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06-13-2010, 09:43 AM
Since yesterday Iīve AGAIN a big problem.
I canīt load my savegames. Only the autosave. On "load" it stucks. With "ctrl" "alt" and "del" it says that it works and there are no "not reactons from the game"
But it stucks.
Please help. I have no joy everytime I continue the game too play until the point I played it!!

Btw Iīve the Corouscan-mod.

On the technical side I hate SWKOTOR 2. It has f.... too many bugs! Even with newest drivers!


06-13-2010, 12:26 PM
Have you made any modification with KSE with your savegame? in wich part of the game are you? have you other mods installed? wich ones are present in your savegame? (items, custom map, npc etc)

06-14-2010, 03:22 PM
Before I restart my PC yesterday it says Iīve no savegames!!
Now theyīre there.
I did nothing to my savegames!

In my saves. Before I made that savegame I had the Corouscan mod yet! I even cannot laod savegames I made before the mod!!

But now it caused to a new problem! :( Please help. I canīt load my savegames only. And thatīs the problem too a new bug:
Atton wanted to talk too me but I enter the Hawk. And now Thatīs a new bad bug. Cause I canīt meet Visquis now. Iīve no joy to replay all things I made now: This time with Mical, T3, dark side. Talked all things with this too.
Who ever tested this game made it wrong.

Sorry Iīm so frustrated about KOTOR 2 with its bugs!!

Btw I deleted all mod things. But that doesnīt help. I think the best thing to do is: to have nothing to do with this game. :(

Edit2: Reinstallation of the whole game didnīt work!! No new savegames. And the also the old ones. :giveup: :blaze6: