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To remind all of what the last thread was about I added this in Quotations:

NOTE.- (This Story borrows elements from a famous anime called Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, but in order to expand on the story further I have simply taken some of the elements and transformed it into a unique original story. Many things in this RP will have no relation to said anime because I want every participant to create their own spells and use their imagination too not just adhere to the existing elements of that anime. If you want to participate and don't know the anime, it's fine, but if you can look it up, specially the Third season called StrikerS, then you'll get an idea of what I'm aiming for.)

Dimensions, through time and space the Federation of Time and Space Security has watched over for the safety of the Multiverse. Magical forces of the FTSS have kept balance for over a hundred years. Now this balance is threatened.

Strike Force 10 has been decimated. Not a single unit member survived.

Their mission was clear. The Extraction and Safety of Federation officials from the Planet Sigmunde in Multiverse Sigma. The unit was decimated by a rogue group of Mages. However due to their efforts all Federation Officials were saved and extracted.

The Elite Division Nine has been assigned to the case. There are also reports of ancient artifacts resonating in multiple areas of the multiverse.

The Purpose of Division Nine is simple, to locate, secure and protect ancient magical artifacts and also to prevent the use of these artifacts through team effort.

You are now a cadet of the Elite Division Nine. Your Magical power is beyond that of an ordinary Mage, and your aptitude tests are off the charts, this is the reason why you were hand picked by the Division. The division is led by Commander Terra Carrington, with Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika.

You are now part of Forward Team Cobalt. You have recieved a Magical device during your basic training. This device when in standby mode can take the shape of anything, be it a jewel, card, book, headband, or basic jewelry. When activated in combat, the device will take the form of the weapon that the user gave it when he first activated it be it a gun, staff, sword, etc. The device also provides the user with a magical armor, the user when first activating it has to picture his armor very clearly in his mind, these armors go from light fabrics like dresses to knight armors, even though dresses or suits may look not as tough as an armor they have the same resistance as a fortified suit of armor, the only aspect that changes is the physical look as it adjusts to the user's preference in clothing.

The devices also have power limits depending on the user's rank or mage standing. The maximum mage rank attainable is SS which is pretty much unleashed and it's reserved to the Federation's highest officials and it needs permission to be activated. The highest normal mage rank that can be achieved is S. All cadets are B rank mages and upon their graduation they become A rank. The highest Mage rank attainable for Middle Rank Officers is AA.

When into the Division, you are expected to work as a team. There are several positions in a team, mostly consisting of four. The Two Close Quarters Specialists, The Mid-Ranged Combat Specialist and the Support Magic Specialist.

All cadets are broken into teams of four. Right now Division Nine has recruited only a handful of trainees. You, are one of them.


You all know these:
-No Godmodding
-No taking huge plot decisions without consulting me first.
-No offensive language except if it is in character.
-No one liner posts, try to detail your characters actions even if he doesn't have much to say, remember that body movements, and emotions can be conveyed through words.
-There will only be one character for person unless I state otherwise.

And now for the new part.

The Enemy revealed himself to be none other than Doctor Hyman, a noted geneticist and biologist specializing in the development of artificial mages created through the blood and genes of real mages.

After his research was stopped and his career destroyed for his discoveries, he swore vengeance as he disappeared in the borders of the Federation.

Now he has returned stronger than ever, with several artificial mages from his ultimate project, The Alphabet Mages.

A new unit of Magical Enforcement under the guidance of Terra Carrington and Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika, have encountered these mages in combat and sustained heavy damage. Shana Takeuchi, now Shana Terranova falling victim to Doctor Hyman changed to project P and thanks to the efforts of her comrades and sister she was able to separate herself from Pandora, the artificial mage that now swore allegiance to her.

Now as the time for battle draws near, the team must overcome all obstacles and face one moral decision. Will they capture Doctor Hyman as was ordered by the Federation, or challenge the orders and kill him?

Please guys post here if your characters are still in this.

Character Sheet
Appearence: (Pictures are better, if you have anime ones are best since this is an anime type RP)
Device Name: (You have to name your device which in turn gives you your weapon and armor. In order to use your device and call upon your armor and weapon, you must say "Device name, setup", and it will activate after responding with "Stand by, Ready", Also say what the device looks like when not in weapon mode.)
Specialty: (Close Quarters, Mid-Range or Support Magic)
Special Attacks: (These are the signature magic spells of your character performed with the device's help. Just so you know, your device is alive in a way, it can communicate with you in some degree, it can understand your words though it may not always reply, think of it as a program. After you call your special move's name, your device will say something around the sort of: "Insert special attack name, stand by" as it readies the attack and then fires)
Biography: (Explain where you come from, what planet were you born. If you were born on Earth state that you come from Unregulated Planet #97)

Click here to learn more from the Devices and se an example. (http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3519/nanohafatedevices.jpg)

Check this youtube video to see what the show Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is like for reference. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w40AKkEdEmk&feature=fvst)

Using severe amounts of magical power cause great stress in one's body so make sure your characters don't overdo it too much otherwise they will have to suffer a bit.

Every mage has a linker core inside of him, it's what allows him/her to use magic. Whenever you hear this term you will know about it.

Here's my character so you can have an idea.
Character Sheet
Name: Shana Takeuchi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearence: Red hair, petite figure, ruby-like eyes when in her form, out of it she has blue eyes and is insanely beautiful.
Device Name: Queen's Heart, it looks like a pendant when not in use.
Specialty: Mid-Range Attacks
Special Attacks:
Destiny Cannon
Star Dust
Eager Cleaver
And in the Excellion Form(Advanced form, you all have one but you must activate it, you can call the form whatever you like but you must say "Name of form, Activate")
Excellion Buster
Nova Cannon
Destiny Cannon Advanced
Special Form in unison: Pandora Form
Biography: Born on Unregulated Planet #97, Shana is a japanese girl with little background as a mage. Due to an incident with a former Strike Force member she was granted the device Queen's Heart which she used to protect herself and the officer out of instinct. She was recruited into the Federation at age 10 and has been with the Task Force ever since. Due to her service record and high marks on tests she was hand picked by Captain Terranova to serve under her squad. She's been under training regime for the past 2 months.

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Before I post, I'd just like a clarification: are we allowed to reuse our characters from the original RP?

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((Let me know if this is alright Shana.))

Name: Kai Gorita

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearence: Kai (http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=582&pictureid=5998)

Device Name: Dark Guardian, a black Crescant moon shaped pendant that is chained to his wrist

Specialty: Close Quarters/Mid-range

Form: Berserker

Special Attacks:

Sword Empower: Empowers his sword with magical energy.

Shadow Sword Slice: Kai gathers energy into his sword and then swings it rapidly to release the energy onto an attacker.

Hyper Shot: (Very close to being learned.) Kai's sword turns into a large cannon that fires a massive burst of magical energy at a target. However, if Kai is low on magic it takes a small portion of his life force and his remaining magic to fire it.

Final Explosion: Kai takes himself, and everything within a hundred feet of him out with him in a powerful suicide attack.

Shadow Blast: (Close to being learned.) After watching Shana's destiny cannon in action Kai is now attempting to find a way to create a similar attack only much more powerful.

Biography: Kai was born on a small planet known as Unregulated Planet number 72. Four years after he was born, his parents were killed in a gangfight. Eight years after he was born, his planet came under attack by an unknown species and all the colonists were killed in the battle with the exception of Kai who lived alone there for nine years.

Kai was recruted by the Federation after they sent someone to check the planet for survivors and was assigned to Elite Division 9.

Kai used to have trouble trusting others and rarely smiled but now he cracks the occasional grin once in awhile when he's around Shana.

In his Berserker form he can shrug off small calibur attacks and is much faster, however, the injuries still remain after he drops out of Berserker form and then they begin to take their toll on him. When in Berserker form, his eyes turn a dark red and his hair drops down to his waist.

Short term history: Shortly after assisting in the rescue of Shana he has been struggeling with his feeling for her. He is not used to these feelings and as such is having a hard time dealing with them. Although Shana and the captains don't know it, he has sworn to kill Doctor Hyman.

Name: Hizuni Gorita(Adopted by Kai at a very young age.)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance ((No picture available at the moment. A description will have to do.)) Short black hair, Green eyes, around 5'3.

Device name: Heaven's light. It looks like a small diamond while not active and turns into a broadsword when activated.
((Her former device was the dark heart, but it was confiscated by Kai as it was infused with magic that could possibly corrupt her.))

Specialty: Close range

Special Attacks:

Heaven's Thunder: Hizuni infuses her broadsword with a magical electric charge and then releases it in beam form at her opponet. Short range only.

Judgement Strike: Hizuni's sword is infused with electrical energy and then she strikes her opponet with it.

Holy Light Strike: Based off a Technique that Kai doesn't use anymore. Hizuni gathers energy into her sword and then swings it rapidly through the air to release the energy onto an enemy target.

Advanced Form: Shadow Angel

Advanced form techniques:

Body Enhance: Hizuni fills her whole body with Magical energy and is able to increase her speed and the time between her attacks. Rarely used.

Holy Light Beam Hizuni fires a beam of blue magical energy from the tip of her sword at an opponet. very power, uses up quite a bit of magic.

Biography: Hizuni was orphaned almost immediatly after her third birthday and was found by Kai around five hours later. He saw that she was an orphan as well and decided to look after the younger girl.

Kai took care of Hizuni from that moment on until around a rouge mage led an attack on the colony to steal valuable artifacts. During the battle nearly all of the colonists were killed with Kai being the only survivor left on the planet. Hizuni was abducted by the mage and was taken away and trained by him for nine years, slowly bringing herself to hate Kai.

After nine years had passed, Kai was able to find Hizuni on a planet where he met the mage in battle and managed to rescue her.

Now Hizuni is serving with Kai and the others in Elite Division 9 and has sworn herself to help capture Doctor Hyman.

Cyborg Ninja
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Name: Hank Coleman
Age: 21
Appearance: Hank (http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=Hank+madness+combat#/d1xap9e)
Hank's face:
Face (http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Hank%20madness%20combat&order=9&offset=0#/d1yaphc)
Device: Devil's Eyes (The red goggles he wears on his face)
Specialty: Close/Mid Range
Special Attacks:
- Barrage (Energy bullets shoot out from gun, which do more damage and don't require reloading)
- Aero Assault ( Energy surrounds his legs and allows him to jump higher and to fall back down slower
- Berserk (Energy surrounds his arms and legs allowing him to hit harder and quicker)
- Dual Assault (His gun becomes two, allowing him to dual wield for a short period of time)
-Dragon's Fury (Fires a powerful, exploding ball of energy from the gun)
-Time Splitter (This requires all of Hank's energy and is only good for a very short while. If any other attack is used before this than he cannot preform it. This also drains all his energy and may or may not cause him to pass out. Hank slows down time around him using all the energy he can. However due to its power he only has about 45 seconds.

- Form: Demon (His real last resort due to his inability to fully control it)
Demon (http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=The+Auditor#/d1wvpej)
(in Demon form)
- Hell's Fury (throws fireballs at enemies)
- Devastator(Shoots a giant wave of black energy from his hands knocking his opponents back)
- Tendrils (Black tentacles spawn from his back and grab at enemies
- Spikes (Black spikes shoot up from the ground)

Biography: Hank Coleman was born and grew up on the planet Ven. Ven was the criminal factory planet of the world. So rule one on planet Ven was always to watch your own back. Like most people on Ven, Hank was forced into stealing to live. He became quite talented at stealing due to his agility and speed; not to mention his trusty assault rifle. After getting old enough he decided to start traveling to other planets to see where his skills could help people. He came mostly in contact with other humans from Unregulated Planet #97. They were different than Hank, for one thing his skin was gray while theirs was not. After his encounter with Kai, Ming, and the others, Hank decided to leave Special Forces and join up with the Elite Division 9.

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((Alright, disregard my last question))

Name: Xi Ming

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearence: (no picture yet, hope I can find one) Ming often wears a conical, straw hat, the type seen in the Far East, along with a black trench coat. He has hazel eyes, and a large scar running down the left side of his face.

Device: Blue Dawn (a jade ring that dangles from a red string that's tied to his hat).

Specialty: Mid-range/Close-quarters

Special attacks:
-Light Shot (thin beam of light that he can shoot from his fingers)
-Meteor (concentrated ball of light that can be thrown at enemies)
-Impact (light concentrates around his fist, which causes his punches to be more powerful.)
-Light wall (pretty much just a wall of light used for defensive purposes)
-Energy Buster (a small amount of light gathers into a ball in front of his hand, and then sets off a small explosion)
-Heat Round (light infuses with his revolver bullets, causing their speed to quicken; can go through and melt holes in some solid materials, including living beings)

Form: Evening Star (glows a bit when this is activated)
-Shining beam (a wide, powerful beam of light that can be shot out the palms of his hands for a short time; width is now adjustable)
-Supernova (causes a big, blinding explosion a short distance away, but takes alot out of Ming, and could potentially hurt his comrades)
-Firefly (causes tons of small amounts of light to gather around him, then shoots towards the enemy; has homing capabilities)
-Earth-Shattering Pillar (a huge column of light that comes down on the enemy from above; once again, takes alot out of him)

Bio: Born on Unregulated Planet #97, Xi Ming is a half-Chinese person who was once a mercenary. A veteran of a few battles, Xi Ming often prefers to work alone, unless given no other option. Xi Ming was recruited due to his experience, but has little training as a mage. He is also very quiet, and prefers to have little or no conversation. He acts in a cold manner towards others, and can often be blunt.

After working with others in a mission where he put his mage skills to use for the first time, Ming later began rigorous training in solitude to hone his skills. He would join with Elite Division 9 after training, feeling ready to take on tougher assignments.