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Lord Spitfire
01-08-2010, 11:03 AM
The Mandalorian Wars have been over for over two years, and the Republic is still rebuilding. However, these efforts are halted as the Lord Revan builds a massive Empire using the power of the Star Forge. He builds a Sith Order, a New Sith Order, to conquer the Republic.

While the Republic is in a weakened state and is only a shadow of their former glory, their military might greatly exceeds that of Revan's Empire, which is, as of now, made up only of seven fleets, 700,000 ground soldiers, and 1,000 Dark Jedi. The Republic has twenty-four fleets stationed across the galaxy, 3.5 million ground soldiers (over five times that of Revan's Army) and 3,000 Jedi. However, 3.5 Million was 8 Million before the war, and their armies were extremely spread in an attempt to bring order back to the Republic.

But Revan has an ingenious plan: many believe that Coruscant is the Republic planet that is closest to the centre of the Galaxy, but in truth it is the second. There is a single habitable system in the Deep Core (Beyond the Inner Core, where Coruscant and Corellia lie) - That is Foerost, and it is the largest Naval Base and Factory in the Republic. Since the Hyperspace War, it has served as the last line of defence for Coruscant, and if it is taken, then Coruscant's lifeline is lost, as is the most strategic place in the Galaxy.

But in the wake of the Mandalore Wars, Foerost is less heavily guarded, as the fleet is spread out across the Galaxy. Revan amasses the full power of his Armada and launches an attack on Foerost. Taken by shock, the Republic mounts a fierce and bloody space battle, not knowing who they were fighting, but in the end they lost and Foerost was taken; this was when Revan revealed himself and his new Empire.

Now, Revan is sending ground soldiers to secure the surface of Foerost, while at the same time trying to relay the message to the senate; this is an official declaration of war, not an attack by a rogue fleet. As of now, there is an entire fleet pointed at Coruscant, though Revan knows that it would be foolish to attack the great Republic Capital, for the amount of military power on Coruscant is greater than that of his entire Empire; for now.

He plans to firstly establish this as a war, and secondly make himself look as a hero of the Mandalorian Wars who simply wanted to change the Republic Government to strengthen it, rather than a power-hungry conquerer who wants to rule the Galaxy; this way, he will get more troops on his side, enough to lay siege on Coruscant, forcing a surrender without causing catastrophic destruction for the galaxy he was going to re-shape once in control.

He is now attacking the Naval Base/Space Station of Jedethrem in the Outer-Rim; he is evenly matched in terms of firepower, but he is beating the Republic there.

So, here is the setting of this RP. You can choose Republic, Revan (Sith), or Mercanary in this delicate period of power struggle; if you are a soldier, say whether you are Naval or Ground; ground warfare is taking place on Foerost's surface, and space battle is on Jedethrem Station.


1) 3 Characters each

2) If you do something outside the main storyline above, make sure I approve that it contributes to the RP and is an interesting addition before you go ahead with it.

3) No killing other people's characters . . . blah blah . . . that kind of stuff . . .

4) Well . . . Enjoy! :)


Name: (Simple Enough)

Appearance: (How they look like)

Species: (Is there any other way to put it?)

Side: (Republic, Sith, Mercanary)

Rank: (Navy or Army, and rank in that faction. For mercanaries, put your mercanary's reputation)

Equipment: (They flash of your character's substance ;) )

Bio: (Describe your deep and engaging character)

Lord Spitfire
01-08-2010, 11:26 AM
MY CHARACTERS: I get Revan, but it counts as one of my three.


Name: Revan

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Appearance: 6'2, Dark brown hair, golden-colour skin.

Speicies: HUTT!! . . . No, human.

Side: Sith

Rank: Emperor of the Revanchist Sith Order; Chairman of the New Sith Council; Lord of the Revanchist Military; Current Dark Lord of the Sith

Equipment: That cool black armour thing - default from the KotOR games.

Bio: Derelian mother, Onderonian father, both of whom were killed when he was young; taken to Coruscant for training; becomes Knighted, joins Mandalorian Wars, then wins . . . I don't want to put anything about his personality in . . . I want you guys to find out my perspective of Revan through my entries.


Name: Nelniath Navarus

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Appearance: Tall, little under six feet. She has black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and her hair is long enough to flow, but short enough to be tied in battle. She is lean, fit and muscular, though relying on speed and finesse rather than brute strength.

Species: Human

Side: Sith

Rank: Army, Captain

Equipment: Trandoshan sword equipped with poison that gives the wounded enemy a slow and painful death unless treated. She also has dual-qielding Zabrak Pistols.

Bio: Nelniath eagerly joined the Republic Army when the Mandalorian War started, along with her brother Zataan, who was two years younger. Throughout the war, as she saw her friends butchered by Mandalorian bloodlust, she grew colder and more reclusive, until on the Battle of Malachor V she became seemingly heartless, though in secret guarding those close to her as well as her morals fiercely.

Throughout the war, she showed undying loyalty to Revan, and when he went into the unknown regions and started the Sith, she was eager to serve him; after all, he had saved the Republic, and he was about to do it again.


Name: Zataan Navarus

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Much like his sister; he is 6'1, with sleek place hair and pale skin. He has grey eyes and also focuses on speed and finesse. He is not as muscular as the average Sith Soldiers.

Species: Human

Side: Sith

Rank: Army, 1st Lietenant

Equipment: Two short vibroblades, as well as a wrist-grenade launcher which also acts as a powerful sniping pistol.

Bio: Zataan and his sister joined the army to fight the Mandalorians, but unlike his sister, he managed to maintain his warmth of personality throughout the war. He was always optimistic, and gave those around him hope; he forms connections with people easily, and is charismatic on a personal level, earning loyal friends. Though he is extremely loyal to Revan, he sometimes questions the morality of attacking the Republic; but he decides that if Revan gives him the order, he should gladly fulfill it.
He and his sister are fighting to secure Foerost

01-08-2010, 12:37 PM
Name: Davi Vanis


Age: 25

Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs27/f/2008/177/a/5/Metal_Gear_Solid___Snake_Color_by_W_E_Z.jpg

Species: Human

Side: Republic

Rank: Army, doesn't have a official rank.

Equipment: A heavy blaster pistol and a vibro knife. Otherwise he uses his foe's weapons when he can get a hold of them.

Bio: Born on Coruscant, Davi had only been in the Republic army for a month when the Mandolorian war started, and he had to leave his home planet. During the first three battle's of the war, his entire unit was wiped out while he lived, causing him to decide to work alone. He is now a bit cold towards people, but warms up to people he gets to know and live.

Davi had been in the first battle, the last battle, and most of the other battle's in the war. Because of this, he has met Raven and Malak, and many hero's in the war and even thought about joining Raven when he started the Sith. However, to him it looked like Raven wanted absolute power, instead of a Republic like the government currently set up, and decided against it and remained with the republic.

Te Darasuum Mandalor
01-08-2010, 07:13 PM
Name: Alek "Squint" Squigiliarmis (Darth Malak)

Gender: Male

Age: 25



Speices: Human

Rank: Sith Supreme General, Apprentice of the Dark Lord

Side: Revan's Sith Empire

Weapons: Single red saber, carries old green single saber from when he was a jedi

Bio: Born on Taris 20 years before the Mandalorian conflict, Alek "Squint" was taken to the Jedi tower at a young age to study and become a Jedi Consular. He was however transfered from his urban home to the remote world of Tython where the Jedi Colony laid, a holy place for the Jedi. By the age of 19, he was transfered to Dantooine again where he met a man named Jacano Roush Ablis about 2 to 3 years older than him and they became fast friends. By the time of the Mandalorian conflict, Alek became the first to join Jacano's crusade. Jacano was soon named "Revanchist" and by the battle of Malachor, was hailed a hero. After Malachor, the two friends returned to Dantooine and stumbled upon ruins of an ancient temple where they found a Star Map. It led to more maps and eventually the Star Forge. The two then followed a recon probe to the uknown regions where they found the remains of a Sith Empire in hiding. They were instructed by the emperor to launch an advance team and an armada on the republic, and they told him of the Star Forge. Then they launched an attack on them.

"Darth Malak" always wanted something more than just being commander and chief of the sith, he wished to become Dark Lord himself, so he attempted to overthrough his master but proved to be too weak for the responcibility, so as a lesson, Revan "removed" Malak's jaw. He vowes revenge on his master, and plans to get it soon, when the once Jacano Roush Ablis isn't expecting........

Lord Spitfire
01-08-2010, 11:25 PM
Alright, I guess it's time to start this RP.

The Betrayer
01-09-2010, 05:30 AM
Corsair Krandor




Sith Lord

Long-bladed Crimson Lightsaber
Comlink to communicate with HQ

Few Republic soldiers display as much excellence in the art of warfare as a young Corsair Krandor once shown. Recruited out of the desert world of Tatooine from a family of Arkanian moisture farmers, Corsair was happy to have gotten out of the rock. He was sent to the front-lines against pirates and other lawless bodies, a job that he was more than happy to do.

His commanders however, have noticed something 'off' about the young soldier. It seemed that his presence in a battle had the ability to tip the scales in the presence of the Republic, as shown in several battles which made nearly-impossible recovery. When Lt. Krandor was sent to the Jedi Temple, it was then found out he had a variation of Battle Meditation, a variation which did not require him to meditate, but to fight.

Corsair took a temporary hiatus from the war, where he was trained by the finest of Jedi Masters in Dantooine.

When the time of the Revanchist dawned upon the Republic, Corsair was one of the few people who were first in line to join against the Mandalorians. His presence, now as a Jedi, was absolutely essential to the Revanchists' war effort.

Now, everything proceeded as they did, and Krandor now enjoys a status as a Sith Lord in Revan's inner circle.