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Plague of the Black Mist:

The Story:

In the land of Tatharnir Elves fought hard for their freedom after being enslaved for many generations by the humans. Some however prefer to live in the stone buildings created by the humans and forsake what little they were able to keep from they’re ancestors. While others following the ways of what they knew about their ancestors return to the woods and live with joy and happiness, keeping wary of human travelers.

The Elves, who stayed within the confines of human rule, are still treated as slaves, lower class citizens. Spit upon and live mostly miserable lives. They’re community as a whole is separated from the rest of the human population, the elves leave only to work and trade. They’re only happiness are small celebrations they hold for weddings, or the welcoming of summer days. The Elves, who returned to their roots, hunt, and honor the land that they live upon. But still some live in fear of humans, while others just destroy the humans on sight.

Humans hunt the woodland elves for sport, finding them to be the most thrilling hunt over some of the beast the forest holds. To them elves are a disgusting race and should of stayed content with the live they were given. But not all humans believe this way, some treat elves as equals as much as they possibly can without being ridiculed by those around them.

Between the two races tensions are always high, one craving the destruction of the other. But in the background of this land rises something far more dangerous. A dark mist rises on the edges of this land, hiding a horde of demons, and ogres. Behind this giant army stands a more sinister creator, long since forgotten in time and its name removed from the records of the creatures that now populate this land. And once the last barer of its name had vanished off the face of existence it rose, to reclaim its land, and its servants. Will the races of the land join forces in this evil? Or will they’re hate ultimately lead to they’re destruction? Can they unite all the creatures of this land under a united cause?


So it’s your basic, small group of people come together. In an attempt to unite the lands against and unseen evil force that makes its presence known by attacking small villages and farm holds at first. Making its way to the Main city of Minves. Deep below that city in the sword the great demon seeks, and if the demon gets that sword basic doom for all. This sword can also defeat the demon if it falls into proper hands.

The sword’s blade is made from dragon bone and has a dark red color to it. The sword resembles that of a scimitar, the handle of the blade is a black leather wrap, also included a hand guard that is detachable with two dragon attached blades on each side.

There is relevance to LOTR, just a different content in Arda.


1. No God-modding
2. Respect other players
3. Only insult other characters not the players themselves.
4. Try to keep this PG-13
5. Ask questions, I don’t bite.
6. Always remember to have fun.
7. Up to 4 characters


Character Sheet:

Race: (Dwarf, Elf, Human, Fairies, ect.)
Weapon: (No guns. Think mid-evil style)
Class: (Nobel, City Dweller, Forest Folk, Mage, Cave Dwellers, Hole Dwellers)


Name: Arodion

Race: Elf

Age: 127

Appearance: http://www.freewebs.com/yananw/alderin.jpg

Personality: Strong and independent. He tries to play the part of a silent listener, but will speak up when he feels others around him are acting to stupid, or avoiding a real problem.

Weapon: A harden elm tree bow, with double pointed steel tipped arrows. A long sword that has a heavy groove down the center of the fine steel blade, the guard, and pommel are steel with a gold finish. The hilt is wrapped in black leather. A dagger in a black sheath that attaches to the back of his pants, fine steel dagger with a black leather hilt.

Class: Forest Elf

Bio: Arodion has never lived a life amongst the humans. But the stories that have been told to him of their cruelty to his people are what fuel his despisement for them. Currently he is training to become the next leader of his clan after their current one passes from this world into the land beyond. His parents have moved on from this world into the mothers embrace shortly after his birth, so his whole clan raised him into the hunter he is today. He takes the hunts seriously and prays for the life of the animal after every kill, so it may leave this realm and its spirit be free.

Killing humans isn’t a sport to him, but it must be done if they get dangerously close to his tribe. Arodion’s tribe live in the Korkitel Forest, and like the rest of the clans located in that forest, make it a habit not to stay in one area for too long.

The Betrayer
02-27-2010, 11:07 AM
Name: Dmir Ironsmelter

Race: Dwarf

Age: 642

Appearance: http://tea-san.deviantart.com/art/Dwarf-14970214

Personality: Dmir serves the classic mentor role - wise, educated, and conservative. His voice on issues is something you ignore or consider at your own risk.

Weapon: A giant warhammer crafted by himself personally.

Class: Noble

Bio: Hailing from the great dwarven underground city of Airok, Dmir served there as the Warmaster of the biggest and strongest clan - the Ulnems. Under his strategic and wise insight, the clan faced widespread success and victory, usurping land after land and finally obtaining the right to hail a new king like in centuries past. Because of his influence and vast role in crafting the Ulnem legacy, Dmir was given the opportunity to crown the new king, and he chose his friend Hror to serve the important role.

The first 34 years of Hror's empire was a fruitful one for the Airok people. The city kept expanding, growing larger, and attracting more merchandise and population. Hror was declared one of the greatest kings of all time. There was a slight problem however. Hror's closest advisers warn him of one thing - the impending betrayal of the man who put him in the throne - the warmaster that was Dmir Ironsmelter. Believing them out of paranoia, he exiled Dmir, never to return to the city as he still drew breath.

Despite being extremely disappointed with the King's decision, Dmir complied, taking with him his Warhammer called Aeduk. Now, Dmir travels on the vestiges of the world, armed with nothing but his hammer, and 600 years of experience under his belt. Whatever monster he is to face, they better be ready.

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Cool ^-^

Accepted, Welcome Aboard.

Te Darasuum Mandalor
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Name: Legolas

race: Elf

appearence: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/lotr/images/b/b3/Legolas1.jpg

personality: A wise old Elf who was born in Mirkwood before the Exodus from Middle Earth 2,000 years ago, henceforth wise, coragous, generous, crack shot with his bow.

age: 4,089 years old

class: Noble/Forest Folk (Elf King)

weapon: Elf Longbow, Galedrial's arrows, Elven longknife

Bio: Born in the Second Age of Middle Earth, Legolas was raised by his Aunt Galedrial in Mirkwood Forest. He joined The Fellowship and fought in the Great War, hence the Fourth Age began. However, after the Death of the three great rulers of men Numer of Druin, Aragorn of Gondor, and Eomer, of Rohan, each king in the land lessened until all three kigdoms fought amongst themselves leaving a wortorn Middle Earth. Galedrial then ordered a mass exodus of Elves led by Legolas and they fled across the sea. She and her cousin Elrond remained in Middle Earth to help shape it to become habitable once again. He formed the kingdom of Forisia and has led his people to victory so far.....until now.

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^-^ Welcome aboard.

Te Darasuum Mandalor
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name: Gandalf the White

race: Boggart (I guess it is the best way to describe him) who takes the form of many and is Immortal but is currently in Man form

appearence: http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/File:Mckellenthewhite.jpg

personality: the wisest being alive!

age: 10,000 years old

class: Mage

weapon: Magic Staff, Sword

bio: He has lived the life of many beings and has now returned to assist The free people's to recolonize this new land. He will judge all in this fatal hour.

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I'll join too! Just give me time to think up a character. ^^

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i'll start this up tomarrow morning for me.

Te Darasuum Mandalor
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Name: Fogorn Gamgee

race: Hobbit (Hobbits have since developed and instead of being fully grown at 4"2, they can now reach up to 5 ft.)

appearence: Just your average ordinary Hobbit (kinda fat like Sam, only taller, blonde hair)

personality: A proud person who has always lived in New Shire filled with Luxury and women, he doesen't know that a quest will come to him soon)

age: 49 (Hobbits can live to 150, so stll rather young)

class: (If it is ok with you, I will make up 2 new classes, Hole Dweller, and Cave Dweller) If those two classes are approved, Gamgee will be a Hole Dweller)

Weapon: Knife, walking stick

bio: Has lived in Luxury in New Shire ever since he was a kid, he has now been instructed with a task, visit Legolas, the Elf king in his Kingdom. Darkness is just beggining to engulf this new land founded out of peace.....

03-01-2010, 02:43 PM
Name: Meara (pronounced "meer + a" )

Race: Human

Age: 21

Appearance: http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs15/f/2007/088/3/3/CG_Girl_49_by_iDNAR.jpg

Personality: Quiet when she meets new people, warm-hearted and cares for those closest to her

Weapon: Her ancestor's, Aragon, sword called Anduril

Class: Nobel; will be revealed to her in the story.

Bio: At the age of three, Meara was taken away to safety by her mother and father, whom her king and queen of Minas Tirith. The person who took care of her by her parent's orders was Albie, a female Hobbit. As the years went by, Meara became more adventurous and kind to others. But later in the story, secrets will be told to her about her real past...

((OMG, I hope this is all right...))

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yes, :) i look forward to working with you all

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Thank you. So do I. ^^

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hi, I haven't done this in a while, but I'd like to give it a try :) Is it to late to join in?

The Betrayer
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I have to say, it's extremely disappointing the lack of original characters in this roleplay. I mean is it so hard to think of a new character? I'll wait for someone else to post before posting myself.

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It isn't to late to join, this will be open for some time.

Te Darasuum Mandalor
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if i could make another character, I would, but sadly my limit is 3. I would go for it if it was persay 4. And I would make him/her completely original.

03-02-2010, 12:47 PM
if you feel you can handle 4 characters then you can, i don't mind raising it.

Te Darasuum Mandalor
03-02-2010, 12:58 PM
ok, here goes

Name: Lima Shan

race: Man

age: 23

personality: Strong, smart, witty, handsome

class: Noble

weapon: Sword, sheild, armor, Helmet of The Dark Lord, a mysterious Ring

bio: If only people anticipated that this handsome nice young lad would become the next Dark Lord
. (note: can he be the antagonist? From what I have read, it begins with Elves, Dwarves, and men fighting amongst themselves, until this dude takes advantage of the time and becomes darklord resorecting hordes of Orcs and 7 of 9 Nazgul. He then becomes the games antagonist if it is ok with you)

03-02-2010, 01:13 PM
yeah, he can be the antagonist

03-02-2010, 03:35 PM
Name: Felix Oathman
Race: Human
Age: 24
Appearance: http://gold-seven.deviantart.com/art/Quest-Cards-Ranger-25407738
Personality: Although life stinks, he tries to see the bright side in things.
Weapon: Bow and Longsword
Class: City Dweller (then Ranger-like)
Bio: The mother died in childbirth and the father an alcoholic. At the age of 18 his sister got raped to death by the son of the mayor. Felix became furious and killed the son.

Felix escaped the city and began his new life in the wilds, travelling through the world.

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welcome aboard.