View Full Version : tales of the great alaman del-kun

03-20-2010, 09:28 PM
the near-empty temple on the long abandoned surface of callos held a single man- grey jedi alaman del-kun. long time friend of kyle katarn and luke skywalker, alaman left the order due to his love satal's death. that was nearly 15 years ago. suddenly a star destroyer landed outside his temple.
"by almighty order of the galactic empire, you must leave this world! i am lord korr, mighty emperor of the dark side!" shouted a dark jedi in large robes with blonde hair.

"pretty proud of your rank ain'tcha? callos is my home i shall not give ground. i shall not judge you. i do not care whether you are malevolent or benign. but you shall not insult my home. if you continue to advance then i will resort to battle." said Alaman from his entrance.

"you ignored my offer. NOW DIE!"

korr was gone. along with his men. only the ship remained.

it begins.