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05-24-2010, 01:36 AM
In 2064, there are no books, newspapers, magazines, or "hard copies".

97% of the students at Unity High School (Uni-Hi) have contracted chronic diseases which they know DARN well they can't tell their parents about.

Most youth (meaning under 25) speak in "txt", as they call it, using primarily acronyms (Uni-Hi, LOL, etc.) and words that two-year-olds have mastered.

All of the students at Uni-Hi have to complete their MESHes (Mandatory Educational Service Hours)--a minimum of 100 per year--in order to graduate and therefore avoid being drafted after high school (whether male or female). However, what the students don't know is that the MESHes will be their jobs once they get their diploma. The ones who are drafted? They don't get one.

The average marriage age is 17. A full quarter of the girls drop out in order to marry and care for their upcoming families. This is viewed as good. After all, the American birth rate is in sharp decline. "Who nds skl NE way?"

In 2064, it is not a crime to think, because most people don't anymore.

In 2064, war is a constant threat on the horizon. No one knows the next target of pre-emptive strikes. This time, it's the "Asian Commonwealth".

In 2064, 8 kids at Uni-Hi--4 boys and 4 girls--have finally had enough.

They have 32 days in which to uncover the truth behind their perfect world.

The year is '64, and every single one of them knows it could be their last.

They're willing to lose everything to win their freedom back...


NAME: Atrast (uh-TRAHST), signature symbol At. (At, period)
GENDER: Female
AGE: 17
LOOKS: Blue eyes, dark copper-red hair, definite BBT (Big Beautiful Teen)
UNAPPROVED HOBBY: Chess, even though she's a humble beginner
ATTRACTED TO: For Atrast, it depends on the person, not the gender.
BIG, BIG SECRET: She has the progressively-lethal pyriasis, a fever that causes her body to rise to higher and higher temperatures over time. There's no cure, and the weirdest thing is that Atrast is still a virgin...
RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY: Seeker/eclectic (she believes in God, though)
ULTIMATE DREAM: To change the course of human history for the better.

05-24-2010, 02:03 AM
NAME: Dream Castier for her everyone DC.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 17
LOOKS: Blue eyes, black long hair, she dresses up mostly punk and she's gorgeous.
UNAPPROVED HOBBY: Writing, she keeps her memoirs writen and hiden in a tiny scrapbook she made herself.
ATTRACTED TO: Anyone she feels is worthy of her time, whatever gender it may be.
BIG, BIG SECRET: She has an advanced form of spinocerebellar ataxia which will kill her at some point but will make her a vegetable long before that, trapped in her mind awaiting death, she's never been in a relationship nor sought physical contact with anyone because she thinks everyone's beneath her.
RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY: Believer, although she thinks everyone will go to hell except her.
ULTIMATE DREAM: To leave a mark of her existence in the future by doing something great.

05-24-2010, 02:24 AM
Name: Jeff
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Looks: Green Eyes, Short Black hair, thin glasses
Unapproved Hobby: Reading, be it old books or websites from a time when people used full sentences. This has given him a rather heightened vocabulary, speaking in a much more proper manner than his peers.
Attracted To: Intellect and personality are what matter to him, not gender
Big, Big Secret: He is among the 3% without any form of chronic illness, though his parents suspect otherwise, and others might count his love of books as bibliopathy.
Religion/Philosophy: Atheist, with philosophical views derived from Bertrand Russell's writings.
Ultimate Dream: To make intelligence matter to the world again.

05-24-2010, 05:36 PM
Ok. Lemme see for my charcter-

Name: Akira Kuran (means bright nine orchids)
Gender: Female
Year at Uni-Hi: Senior
Age: 17
Appearance: Sable brown hair, medium length, sable brown eyes; skin a golden tan with an athletic build and a small tattoo on the underside of her right wrist; often wears a wide bracelet over it
Unapproved Hobby: Reading and writing but her most unapproved hobby is her talent in the thing once called martial arts.
Attracted To: Mind your own business (MYOB) is her usual response though she will admit that she prefers a guy who is intelligent enough to speak something other than txt.
Big, Big Secret: One of the 3% not infected by a chronic disease though her peculiarities lead people to think she is ill in the head. Part of that is due to her liking to researching pagan beliefs. She is also not married and still a virgin. Also she wears contact lens in order to see far away.
Religion/Philosophy: Non declared; prefers to make up her own philosophy which consists mostly of doign what she thinks is right

05-24-2010, 06:39 PM
Name: Arvel
Gender: Male
Year at Uni-High: Junior
Age: 16
Appearence: black hair, hazel eyes, tall and very thin, wears glasses.
Unapproved hobby: Reads his heart out, but finds himself liking writing in his diary. He has learned about the past through his reading, and wonders why humans can be so cruel and imperfect. It has affected his outlook on the world.
Attracted To: Tries to keep the impression that he's asexual, but does privately admit that he's attracted to women.
Big, Big Secret: One of the 3% noninfected, though he often acts eccentric enough people believe he has some sort of mental disorder.
Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic; often finds himself following existentialism
Ultimate Dream: To try and find a meaning to human existence.

05-24-2010, 06:48 PM
I hereby interrupt this Casting Call to provide you with an important PSA:


ANUS--Everyone's more polite way of saying someone is a type of "hole".
BORKED--a) In serious trouble. b) Broken. c) Completely messed up.
CHECK!--"Look out". This is the students' way of warning one another.
DVUMYA (dvoom-YA)--A couple that "stavs". See "stav" below for more info.
ELEVENTY-ONE!--Said after a typical interjection, as in, "Oh, eleventy-one!"
FLAT--Boring, as in "This sci class is total flat."
GWAD--Almost everybody at Uni-Hi's favorite exclamation of vexation.
HWAT--How almost everybody spells (and says) "What?" nowadays.
INTY--Short for "intelligent", a term of derision akin to "nerd" and "dork".
JUICE--Energy soda (complete with risky additives) the kids drink at school.
KEELYOU--Self-explanatory. Used as either a joke or an insult: "Go away."
LIGHT--Ultimate, especially the ultimate in coolness/awesomeness/victory.
MESH--Mandatory Educational Service Hour(s). Required at Uni-Hi.
NUNU--"Well, well..."
O NOES--Self-explanatory. Often followed by "eleventy-one."
PERD/PERDA--Loser. "Perd" is a guy, "perda" is a girl. Sounds like "paired/pair-da".
QUEIRD--What kids like Atrast are called.
RABBIT--Someone who is hyperactive, especially after drinking JUICE.
STAV--With the "a" as in "father", means "to surrender"--to passion...
TIED--"Going out", but this couple does not (or does not yet) "stav".
UNDERTAKER--An authority figure such as a parent, teacher, etc.
VROOM--To go joyriding.
WETCH--Combination of "wench" and "wretch." Only used for girls.
X'ED--Expelled, exiled, drafted into the military, dumped.
YAULP--Used like "yo".
ZOO BAIT--Used to describe anyone who's acting too weird, hyper or crazy.

Which one's your favorite? :) Atrast is going to use several of these, but trying to quit speaking "txt", for her, is like trying to quit smoking for others.

05-24-2010, 06:51 PM
NOTE: All the non-infected character slots are taken now: Arvel, Akira and Jeff. Sorry, but the non-infected characters are very rare at Uni-Hi. The chronic disorders can also be normal human activities that have been pathologized by the doctors in 2064, such as:

Bibliopathy: An excessive love of books, which are considered obsolete/irrelevant.

05-24-2010, 07:14 PM
Borked I like. Do you have an expletives?

05-24-2010, 07:33 PM

"Bork!"--Similar to "Darn!"
"Fork!"--Guess what this is? HINT: It's not an eating utensil.
"Neeshons"--A girl's best pair of...shoes? *giggle*
"Stack!"--Stronger than "Bork!", but milder than "Fork!" See also "Neeshons".
"Nine..." Long, soft, drawn-out, it means "awesome" exemplified.
"Lard!"--Somebody who's REALLY fat.
"Lupta!"--Short for "Volupta", a girl/woman who is very keen on "stavving."
"Crup!"--Guess what this is?
"Skate."--"Let's go."
"Stitch!"--Pick out four letters from this word and rearrange them. It spells...
"Wonk!"--Similar to the first word in the band Wang Chung.

05-24-2010, 11:04 PM
NAME: Destanny Rose Leslie Maria Donovan. No one is quite sure why her parents gave her such a long first name plus three middle names. No one really cares. Everyone just calls her "Dee".

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16


LOOKS: Image: Dee (http://www.sklep.nau.pl/foto/small/Casandra.jpg)

UNAPPROVED HOBBY: Etymology. She is particularly fascinated with how language arrived to its present state, but even more than that, the meanings of names interest her to no end. For that reason alone, she's eternally grateful for her parents' mysterious decision to give her four.

ATTRACTED TO: Men and men only. Preferably a year or two older than her.

BIG, BIG SECRET: Apart from her interest in the origins of words and names and what they mean, Dee is slowly but surely losing her eyesight. Furthermore, she seems to be incapable of paying attention to any one thing (other than her unapproved hobby) for more than a few minutes. This is presumed to be a mental illness and as a result, she is doing somewhat poorly in school.

RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY: Her general philosophy about life is that it ought to be lived to the fullest measure possible. For this reason, in light of her impending blindness, she is beginning to take actions most would consider extreme, just for a thrill. She knows that once her eyesight is gone, there won't be much else of this nature that she can do.

ULTIMATE DREAM: Who knows? She spends so much time daydreaming about so many things it's difficult to know if she's picked any be-all-end-all "ultimate dream".

05-24-2010, 11:58 PM
"Nine!" :) Now all the "girl" character slots are taken: Akira, Atrast, Dee and Dream.

We still have 2 "guy" character slots to fill. So far, the only 2 are Arvel and Jeff.

This is coming along great so far! :)

05-25-2010, 12:04 PM
Hey Tsy what do you think about the word "Tark"? It is a substitute I use for the queen mother of dirty words.

05-25-2010, 08:23 PM
"Tark" is in! *LOL* I love it! *Psst* Anybody else you think would like to join? We need 2 more guy characters. TIA for the HLP! :)

05-25-2010, 08:34 PM
Ah phooey, I wanted martial arts. :D

Name: Han-Jihye Park, called Jihye for short

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Year at UNI-HI: Senior (Attended school a year late, if that is at all possible?)

Looks: Yep (http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn137/miaoxinh05hieu/act%20male%20korean/bae13.jpg)

Unapproved Hobby: Not as much of a big secret, but something not looked upon well, are his practices of mental, and physical stress relief in Ba Gua (when in a manic state), and Tai Chi (when in a more catatonic state). A side effect of his manic behavior is his artistic abilities, which are also very secret, and a strong interest and study into older philosophies, ways of life, and some religions (not-so-much related to his manic mentality).

Attracted To: Women, although his mental state often changes how he interacts with them on a frequent/infrequent basis. Has a near opposite liking towards men, despising them greatly, often forgetting he himself is one, posing in his own mind that he is actually a non-genderal - his beliefs on this are...confusing, at best.

Big, BIG Secret: Was sexually molested by a man at a young age, thus his aversion, and sometimes downright hostile behavior towards men. He eventually came down with the chronic mental issue of Manic Schizotypol Disorder, showing delusional, and downright weird behavioral problems, which have hindered him in school, and are said to be increasing as time progresses, meaning by the time he gets settled in life, he'll be deemed mentally psychotic, or manic schizophrenic, either way, he'll be removed from society. Despite this, he is very intelligent, and knows how to speak outside of the text-norm well/fluently, and in two languages! (English and Korean.)

Religion/Philosophy: Confucianism is what he likes to study into, and holds many of it's philosophies on social, moral, and ethical views as his own. But religiously studies, and believes in Christianity, holding any philosophies that would conflict with the previously mentioned view, above the other.

Ultimate Dream: Few things are a constant in Jihye's life other than his views and beliefs, even his own mental state of being is in constant flux, and just like his mind his long-term goals change frequently. Whatever 'dreams' he may have ever had were dashed, or forgotten a long time ago, as well as his stability in both mind and life.

05-26-2010, 12:57 PM
"Kewel!" (Rhymes with "jewel" when the syllables are more drawn-out). For the final "guy" character slot, how about some comic relief--a total "idt" and "txt"er? :) (NOTE: Any one of you besides me want to take him on? If not, I will. ;))

Cyborg Ninja
05-27-2010, 12:04 AM
NAME: Michael Caboose aka Mikey or Caboose he goes by either or
AGE: 18
YEAR AT UNI-HI: Senior (Held back a year)
LOOKS: Mikey (http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Michael%20J%20Caboose&order=9&offset=0#/d1na172)
UNAPPROVED HOBBY: Reading comic books from the year 2000, and teaching himself how to use a rifle.
BIG, BIG SECRET: Other than his lack of intelligence, and being very clumsy he's actually a really nice guy (I'll think of something better later)
RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY: His personal philosophy is to always help others.
ULTIMATE DREAM: To be a hero, just like in his comic books

05-28-2010, 10:21 AM
Great! Now we can start, since our cast of characters is finally in place! :)