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This is the first part to my Imperial Agent backstory. Still working on the rest, but just want the community’s input on the setting so far and your thoughts, suggestions, etc. Let me know!

Feel free to post comments either on my site or here. Prefer on my guild site to boost the convo there from all the other sites, but either way ;)



Just outside the orphanage in the town center, shines the only light in Kiterun. The dim light shows off the grand scale of the orphanage, easily the largest building in Kiterun. Ever since the Treaty of Coruscent and Alderaan seceded and the Nobles began their Civil War, refugee towns such as Kiterun have had a large influx of orphans.

Kiterun has a population of 67, with 24 of them being orphans. The population numbers are in constant flux as they lose residents and gain orphans. Most of the fluctuations are caused by bands of mercenaries who enjoy ransacking the struggling towns. In the past year, Kiterun has been ransacked 3 times leaving several dead in their wake. With supplies dwindling and the fear of more raids, people have been leaving the town and not returning.

The cantina has been closed for about 6 months now. During one of the raids the owner refused to give up his supplies to the raiders. For his resolve, all the received was a slow painful death. Out of fear of a similar fate, no one has reopened the cantina, which only lowers the already low morale of the town.

The center of town is just a large flat dusty area the orphans usually play in. It also doubles as the landing field for any ships wishing to stop by the small town. But there haven’t been any of these visitors in several years.

It’s a cold night in Kiterun, and only 2 men are awake at this late hour. They stand in the town center, barely illuminated by the dim light in front of the orphanage. The light flickers causing the larger of the 2 men to twitch. The unmistakable rattling of his blaster rifle strapped to his back cause the shorter man to turn and face him.

“Easy there Railo” Cranji said.

Cranji is the town Mayor. He’s dressed in what appears to have been a very finely tailored suit at one time. Now it is tattered and dirty, showing the marks of a war ravaged time. He is not a fighter. He does not own any weapons, which is why he brought his good friend Railo out with him this evening. Railo is not simply a body guard, but his long time friend. He also doubles as the town sheriff, but since the closing of the cantina there has not been much need for one.

“Yes sir, I just don’t trust these Imperial bastards” Railo grunted.

Cranji turns and faces the town center and says “Neither do I friend, neither do I.”

Cranji has had several interactions with Imperial soldiers, none of which ended with him pleased. This one is far worse than any other. This one by far scares him the most. He’s an Imperial Agent, an assassin working directly for the Sith Lords. Why he is coming to Kiterun, Cranji can only fear the worst.

The awkward silence is suddenly broken as a small ship begins to descend on the town. It’s a heavily modified ship, so modified it’s original make and design is completely lost. The engines begin to whine as they slow down causing a large cloud of dust to surround the ship as it lands.

The ship’s landing causes the town residents to awaken. The orphans are the first ones up and begin to line the street around the town center. Their stunned looks darting between the Mayor and the ship.

Cranji and Railo tense up prepared for anything. Cranji looks up at Railo who nods and places one hand on his blaster, just in case.

The dust cloud from the descent covers most of the ship limiting visibility. The sound of hydrolics can be heard and a loud thump as the hangar door slams against the dirt center. As the dust clears, the shape of a very short figure becomes visible at the top of the ramp. The only discernible features are the hooded cloak he wore … and the large rifle strapped to his back.

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Sounds great!