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Knight Of Honor
05-28-2010, 05:57 AM
In my override folder i currently have four different 2da files. The following is: Spells.2da, Apperance.2da, Difficultyopt.2da and regen2da.

I dont seem to have any obvious trouble with it. But it seems like the difficulty wont change. I play on "Choke" level. But it still only feels like the "Difficult" level to me.

I have downloaded the KMM editor. How can i figure out when two or more mods conflict with each other using this program? How does it work exactly..

I need to learn how to create a stable mod set up for my two games..

Knight Of Honor
05-31-2010, 05:40 AM
Alright.. New question. I want to create a new 2da file for my override folder.
Can anyone tell me how i can change the HP regeneration rate in the game, i want to remove the regeneration all togheter. Just like in the first game, no vitality regeneration.

If there is a more appropriate place to ask this question, tell me..

Qui-Gon Glenn
05-31-2010, 02:47 PM
This is the appropriate place, Knight of Honor!

As for answering your questions... Regeneration I believe is handled in the .utc of the individual creature in question. That seems wrong to me though, so hopefully there is a global effect you can do via .2da editing. I am not an expert in .2da's... perhaps someone more knowledgeable can lend a hand in this instance.

As to your first post, no one responded IMO because you did not include the mods that you have installed... obviously one of them is a "hard-core" mod, which are effective to varying degrees and can cancel each other out if more than one is installed.

I have not used KMM for years, since the advent of TSLpatcher. KMM is useful for setting up multiple override packages through use of tagging conflicting (read:identical) files in different mods and allowing you to play with one mod OR the other. It will not integrate your mods, which is why TSLPatcher was made by our resident scripting guru stoffe.

If you are trying to integrate mods into your game that do not use the patcher, it is advised that you install the non-patcher mods first. If there are non-patcher mods that you want to install that have conflicting files (like scripts, .2das, .dlg's) you will have to manually edit them to work together, or make a choice and choose which one of those conflicting mods you want to play with. Then install your patcher mods, and play!

If you want to be able to play all your mods together, you will have to learn some basic editing, and still it will not be entirely possible. Sometimes, storyline mods will have to many conflicting scripts and dialogs... but more often than not, you can get almost everything running together!

Knight Of Honor
06-01-2010, 03:18 AM
Alright. Thanks for the info! Some useful tips i will try to remember when i set up my game next time.

If anyone have some experience on 2da editing and can give me some help with my question i`ll be around..