View Full Version : How do I get into the cavern?

bad bob
02-12-2001, 03:48 AM
I am holding the scupperware with the luminescent fish. Any recommendations on how I can get into the cavern?

02-12-2001, 03:51 AM
Don't you see the opening to the left?

http://www.silverpoint.com/leo/lia/comic/calvin/Calvin.gif http://www.silverpoint.com/leo/lia/comic/calvin/Hobbes_2.gif and Grannen

Clare *B*
02-14-2001, 03:29 PM
Dont u just walk in!!! unles u r having technical problems

bad bob
02-14-2001, 05:49 PM
Thanks...got it.

02-14-2001, 08:32 PM
there should be a gap somewhere, just wonder around till you actually find it