View Full Version : [TSL] Increasing Force Power Duration

06-09-2010, 08:54 PM
I know this question has been ask and answered before, sadly those answers weren't any help to me.

I used Kotor Tool, extracted and edited k_inc_force.nss

Then extracted k_inc_debug.nss

Then using Kotor Tool compiled k_sp1_generic.nss

I put k_sp1_generic.ncs in override folder

Go in game and the power don't last any longer than they did before.

In the k_inc_force.nss file I changed Sp_CalcDuration() for the Valor, Speed, Armor, Enlightenment and Battle Meditation powers to 180 each.

I've tried using other compilers but they don't work for me and never have.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

Update: I found the problem and fixed it. Will post details shortly.

I was having trouble getting kotor tool to use my custom k_inc_force.nss file.

To fix this I took Darth333 (http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=1607760&postcount=62)suggestion and simply put everything in my K_inc_debug.nss and k_inc_force.nss in my k_sp1_generic.nss and then compile.

After that I still had problems with Force enlightenment and force valor. Then I remembered reading about how some scripts might conflict and that I should check the spells.2da to make sure powers are using the right script.

I check my spells.2da and it turns out that a mod was the source of the conflict. Combat Simulation Arena Ver. 4 By Stoffe, (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Combat_Simulation_Arena;75053) (it's a fun mod by the way if you haven't tried it you should) which uses it's own custom k_inc_force.nss and replaces the impact script for several default powers including Valor, Enlightenment, Drain Force, Force Cursh, Death Field.

So, then I modify CSv.4's k_inc_force and recompile it using kotor tool. To get it compile correctly I put both the changed CSv4 k_inc_force.nss and k_inc_debug.nss along with st_sp1_generic.nss in my override folder and then compile st_sp1_generic.

End result is that everything now works as desired and my Force Enlightenment, Valor, Speed, Armor, Battle Meditiation, and Breath Control powers now last 300 seconds (5 minutes).