View Full Version : Crashing after several hours of gameplay (Vista 32bit)

06-16-2010, 08:29 AM
Hi, all.

I installed KOTOR2 Sith Lords yesterday, and started playing up to Onderon - which was the first planet I went to. I came back this morning, looking to play some more, and started the game.

... only to receive the crash error I thought I had just fixed yesterday. Before the game even attempted to actually load, it gave me the "Knights of the Old Republic 2 has stopped working" error, and thats all I can seem to get anymore. I have it set to run as an administrator, and its playing on XP Service Pack 2 compatibility. So... what's up with my game? All of the other Vista fixes I'm finding are things that either simply don't work or I'm unable to do for whatever odd reason.

EDIT: In attempting to retrieve my system information to post it here, the game config told me that my video drivers were out of date, even though updating them was the fix to this same problem yesterday. It also told me that I need version 45.something of my graphics drivers, yet the NVIDIA website says the latest release is v257.21. If it helps: I'm running an Nvidia GeForce 7300LE (Terrible card, I know). Finally: Because of this issue with the drivers, the system scan from the KOTOR2 config didn't complete.

Thanks in advance!

06-17-2010, 10:30 PM
I had the same problem on probably a worse graphics card (Intel 945 Chipset, or something like that). Here's what I did:

1- Make sure that you have the 1.0b patch installed (Get it here: http://www.lucasarts.com/support/update/kotor2.html).

2- Download and install 3D Analyzer (http://www.tommti-systems.de/go.html?http://www.tommti-systems.de/main-Dateien/files.html click the large picture at the top of the page to download).

3- After installation, run 3D Analyzer as administrator (make sure you run as administrator or it will not work properly). Click the "SELECT" button and find your swkotor2.exe file.

4- You'll see a ton of check boxes. Find the section marked "Hardware Limits (cap bits)" and check the "emulate HW TnL caps" box, then hit the "RUN" button.

5- The game should launch now, hopefully without problems. You won't have to run the game through the program again, the settings will save and run normally through the launcher.

06-17-2010, 10:35 PM
Your video drivers aren't out of date; the game is.

You need to uninstall the game, delete any leftover files and folders, empty the recycle bin run CCleaner's registry cleaner and reboot, then reinstall the game according to the large-print instructions in the second post of this thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194324).