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01-13-2010, 03:57 PM
((Please Note this is the redone version of The Eternal War. Trying to create less confusion the other one caused. :detective: ohh also, characters from the last story can be transferred over.))

Hidden Behind the Sight:

Hear me now my Child,
For I have created you and given you life.
These words I speak are words to understand.

This war...This tragic endless war…
Between my children saddens me greatly.
I made you special, special in many ways.

You walk, speak, and act like the ones I created after.
Like the humans that are precious to me.
But you, you are special.
For I created you for something

Something your heart me not withstand.
End this war, and save what you hold true.

Those words echoed across the world, but not a soul could hear. Those words spoken from the heart of a father saddened by the betrayal of some, and the death of many. So the father made something different, but similar to those around him. Similar to both angels and humans but different. The power with-in this one could change the effects of the war that no one can see. For in this year of 2015, on the eleventh day of the fourth month, mother earth received the gift from the father and made it whole. This war… this terrible unseen war has raged on long enough with neither side coming any close to victory. Will the heart god bestowed upon this creature rain pure and innocent, or will the temptations of the world corrupt and manipulate it?

Life across the world will never be the same… as the unseen war that has raged in the background will now become… seen…and heard…


Story Details:

Our ‘god’ the creator of heaven and earth has grown tired of the sorrow he feels because of this war. But he himself cannot end it, so he created a being with the power of the angels, but with the heart and mind of humans. Basically this war will either damn, or save humanity. And over time, the creator that was created by god will have to figure out if humans are worth saving from damnation from the devil, or if they aren’t. However Angels and Fallen angels alike will fight over the power he has to sway the war into they’re favor.

What we’ll start off as, is up in Maine somewhere in the woods the creator will wake up and open its eyes. Its journey will take it to Los Angeles where it will have a choice to make to either save or damn. Hopefully it will be able to see humans of both good and even natures.



1) Enjoy yourself and have fun
2) No God-Modding (No God, Jesus, or Lucifer. Or anything else along those lines that aren’t angels or fallen angels.)
3) You may have up to three characters
4) Please respect your fellow RPer’s, you may insult the character but not the person themselves.
5) If there are any questions please just ask.
6) Also all other Forum rules apply.


Character Sheet:

Race: (Human, Angel, Fallen Angel)
Weapon: (If Applicable)
Vehicle: (Again if Applicable)


Name: Asim
Age: looks in his mid 20's
Race: Human/Angel
Appearance: Short black hair, with pale green eyes. Has a narrow long face and a pale complexion. He stands at about 5'10, with an athletic build.
Weapon: later on will find a Katana with black and red cloth wrapped around the hilt.
Vehicle: n/a
Background: He was created to either be a savior or conquer. The creator gave him the freedom of choice, what we believe to be free will. Now all that god has created will be put to the test, and will be judged accordingly.