on Judgement Day, his sister dissappeared, his father was taken out by a T-600, but his last act was blowing it's metal brains out across the land scape. He has no wife, not even a girlfriend. His life is taking down SkyNet, one terminator at a time...

01-07-2010, 10:12 PM
Name: Adriana
Age: 25
Appearance: Clicky. (http://josh.x3non.com/6018669.jpg)

Equipment: Lightweight assault rifle that she keeps in a belt over her shoulder, a pistol in a holster at her left side, and a knife in her right boot (I thought this through, okay?)

Position in resistance: Lieutenant, part of Sam Larson's squad

Skills: Smart and calculating, along with an okay shot, but she can be trusted

Biography: Always skeptical of government and corporations, her first encounter with the machines was after she instinctually left a fieldhouse concert and saw it destroyed from within by HK's. Immediately going home and grabbing the nearest gun, she looked for others with the same sensibility. From there things happened naturally, and now she is determined to salvage what is left of the broken planet that became ravaged by both government and corporation alike.

01-07-2010, 10:57 PM
Name: Aace Hensley

Age: 26

Appearance: Buzz cut black hair, with pale green eyes. Athletic build, pale complexion, his face is also narrow, rough looking. Aace wears a cowboy hat with the right side of the rim bent up, brown long coat, with a red button up under shirt, along with black jeans, and black buckle boots.

Equipment: M82A1 rifle, a combat knife in his right boot, and a SW1911PD Tactical Rail Series handgun in a holster attached to the back of his belt

Position in Resistance: Sniper

Skills: Re con, and stealth maneuvers

Bio: When hell broke loose Aace was standing on the top of his roof looking down at the streets below. As soon as he heard the first scream, he ran into his house grabbed his weapons and stayed hidden in the shadows. Originally his only weapon was his combat knife, then as he traveled he gained his hand gun, then when he joined John Connor in his cause, he got his rifle.
He tends to keep to himself, and stays quiet. The only time he speaks is either when spoken too, or if he is relaying information that could be considered vital to a mission success.