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Te Darasuum Mandalor
01-12-2010, 06:37 PM
The Mandalorian wars have begun! We need brave men and women willing to fight with either side. Who do you pledge alligience to. The Republic? The Mandalorians? The Exar Kun remnant cult?


1. Only FOUR characters per person. No exeptions

2. I will be portraying Revanchist, Alek "Squint", and the Exile. If anyone wishes to portray one of these characters and I haven't casted them as myself yet, you may pm me and ask if you want to be Revan/Alek/Exile.

3. No use of prophanity WHATSOEVER! If it is borderline and used for dramatic effect (like Carth tends to do) you may say it. If I see you say something insulting, rude, or just plain wrong, I won't hesitate to either report a post or PM a Moderator to complain -- j7

4. No killing off other player's characters unless I say so.

5. Be respectful to other players.

6. If someone is a character (for instance Luke skywalker, sebulba, Jabba The Hutt) that is out of this timeframe, you have no idea what timeframe this takes place in. Make sure you are familiar with KOTOR.

7. All characters must be aproved by me. No exeptions

8. When posting pictures of your character, be sure to post at least 3 pictures.

9. When choosing your alligience, you can only say Republic, Mandalorian, or Exar kun remnent. If you are something else (for instance, exchange) be sure to put down neutral and then your customized allignment.

10. If someone does or says something I find innapropriate, I will give you a warning, and if you do it again, I will personaly ban you from this forum.

11. If one side (like republic) seems to have to many players, pleeeze choose the other side to make it even.

12. This forum closes in exactly two months. After that, I won't be exepting any more casting requests.

13. Be original! You don't have to use a previously used characters from the star wars universe, let your imagination go wild!


Name: Insert

Gender: Insert

Allegiance: Insert

Weapon(s): Insert

Age: Insert

Speices: Insert

Bio: Insert

Photo(s): Insert (if you have no photo, just give your appearence)

Te Darasuum Mandalor
01-20-2010, 11:13 AM
Name: Jacano Roush Ablis (The Revanchist)

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Republic, Jedi, Revanchists

Weapons: Twin Blue lightsabers (Blue and Purple lightsaber, later)

Age: 22

Speices: Human

Bio: Born in the Outer Regions, he was discovered and taken to the Jedi Temple at a young age to become a Jedi. He was later transfered to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave where he was to become head master there, but then went to war when the Mandalorian threat arose. He and his best friend Malak now rally many to the cause of the Revanchists......

Appearence: 6 ft, long brown hair (short hair later), goutee, handsome, Black Jedi Robes