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06-11-2010, 05:09 PM
Wow My Second "New Modders" Tutorial in 2 Days. Im on a New Modder Roll :p So Lets Begin

UTD (Doors) tutorial for New Modders

Hey Guys Holty here writing another basic tutorial that is designed help Modderís just starting out.
UTDís donít have much about them but some people may get confused by them and I Hope this will shed some Light on them

Note: I will Briefly Mention a bit about the script section but this Tutorial will NOT help you make scripts to go here. And I will be Using Kotor 1 to make this, there may be some Features in Kotor 2 that are not in Kotor 2 The sith lords so bare that in mind when making a Mod using this Tutorial for Kotor 2 :)

First of Open Kotor Tool. (Duh)
Then for the easiest job of finding what Modules placeables you want to use I suggest going options then selecting Show Module Description and Show Module locations. This will add the Names of the Modules on Kotor Tool Rims Section
Then Go to RIMS> Modules > and then your Chosen Module (I will be Using damn16_s (Sandral Estate) Then Blueprint Doors. I will be Using ďdan16_door002.utdĒ as itís the First one in the Module
I will now explain whatís under each Tab and what it means to the best of my Knowledge.


Name: What name will be on the Door when you find it In Game?
Tag: This is Mainly Used in Scripts (Is Often Same as Resref)
Door Type: What it will Look Like
Plot Item: Is it Important? For a Quest
Static: If it is Static you wonít be able to interact with it For Doors you use this to Block off Areas you donít want them to Access.
Stats: Most Stats are Fairly Obvious, but if youíre not sure of the Effects just Play Around then try in game :)



Locked: Is it locked?
Can it be Re-locked: Can you re-lock it after you lock it?
Automatically Remove Key: Once you Use a Key it will get rid off it
Key needed to lock or unlock: Do you need a Key
Open Lock DC: I donít Know best to leave it how it is I find
Key Tag: If you put something here you generally need to make a UTI for this

Not Going into Detail, but if you want to Make your own scripts and need something to look at Click Edit and that Script should come up as a New Window


Template Resref: When Editing a Door Leave it how it is but when making a new Door to Add to a Custom Area or add to existing areas you make it something generally unique Like ďHolty_door_001. But remember this is also what you Name the File when saving for it will not show up in game. Took me a Few Weeks to Figure that out

Faction: Er... Not too sure most Doors are set to Hostile but I donít think it Really Matters
Conversation: If this has a Conversation (Mainly Used for Computers) just put the Name of the Dialogue here
Animation State: Leave how it is (Means I donít Know)

Description and Comment:
I donít think these Effect it In Game At All, I Mainly use the Comment Section to just Right my Name encase some one tries to plagiarise the File as there Own

I Hope this Helps