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06-07-2010, 12:11 PM
this is an RP about a secret group of sith troopers who assist the republic without either side knowing. it will consist of several missions spanning the galaxy. in addition, atton rand(TSL) will lead the opposite and is the primary villian. carth onasi will be another antagonist.

i am using a class system
in brief

scout-stealthy unarmed combat expert

medic-durasteel kolto

support-common soldier

i need one of each type for attons squad, and again for carth's special ops team. i need all but scout for echo. i will lead echo.

abilities of scout

climbing like in 'infamous' and can use kotor-esque stealth. computer expert.

recon abilities

pinpoint accuracy,stealth, repair expert

medic abilities

healing(duh),execution(like in splinter cell;conviction)

support abilities

can use any weapon, distraction