View Full Version : [TSL] Rules revamp help

06-13-2010, 10:08 PM
Helloooo to all...
New here, but with ambitions. Which revolve around the gameplay aspects of TSL like rules and such...

Which means .2da and script expertise will most likely be required to help me.

I'm gonna outline what I wanna do here:
1. Make opponents tougher and worth more xp
2. Differentiate classes more
3. General rule changes: For starters scrapping the abominable equal BAB progression and a whole plethora of other things I don't like...

So now specific questions on problems:
1. How much work would it be to make the game tougher? If its something like editing every UTC, forget about it...
However if there is a way to apply multipliers to damage, AB and saving throws through scripts, count me in. In which case - how would I do it?

2. How can I add additional feats to the game? I've been around and have yet to find so much a hint that its even possible!

3. I've been through some scripts and the potential I've seen scrapped by the devs is incredible (not that I wish to imply anything, but... f#$k LucasArts for rushing the game). The idea of consular forms is simply brilliant!
For ex. there is a lot of inactive class-specific jedi stance code that has been disabled. From what I've seen all damage/duration/range calls already have their designated forms modifier function, only right now they are more or less useless wrapper funcs.
So what handles the stances/forms?

4. How can I make the kotor tool work with whats in the override?

5. Does xptable.2da have any significance and if yes - what?

6. A list of all files level progression files(in case I find use of more than 50 levels).

7. Any API references out there? Or is it every man for himself?

Edit: I also found out that the personal crystal should technically increase in power every 3 levels, up to lvl 27, but I can't find out how to make Kreia "refocus" it. Is it a bug or what?