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01-30-2010, 08:54 PM

Recently I've been re-playing LucasArts' "TIE Fighter" with the goal of completing all the bonus (and secondary) objectives in every mission. I've enjoyed the challenge so far, but I'm absolutely at a loss when it comes to Battle 13, Mission 4. My question, essentially, is: How do you get Corellian Transport Opos to appear?

For those that may remember this mission, you're in a missile boat -- launching from Imperial-class Star Destroyer Garrett -- seeking to recapture (or destroy) a missile boat that has fallen into Rebel hands. It's held in one of six containers near a Rebel platform (the Enin'sd).

Now, during the battle, a few things happen: a Rebel strike cruiser (the Piimi) shows up and engages the Garrett; a Rebel modified corellian corvette (the Keeper) shows up and tries to dock/enter hyperspace with the container that holds the stolen missile boat; much later, a Rebel frigate (the Equator) shows up in a last-minute attempt to destroy the Garrett. At no point, however, does a corellian transport named "Opos" arrive, and -- after much trial and much error -- I'm totally out of ideas as to how to trigger its arrival. Anyone know the answer to this puzzle?


R. C. Kent

01-30-2010, 11:11 PM
I just wanted to post a quick update on the issue raised in the above post: I managed to get the Corellian Transport Opos to appear in the combat chamber on "easy"---it apparently shows up after the container is destroyed and attempts to dock with the platform. Obviously, the player can destroy it and accomplish all the bonus goals without much fuss (the only other bonus goal is to destroy the platform). On "medium," by contrast, the Rebel frigate shows up after the Imperial cargo ferry docks with the container, regardless of whether the container has been destroyed. But even after the frigate and container are destroyed, the Corellian Transport Opos remains a no-show.